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Chapter 1736: Take Revenge


Tong left later, but Jing Yunyao and Yu Yin kept on shopping.

Although their mood was slightly affected, they still enjoyed looking around for beautiful clothes.

Jing Yunyao was pretty with a good build, so she looked attractive in any clothes.

Therefore, she bought two dresses and a suit she had tried after being encouraged by Yu Yin.

Because Yu Yin was a super VIP, they had a 20% discount and paid nearly fifty thousand yuan in the end.

In fact, clothes from Gufan had the same high quality as those in this store, but the prices of those clothes here were times higher.

The most expensive summer dress from Gufan was less than five thousand yuan.

It actually was understandable because this store was quite famous with over 10 years of history.

In addition, the owner of this store, Lin Jiayu, was also a top clothing designer in their country, so her fame added to the prices.

Once Gufan became famous and was upgraded, its price would go up too.

Gu Ning aimed to build a high-end brand, so the price must match its fame.

In addition to Gufan, Gu Ning would establish another brand for the middle level, where the prices would be around hundreds to thousands of yuan.

She would start to do that when there was a good timing.

Even though it was a brand at the middle level, its quality would still be better than that of other brands of the same level.

Gu Ning wanted her brands to be as famous as its high quality.

After buying clothes, they surely needed to buy shoes and bags as accessories.

Jing Yunyao wanted to decline, but Yu Yin persuaded he.

“I know you dont want to spend much money, because its Shaotings money, but hes your son! There is nothing you should be worried about.

Although Shaoting is a soldier, his salary, benefits, and bonus are quite high.

The Ye familys business was acquired by Shengshi, but Shaoting keeps some of its shares.

Anyway, Shaoting doesnt lack money at all, so you can spend as much money as you want.

Its his way of showing filial piety towards you, so you shouldnt upset him.”

Because Gu Ning had told Jing Yunyao that Leng Shaoting was the owner of Shengshi, but that the other members in the Leng family werent aware of it except for Master Leng, Jing Yunyao wasnt surprised when Yu Yin said that to her.

Anyway, Jing Yunyao agreed that she shouldnt upset Leng Shaoting since he was willing to take care of her.

She didnt know much about Leng Shaoting for the time being, so she was slightly worried.

As a result, being encouraged by Yu Yin, Jing Yunyao bought three pairs of shoes and three bags afterwards.

Jing Yunyao was very generous, so she told Yu Yin to pick some as well and that she would pay the bill.

Yu Yin declined at the beginning, but Jing Yunyao insisted, so she agreed in the end.

After that, Jing Yunyao bought some clothes for Master Leng and Leng Shaoting too.

Even though they didnt lack clothes at all, she thought she should bring gifts back to them.

When she paid for the clothes she planned to send Leng Shaoting and Master Leng, she used her own card.

Although she wasnt very rich, she had millions of yuan and wasnt poor either.

Moreover, Jing Yunyao didnt hesitate to spend money on Leng Shaoting and Master Leng, and she paid over a hundred thousand yuan for their gifts.

“Oh, Yunyao, your skin is unbelievably good.

What skincare products do you usually use” Yu Yin asked with curiosity.

She thought that Jing Yunyaos skin was in a better condition than ordinary people.

It was flawless without any wrinkles!

Yu Yin, however, wasnt comparable to Jing Yunyao, although she also took good care of her facial skin.

In fact, Jing Yunyao was a few years older than Yu Yin, but Yu Yin looked older than Jing Yunyao instead.

When Jing Yunyao gave birth to Leng Shaoting, she was 21, and Leng Shaoting was 26 now, so she should be 47 this year.

However, Jing Yunyao seemed in her early thirties!

Many rich ladies paid special attention to their skin, which wasnt strange, but Jing Yunyao still looked different.

Actually, given Jing Yunyaos level as a cultivator, she should be like a 20-year-old girl, but she seemed in her early thirties.

It was because her face had been disfigured before, so it changed.

Jing Yunyao was struck dumb for a second when Yu Yin asked her that question, because she didnt use skincare products nor did she need them.

As a cultivator, she was able to keep her skin in a very young condition, and she could stay beautiful for a very long time.

If she hadnt been injured and disfigured that time, she wouldnt look like that right now.

Nevertheless, it was hard for her to explain it to Yu Yin, so she made up an excuse.

“Well, I use Kouzi, and my skin has always been in a good condition.”

“Oh, I understand!”

Yu Yin wasnt surprised.

“Ningning also sent me a set of Kouzi, and my skin is also much better now.

Speaking of that, I think Kouzi can soon become an international brand under Ningnings leadership.”

Yu Yin complimented Gu Ning every time she talked about her, because Gu Ning was too outstanding to be ignored.

“Right!” Jing Yunyao agreed.

When they felt a little tired after shopping, they went to have a rest in a café, then went home.

Once Mrs.

Tong left the clothing store, she asked her friends who were also rich ladies whether they had heard of a woman named Yu Yin whose husbands surname was Leng.

Because of Mrs.

Tongs status, her friends were in the same class as her.

After asking five people, she finally had the answer.

The rich lady who knew Yu Yin worked in the same department as her, and she had met Yu Yin at a meeting of insiders.

She heard of Yu Yins family background from other peoples mouths.

“Yu Yin works in the government, and she married into the Leng family in the capital.”

Knowing that, Mrs.

Tong was shocked and her phone fell from her hand.

What Yu Yin married into the Leng family in the capital

It was too shocking! If so, even the Tang family was barely comparable to it.


Tong regretted threatening Yu Yin, and she didnt dare to turn to Ji Yijing for help now.

It was impossible for Mrs.

Tong to have the idea of taking revenge again.


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