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Therefore, when Chu Peihan saw them, she eagerly ran to greet them and requested them to take photos together.

Hao Ran and the boys didnt stand aside and also politely greeted them.

They wanted to take photos together as well.

Although they were extras today, nobody dared to disdain them because they were Gu Nings friends.

Chu Peihan and Gu Nings other friends didnt think that they were superior to other people because of their relationship with Gu Ning.

Instead, they were very polite to Tang Xiaoxiao and Qiao Hanchen.

As a result, they got along quite well with each other.

After taking photos together, Chu Peihan and Gu Nings other friends went to wear make-up and change their clothes.

They werent treated differently, and waited in line like every other extra.

However, even though they werent accorded any special treatment, some extras were still jealous of them because they were Gu Nings friends.

And because they were Gu Nings friends, those jealous people believed that they were treated differently.

Actually, they indeed got this job because of their relationship with Gu Ning, but it wasnt a serious problem.

Some people got jealous of them simply because they had more resources.

If those who were jealous of them could have special treatment, they would change their mind.

Luckily, only a few people were dissatisfied with it, and most extras were simply envious of them because they could easily get a chance to play a role in the show.

Most people also believed that Gu Nings friends came here only for fun.

If they really wanted to join this industry through their connections, they could choose to be regular extras.

When Hao Ran and Gu Nings other friends were waiting in line, some people also struck up a conversation with them.

It turned out that they really came here for fun.

Because they were very nice and talkative, they left a good impression on other extras.

However, some people who were jealous of them still bad-mouthed them behind their backs, and said that those who went to talk with them simply wanted to ride on their coattails.

Therefore, they began to disdain those who “deliberately pleased” Hao Ran and Gu Nings other friends.

They believed that they were self-righteous and relied on their own abilities to win this job.

In fact, they got jealous because they couldnt get what they wanted, so they claimed that they disliked it.

If they were people with resources, they would surely become arrogant.

There were many extras, so it took a long time for them to wear make-up and change clothes.

They werent done until it was 9 am.

It was actually already efficient, and seven make-up artists worked together to finish it as soon as possible.

Moreover, extras basically didnt need to wear much make-up, and only those who would show their faces might put on some make-up.

After that, they were told what they should do and where they should stand later.

The crew didnt have a high standard for extras, but they had to take it seriously too.

The filming didnt begin until they practiced it once.

The gates of the imperial city were opened, and the emperor came to welcome them in person.

The imperial concubine was the general and came back with victory.

Seeing that, people might be confused about the reason why the leading female character wasnt an empress since the leading male character was an emperor.

An imperial concubine wasnt the emperors wife, and it wasnt an honorable title.

Actually, although the leading male character was an emperor, he didnt have a wife, and there was only one concubine in the imperial harem.

Therefore, the imperial concubine was his empress in reality.

In addition, the leading male character always wanted to give the leading female character the title of empress in vain.

Although he was a powerful emperor, he couldnt do whatever he wanted, and had to care about his courtiers opinions.

Anyway, the leading male character already made up his mind to abdicate his position to his younger brother after the leading female character came back with victory this time.

He would wander around the world with his beloved woman afterwards.

They stayed there for the whole morning to finish the scene.

It wasnt the actors problem, filming really consumed a lot of time and energy.

They had to shoot many times in order to get the best view.

Among the extras, Chu Peihan and Gu Nings other friends had done a great performance, especially Chu Peihan.

Her acting even impressed Lu Zhan, and she was now a better actress than the time when she played a role in Infinite Horror.

It was the first time that Chu Peihan had shown her face in the camera when she joined the crew of Infinite Horror, so she wasnt skilled back then.

From the experience, Chu Peihan learned a lot and she was a quick learner, so she was able to make great progress within a short time.

“I havent seen you for just a few months, but youve made great progress!” Lu Zhan complimented Chu Peihan.

Although she wasnt very professional, she wasnt bad either, and she had potential.

As long as she could practice more, she would get better.

Several extras were jealous of Chu Peihan when they heard him complimenting her.

It seemed that they had already worked with each other before.

And it should be several months ago.

They had heard of what Lu Zhan had been through and he had been shut out of the film industry for years till he shot Infinite Horror several months ago.

So it was possible that Chu Peihan had also shown her face in that movie.

Some extras had watched Infinite Horror, but they didnt pay much attention to unimportant roles, so they didnt think Chu Peihan looked familiar.

Therefore, they decided to watch the film again to see whether they could find Chu Peihan.

“Thank you so much for your compliment, Director Lu.

Ill keep on learning and improving myself,” said Chu Peihan happily.

In fact, Chu Peihan never cared about other peoples opinions about her, because other people wouldnt affect her own life.

She could rely on herself to live a good life after all.

However, she cared about professionals opinions about her acting, because she wanted to become a good actress.


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