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Chapter 156 Gu Ning Gets Mad

Unexpectedly, her cold look was as sharp as a blade, which was super threatening.

Everyone was stunned.

Gu Ning was also astonished.

The power not only made her eyes more attractive, but also frightening

Both Situ Ye and Chu Xuanfeng were slightly surprised by her terrifying look.

After a long breath, Chu Peihan said in an upset tone, “Boss, your look was so scary! I felt as if there was a knife against my neck!” Chu Peihan stood right by Gu Nings side, so she had felt it more clearly.

“Exactly! If a look could kill people, we would be dead already,” Hao Ran complained, like he had just survived from a deadly disaster.

“I almost had a heart-attack!” Mu Ke added.

He covered his chest with his hands like he was literally suffering.

Gu Ning didnt know what to say.

She herself didnt know that it would be like that.

However, even though her eyes changed, as long as they didnt stare at her eyes, they wouldnt feel anything different.

They didnt go down from the top right away.

It was almost 12 oclock, so they planned to eat first.

There were restaurants and supermarkets on the top, but they had prepared food and drinks before they came here.

They didnt do it because the food and drink were expensive on the top.

It was Gu Ning who deliberately let them climb with a heavy burden instead.

“Is there any cave or something else here” Gu Ning asked casually.

“No idea.”

“Boss, are you looking for an adventure” “Kind of,” Gu Ning answered.

They had 10 minutes to rest after eating.

When it was about 1 pm, they went down from the top.

It was much easier to climb down than up, and it only took them one hour and forty minutes to get back to where they started.

At that time, it was almost 3 pm.

Hao Ran proposed to find a place to have a drink, but Gu Ning declined because she had something else to deal with.

Since Gu Ning wouldnt go, everyone else wouldnt either.

They dispersed.

Situ Ye wanted to drive Gu Ning back, but she declined again.

Although Situ Ye was a little upset, he didnt insist.

He wasnt a man who would force a girl to do what he wanted.

Before Gu Ning left, she called Qin Yiqing first.

She was free now, and was ready to meet her.

Qin Yiqing was in a shopping mall right now, so she set the meeting place at a cafe beside the shopping mall.

Gu Ning agreed, and said that she would be there 30 later.

Then, Gu Ning went in a taxi.

After about 20 minutes, Gu Ning arrived at the shopping mall.

She went straight to the appointed cafe.

When Gu Ning arrived, Qin Yiqing was already at the cafe.

Gu Ning walked towards her.

Qin Yiqing was a clothing designer.

Thus she dressed in a noble and elegant way.

However, Qin Yiqing was also a typical ambitious woman, so she had an air of great pride.

Besides, she was snobbish, and she looked at Gu Ning with obvious disdain in her eyes.

“Miss Gu, nice to meet you.

Please have a seat.” Although Qin Yiqing sounded polite, Gu Ning sensed the dislike from her voice.

Gu Ning immediately understood that Qin Yiqing called her for nothing good.

However, Gu Ning stayed calm.

She wanted to see what Qin Yiqing was going to do next.

Gu Ning sat down and asked normally, “Miss Qin, May I ask what you want to talk to me about today”

“Well, could you please tell me your parents jobs, Miss Gu” Qin Yiqing asked, like she was a queen.

Gu Ning didnt think further about Qin Yiqings purpose, but told her the truth, “Im from a one-parent family.

My mother alone brought me up.

She worked in a factory, but has quit her job because she didnt feel well.

She stays at home now.”

“Oh!” Hearing that, Qin Yiqing was greatly surprised.

She thought that Gu Ning would at least be from a family that could reach basic living standards.

Unexpectedly, her family was in such a terrible condition.

Her mother had quit, which meant they didnt have any income.

Now, Qin Yiqing disliked Gu Ning even more.

“If your mother is unemployed, how do you manage to live your life Your mother worked in a factory.

I assume her salary wouldnt be high.

Do you have enough savings to support your life” Saying that, Qin Yiqing didnt bother to hide the disdain on her face.

“I didnt expect that Miss Qin cared so much about the living standards of my family!” Gu Ning smiled with slight coldness.

Qin Yiqing smirked and said, “Miss Gu, lets put our cards on the table.

I met you here today to tell you that you dont match Yifan at all.”

Gu Ning was stunned.

What She had nothing to do with Qin Yifan.

How come she didnt match him at all She and Qin Yifan were merely ordinary friends.

However, Gu Ning wasnt dumb.

She knew that there was a misunderstanding between Qin Yifan and her, and she also figured out the purpose of Qin Yiqing.

Who told her that she was in a relationship with Qin Yifan That was insane!

“Who told you that Im in a relationship with Qin Yifan” Gu Ning asked.

“Its not important.

The important thing is although Yifan likes you for now, hes the heir of our Qin Family with two billion yuan in assets.

However, you, youre even poorer than Cinderella.

Its impossible for you to marry into our family.

So, please stay away from Yifan.”

Qin Yifan liked her Gu Ning was astonished.

Facing the humiliation, Gu Ning was displeased, but she curbed her anger.

“Miss Qin, I think that there is a misunderstanding.

Qin Yifan and I are only friends.”

Nevertheless, Qin Yiqing didnt believe it at all.

Qin Yifan had admitted that he liked Gu Ning.

And Gu Ning was just a poor girl.

It was unlikely that she didnt have feelings towards a tall handsome and super-rich man.

“Miss Gu, stop arguing.

As long as youre willing to stay away from Yifan, Ill give you five hundred thousand yuan.

I suppose your family is too poor to ever see a check of five hundred thousand yuan.”

It was a public humiliation.

With a loud sound, Gu Ning hit the table heavily with her palm in anger.

She stood up at short notice, which surprised Qin Yiqing, and attracted attention from people around them.

Gu Ning ignored the looks from other people, staring at Qin Yiqing coldly.

“Miss Qin, dont you think that its ridiculous that you humiliated me before you even figured out the truth”

As for those who didnt respect her, Gu Ning didnt think that she needed to respect them.

“What Did you say Im ridiculous” Qin Yiqing was annoyed.


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