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“No way! This girl is unbelievable.

Even Deputy Director Zhang cant win the game with her.”

“Jesus, its crazy!”


“Im flattered,” said Gu Ning politely.

Although it was obvious that he was no match for her, she should be polite and show some respect.

Hearing someone call Lao Zhang, Deputy Director Zhang, Gu Ning thought that he might be a deputy director of a certain department.

In that case, he must have high social status.

Anyway, those who lived in Century City were either rich or powerful, because a single house here cost at least dozens of millions of yuan.

It was impossible for an ordinary person to afford a house here.

“Young girl, may I know your name” asked Deputy Director Zhang.

“My names Gu Ning,” Gu Ning said.

“You seem to be a student, right” asked Deputy Director Zhang.

“Yeah, I just wrote the National College Entrance Examination, and Ill go to my university in a few days,” said Gu Ning.

Although they knew Gu Ning was very young, they were still amazed by her unbelievable ability at such an early age.

Different people went to school at different ages.

Some were 17, while some were 18 at 12th grade.

Gu Ning went to school later than her peers, so she was already 19 after finishing her education in high school.

Gu Nings birthday was in May, but she didnt celebrate her 19th birthday, because she hadnt had a birthday party before and she just forgot it this year too.

She didnt remember it until Chu Peihan and her other friends asked about her birthday, but it had already passed.

Chu Peihan proposed to make it up to her, but Gu Ning was busy then, so they decided to do it next year.

“Do you study in a police academy Youre very good at fighting skills,” said Deputy Director Zhang.

Gu Ning was extraordinarily stronger than other girls, and Deputy Director Zhang had the idea to hire her if she studied in a police academy.

Gu Ning understood what Deputy Director Zhang was thinking about, so she smiled and said, “Not really, Ill major in business administration in the Capital University.”

Hearing that, Deputy Director Zhang was shocked.

“The Capital University You must be an excellent student! Is your family involved in business”

Deputy Director Zhang thought that Gu Nings family must be involved in business, and she was going to inherit her family business, otherwise she should go to a police academy given her outstanding ability in martial arts.

It didnt mean that people with a high level of martial arts had to go to a police academy, but it was hard to find a job in society nowadays, and everyone should learn to make full use of his or her advantages.

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

Knowing that, Deputy Director Zhang nodded, and didnt think it was a bad choice.

It was probably because of her family background, that she learned kung fu to protect herself.

Deputy Director Zhang wasnt dumb, and he didnt ask for more details about Gu Nings family.

“Young girl, do you always run in the morning” asked Deputy Director Zhang.

“Not every day,” said Gu Ning.

“Can you practice with me when we meet again” asked Deputy Director Zhang with anticipation.

He hadnt enjoyed a fight for a long time.

Although he was a member of a SWAT team and all the other members in their team were strong and skillful, not many were comparable to him.

So it wasnt easy for him to meet a great match, and he wanted to seize this chance to practice his skills.

“Why not! If we see each other again, Im more than willing to do that,” said Gu Ning.

It was good for her too.

Hearing Gu Nings answer, Deputy Director Zhang was excited.

“Oh, my surname is Zhang, and you can call me Uncle Zhang,” said Deputy Director Zhang.

“Sure, Uncle Zhang,” Gu Ning called him as he wanted.

After that, Deputy Director Zhang left, and didnt ask Gu Ning for her phone number.

This was their first meeting, and he thought it was inappropriate to do that right now.

Since Gu Ning already agreed to help him practice fighting skills if they met again, they would have each others number when they got familiar.

In addition, although Gu Ning was very young, she was unbelievably strong and skilled, which amazed Deputy Director Zhang.

Gu Ning also looked more mature than her real age, so Deputy Director Zhang didnt regard her as a child.

Instead, if it was possible, he would love to make friends with her.

Because Gu Ning had a competition with Deputy Director Zhang, they were running out of time so Gu Ning decided to test Chu Peihans level next time.

After changing their clothes, they left for Shengshi Hotel.

It was already 7:30 am when they arrived at Shengshi Hotel, so they quickly finished breakfast within 10 minutes, then went to Hengdian World Studios.

Although it was rush hour at this time, Gu Ning took the ring highway and spent less time on the road.

However, they set off from a suburb, so it still took them nearly an hour.

Either way, it was faster than taking the road in the urban area.

They might be caught in a traffic jam and spend two hours on the way if they took the road in the urban area.

At 8:30 am, Gu Ning and her friends arrived at the shooting set in Hengdian World Studios.

This time, they moved to another place for the new scenes, and would shoot at a street.

Hao Ran and others would play passers-by in the scenes.

For Gu Nings sake, Lu Zhan arranged for Hao Ran and others to say several lines in the camera.

They would be local citizens in the show and they would compliment the leading female role, then Hao Ran and Zhang Tianping could show their faces and say several lines.

In fact, it was very difficult for extras to get such a chance, because they normally could only show their backs in the camera.

Chu Peihans part was more important than Hao Rans and Zhang Tianpings in the show, and she would be a senior officials daughter.

She would argue with other ladies in the group of people who went to welcome the leading female role, then she was criticized.

When they arrived at Hengdian World Studios, all the actors were almost finished wearing make-up.

Lu Zhan had told them to arrive before 9 am, and that they would start to act at 10 am, because they needed time to put on make-up and get ready.

Lu Zhan arrived at 7 am this morning, and was already busy working.

The main characters needed an exquisite look, so it took a longer time for them to finish wearing make-up.

Once they heard that Gu Ning came, they walked out with make-up and clothes for the show.

Chu Peihan didnt have her favorite idols in the entertainment industry, but she had a good impression of some actors, like the leading actor and actress in this show.


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