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Although Shen Zhilin supported Chen Qiuyin to steal the parking space, she was unwilling to be laughed at by other people in public.

Shen Zhilin would bully others who were inferior to her, but she cared about her image too.

Chen Qiuyin thought it made sense, so she dropped that topic, although she was still mad at Gu Ning.

“Alright, lets park our car over there,” said Shen Zhilin and walked to their car.

After parking the car, Chen Qiuyin and her daughter walked to the same western restaurant as Gu Ning.

Gu Ning found a seat by the window and ordered steak and fruit salad.

Right after the waiter left her table, Gu Ning saw Chen Qiuyin and her daughter walking inside, but she ignored them.

Shen Zhilin looked calm on the surface, but Chen Qiuyin didnt bother to hide her disdain towards Gu Ning.

Coincidentally, they sat not far away from Gu Ning.

“Oh, hi, Mrs.

Shen, Miss Shen, nice to see you!” two women by the table greeted Chen Qiuyin and her daughter at once.

“Nice to see you too, Mrs.

Tong, and Miss Tong.”

Chen Qiuyin and Shen Zhilin looked polite, but it was obvious that they thought they were better than them.

“Have a seat, please,” said Mrs.


After that, they began to order.

Chen Qiuyin took out an invitation letter from her handbag and gave it to Mrs.

Tong later.

“Here, I got you the letter.”

“Thank you so much!” Mrs.

Tongs face lit up at once.

“Not a big deal, but all the guests are important figures, so you must be careful and to not mess with someone you shouldnt offend,” said Chen Qiuyin.

Although Gu Ning had no intention to eavesdrop their conversation, she had good hearing and easily heard their conversation.

Therefore, Gu Ning realized what they were doing.


Tong wanted to attend an event, but she wasnt important enough to be invited, so she begged Chen Qiuyin to help her get an invitation letter.

She did everything to get into the party mostly because she planned to achieve something on someones coattails.

Gu Ning was right.


Tong and Miss Tong ached to attend the event in order to meet rich second-generation heirs.

Although the Tong family was rich too, it wanted more.

“Of course well be careful,” said Mrs.

Tong right away.

“Oh, when will Miss Shen and Lord Leng have the engagement party Were all looking forward to it,” asked Mrs.


Hearing that, Chen Qiuyin and Shen Zhilin felt a little embarrassed, but they soon composed themselves.

Gu Ning, however, stopped at once.

Lord Leng must be Leng Shaoting! There was only one powerful Leng family in the capital after all.

Before Chen Qiuyin could say anything, Mrs.

Tong continued, “Miss Shen, youre quite lucky to win Lord Lengs heart.

Hes a very rare quality man in the capital.

Ive heard of no one else who can become a major general at such an early age.”

Gu Ning was annoyed once she heard that.

She was now very sure that they were talking about Leng Shaoting.

People who were sitting at other tables were also surprised, then they turned to look at Chen Qiuyin and her daughter with amazement.

Even though they didnt know who Lord Leng was, a major general was quite unbelievable.

Since Mrs.

Tong said that they were looking forward to attending the engagement party of Shen Zhilin and Leng Shaoting, everyone believed that Shen Zhilin was Leng Shaotings fiancé.


If Mrs.

Tong said that earlier on, Chen Qiuyin would definitely feel very proud, but now she had a totally different feeling.

“Well, Shaoting is too busy to settle it right now,” said Chen Qiuyin.

Even though she herself didnt believe her words, she had to look elegant on the surface.

In the past, she always believed that Shen Zhilin would marry into the Leng family because of the Shen familys relationship with it, and she had often shown off in front of her friends.

Actually, Master Leng also had the intention to set them up, so she had confidence that it was a sure bet.

Unexpectedly, Leng Shaoting got a girlfriend afterwards.

In that case, it wouldnt be likely for Shen Zhilin to marry into the Leng family.

“I understand.

Lord Leng has a very important position in the military after all,” said Mrs.


Gu Ning, however, sneered.

She didnt think that Shen Zhilin could have a romantic relationship with Leng Shaoting, and they could only be acquaintances.

Gu Ning faced Chen Qiuyin and Shen Zhilin across her table, so she could see their expressions.

She knew that Chen Qiuyin was lying.

Nevertheless, she was displeased when another woman had an illusion about her man, so she stood up and walked towards them.


Seeing Gu Ning walking over, Chen Qiuyin was mad.

“What are you doing”

“Well, I simply want to ask you two madams.

Is Lord Leng, the unbelievable major general, Leng Shaoting” asked Gu Ning.

Hearing that, they were all shocked.

To their surprise, this young girl had heard of Leng Shaoting.


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