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Chapter 157 Dont Forget Your Manners!

“Arent you being ridiculous I dont know who told you that Im in a relationship with Qin Yifan, but let me tell you that were just normal friends.

We arent and wont be boyfriend and girlfriend,” Gu Ning looked down at Qin Yiqing with confidence.

Qin Yiqing was mad at her attitude.

However, before Qin Yiqing could respond, Gu Ning continued, “And, I cant care less about your check of five hundred thousand yuan.

In fact, Qin Yifan bought the Kings Green and Fulushou jade from me!”

Although Gu Ning wanted to keep it a secret, she wasnt willing to be humiliated in public by Qin Yiqing.

She had to defend her dignity.

Gu Ning understood that the rich never liked the poor, but she never accepted insults.

“What” Hearing that, Qin Yiqing was quite surprised.

Qin Yifan bought the Kings Green and Fulushou jade from Gu Ning

Which meant that Gu Ning wasnt a Cinderella at all, but a rich girl with dozens of million yuan in assets

Dozens of million yuan were nothing in Qin Yiqings eyes, but she knew that it was a lot for a young girl.

“I dont mind if Qin Yifan tells you what Ive done in City G.

Besides, please dont despise others just because youre richer than them.

Im inferior to the Qin Family for now, but no one knows whats going to happen in the future!” Gu Ning said coldly before she turned around walking away.

Qin Yiqing was struck dumb.

City G What has happened in City G

After a while, Qin Yiqing called Qin Yifan.

The minute that Qin Yifan answered her call, she asked without delay, “Where are you”

“Why do you ask” Qin Yifan replied with impatience.

Qin Yifan went back to his home when he found out that Li Zhenzhen had left for City G, but he thought that Qin Yiqing called him for Li Zhenzhen, so he didnt tell her that he was home.

“I want to ask you something about Gu Ning,” Qin Yiqing understood that Qin Yifan didnt want to hear more about Li Zhenzhen.

Thus she directly told him that it was about Gu Ning.

“What What happened to Gu Ning” Hearing that, Qin Yifan got nervous all of a sudden.

Knowing Qin Yifan cared about Gu Ning so much, Qin Yiqing was upset.

But it wasnt the right time to argue with her younger brother now.

Qin Yiqing said, “Shes fine.

I just want to ask you something.

It isnt convenient to talk on the phone.

Where are you I need to see you.”

“Im home.” Qin Yifan indeed cared about Gu Ning very much.

Qin Yiqing immediately left the cafe driving to the house of the Qin Family.

Thirty minutes later, she arrived at the house.

She met Qin Yifan in the hall, her parents were there too.

Qin Yiqing didnt have time to greet them, but asked Qin Yifan directly, “Yifan, did Gu Ning sell you the Kings Green and the Fulushou jade”

Qin Yiqing wanted the confirmation from Qin Yifan.

“How do you know that” Qin Yifan was surprised.

“What You bought the Kings Green and the Fulushou jade from the young girl named Gu Ning” Qin Haozheng was also astonished.

He had an impression of Gu Ning, because Gu Ning had sent him the precious glass with deer heads.

“Yes,” Qin Yifan answered.

Then he turned to Qin Yiqing again.

“How did you know that”

Gu Ning had told him to keep it a secret.

Did his staff tell Qin Yiqing Thinking of that, Qin Yifan was slightly annoyed.

He decided to have an investigation into it later.

However, Qin Yiqing said, “I just talked to her.”

“What Why” Qin Yifan abruptly stood up from the sofa.

He had a premonition.

Qin Yiqing told Qin Yifan what she had done, which greatly irritated Qin Yifan.

Qin Yifan almost yelled at her, “I told you not to interfere in my personal affairs.

Why did you still do that I like her, but she doesnt know yet.

You did that to humiliate her on purpose! Why!”

It was the first time Qin Yifan had lost his temper.

The whole family was stunned.

“Yiqing, you indeed shouldnt have done that.

Dont forget your manners!” Qin Haozheng was also mad at Qin Yiqings behavior.

“You want to know what has happened in City G right.

Very well, let me tell you now.” Qin Yifan was in a rage that his older sister disliked Gu Ning.

Since Gu Ning didnt mind him telling Qin Yiqing the facts, he told his family about everything that had happened in City G.

He told his family that Gu Ning had bet with Li Zhenzhen, and that he had bought the high-level jade Gu Ning had cut out at the price of a hundred and thirty million yuan.

His family was shocked.

However, what shocked them more was the following words.

“And the Fulushou jade.

It was bigger than a fist, which is worth over a hundred million yuan, but she used it to make jewelry for her family! What I got was the leftover part of the jade.

Do you think she, whose wealth is over a hundred million yuan, will care for your check of five hundred thousand yuan” Qin Yifan asked in a sarcastic tone.


His family was now more than shocked.

A Fulushou jade that was bigger than a fist

“She cant compare with our Qin Family now, but who knows what will happen in the future She isnt an ordinary girl,” Qin Yifan said icily, then he walked out without hesitation.

The second he was out of the room, Qin Yifan called Gu Ning to apologize to her.

At that time, Gu Ning was already home.

She was surfing on the Internet for information about Yuntai Mountain.

She firstly checked whether there was any caves on Yuntai Mountain, but she found no answer.

Yuntai Mountain was a tourist attraction.

Since no one mentioned the cave, it was highly possible that it hadnt been found out yet.

Then, Gu Ning checked whether there were any stories or legends of Yuntai Mountain to help the search for clues.

She indeed found a legend of Yuntai Mountain!

It was said that during the Qing Dynasty, the prefect of a certain state had been found guilty of bribery and corruption.

The emperor had dismissed him for investigation.

Then the corrupt official with his whole family had fled and come to the Yuntai Mountain.

What had happened next hadnt been recorded.

Until half a year later, someone had found a body at the foot of Yuntai Mountain.

A wide jade ring with a Chinese character “Liu” engraved on it had been found on the mans finger.

It had been confirmed later that this body was the famous prefect Liujiang.

People hadnt found out that Liujiang had been hiding in the Yuntai Mountain until then.

Liujiang had brought a lot of gold, jewelry and so forth with him to the Yuntai Mountain.

The government, therefore, had sent many soldiers to search the mountain.

However, the Yuntai Mountain was a dangerous place.

The government had given up after a few days of searching in vain.

Because of this legend, many said that there was precious stuff hidden in the Yuntai Mountain, but the legend was a legend after all.

It hadnt been proved to be true, so no one actually believed it.


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