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Because she knew all the saleswomen in this store didnt know her, she didnt directly show her identity to them, but chose to threaten Jing Yunyao.

Yu Yin smiled with mockery.

“Great, do it now.”



Tong really wasnt a smart woman, because a smart person wouldnt destroy his or her own business for a so-called friend.

Coincidentally, Yu Yin knew the owner of this store too, and she knew its boss wasnt dumb.

It was impossible that its boss would treat them badly because of Mrs.

Tongs unreasonable behavior.

Instead, if Mrs.

Tong insisted on making it a serious problem, the owner of this store might cut their friendship, because Mrs.

Tong simply made enemies for her.


Tong, however, didnt hesitate to take out her phone.

She didnt think further about Yu Yins words, and she believed that Yu Yin couldnt be as influential as her.

Therefore, Mrs.

Tong called the owner of the store at once.

Such a stupid person would never reflect on her behavior.

Yu Yin didnt stop her, neither did the saleswomen in the store.

Since Yu Yin had no intention to stop Mrs.

Tong, they wouldnt do it either, because it was obvious that Yu Yin wanted to teach Mrs.

Tong a lesson.

However, some people who didnt know Yu Yins family background felt worried about her.

If the owner of this store really blacklisted Yu Yin for Mrs.

Tong, it would be embarrassing.

After all, it wasnt Yu Yins fault.

Nevertheless, the saleswoman in the store didnt think their boss would do that.

Although they had no idea of Yu Yins family background, she was a friend of a senior officials wife, and Mrs.

Tong wasnt comparable to her at all.

As a result, they didnt think Yu Yin would lose.

Before long, the owner of this store answered Mrs.

Tongs call, and Mrs.

Tong said, “Jiayu, there are two customers who wont stop competing with me for clothes in your store.

You must help me with it!”

They wouldnt stop competing with her for clothes

It was ridiculous! Mrs.

Tong didnt feel ashamed at all when she made up such a lie in front of everyone.

“What How is it possible I dont want such customers to shop in my store!” The owner of the store said in annoyance.

“Tell the store manager to take the call.”

After that, Mrs.

Tong handed her phone to the store manager and also gave the manager a glance of warning.

She was threatening the store manager to side with her.

The store manager frowned a little, because Mrs.

Tong indeed was very shameless.

“Hi, boss,” said the store manager.

“What exactly happened” asked her boss.

The store manager was very honest.

“Boss, the thing is that Ms.

Yu and her sister-in-law came to our store today.


Yus sister-in-law tried on the first dress and it looked very good on her, but she thought its too expensive, so she hesitated for a while.


Tong suddenly laughed at her and they had an argument.

After that, Mrs.

Tong grabbed away the second dress Ms.

Yus sister-in-law liked.


Yus sister-in-law didnt mind and chose another dress.

The two dresses happen to be in the same collection, but Ms.

Yus sister-in-law looked more attractive than Mrs.

Tong after they tried on the dress.


Tong was unhappy about it and said that Ms.

Yus sister-in-law did it on purpose.

They had another argument afterwards.


Tong was full of anger, so she decided to use your influence to blacklist Ms.

Yu and Ms.

Yus sister-in-law.”

“You…” Mrs.

Tong was angry when the store manager told the truth in detail.

“Its she who stole my dress!”

The owner of this store was displeased after hearing the whole story.

She chose to believe the store managers account.

Although she knew Mrs.

Tong, they were common friends.

Yu Yin, however, was different, because she was a good friend of a senior officials wife.

In that case, Yu Yin was much more important than Mrs.


“We have all witnessed what has happened in the store, and there are surveillance cameras too.” The store manager argued at once.

“You…” Mrs.

Tong didnt know what to say at this moment, because she knew it was the truth.

“Tell Mrs.

Tong to apologize to Ms.

Yu right now, and she must get Ms.

Yus forgiveness if she still wants to shop in our store,” said the owner of this store.

After this call, she finally understood what kind of person Mrs.

Tong was.


Tong was so stupid that her family would be affected sooner or later.

“No problem, boss,” the store manager said with a happy face.

After that, the owner of this store hung up the call, and she didnt bother to talk with Mrs.

Tong anymore.

The store manager gave the phone back to Mrs.

Tong and said, “Mrs.

Tong, our boss said that its your fault today, and you should apologize to Ms.

Yu and get her forgiveness if you want to continue to shop here.”

It wasnt a surprising answer in Yu Yins eyes.

Other people in the store felt satisfied with the result too.

It was Mrs.

Tongs fault after all, so she should apologize to Yu Yin and Jing Yunyao.

However, it was unacceptable in Mrs.

Tongs eyes.

“What I should apologize to them”

She couldnt believe that the owner of the store asked her to apologize to Yu Yin and get Yu Yins forgiveness, or she wouldnt be allowed to shop here in the future.

It was humiliating!

In fact, Mrs.

Tong still didnt think it was her fault.


Tong, since youre unwilling to apologize, please change your clothes and leave now,” said the store manager.

Even though she really disliked Mrs.

Tong, she had to be polite on the surface.

“You…” Mrs.

Tong was mad and was reluctant to give up.

“Fine, if Lin Jiayu refuses to help me, I can turn to my cousin for help! My older female cousin is Mrs.

Tang in the capital.

As long as I tell her what has happened to me, your store will have to close!”

Lin Jiayu was the owner of this clothing store.

The Tang family in the capital must be Tang Bingsens family.

In that case, Mrs.

Tang must be Ji Yijing.

Actually, Mrs.

Tong was Ji Yijings relative, and she was able to join a super-rich family because of their relationship.


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