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Gu Ning had read the list of famous actors in the entertainment industry, so she remembered all their names.

And there was only one actress named An Beibei in the entertainment industry.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning took out her phone and typed down the keywordTang Xiaoxiaos boyfriend, soon finding a lot of news about them.

However, an actress appeared in almost every piece of news about Tang Xiaoxiao and her boyfriend.

That actress was precisely An Beibei.

Tang Xiaoxiaos boyfriend, her ex-boyfriend to be specific, was Huang Yizhen.

Huang Yizhen was a singer and a businessman, and he was the only boyfriend Tang Xiaoxiao had admitted in public, but they broke up with each other two years ago.

About a year ago, Huang Yizhen married An Beibei, an A-list actress.

Many people said that An Beibei was the other woman in Tang Xiaoxiaos romantic relationship with Huang Yizhen, but Huang Yizhen and An Beibei insisted on saying that Huang Yizhen broke up with Tang Xiaoxiao because they had conflicts.

Huang Yizhen and An Beibei played the leading male role and female role in a TV show later, and they fell in love in the show.

They dated for half a year before they decided to get married.

There was too much fake news in the entertainment industry, and no one knew what really had happened.

However, given what An Beibei just said, Gu Ning knew that An Beibei must have interfered in Tang Xiaoxiaos relationship with Huang Yizhen.

An Beibei entered the entertainment industry earlier than Tang Xiaoxiao, and she indeed became famous faster than Tang Xiaoxiao as well.

Although An Beibei wasnt as good at acting as Tang Xiaoxiao, her team was excellent at attracting publicity, and she always appeared in the gossip.

In addition, An Beibei was sexier than Tang Xiaoxiao, and always showed a lot of skin in front of the cameras, which was her another way to attract publicity.

After she got married, An Beibei became conservative and kept a distance from other males.

“Tang Xiaoxiao is becoming increasingly better,” Gu Ning said.

She couldnt stand it any longer when someone was bad-mouthing her staff in front of her.

Although it was normal for people to gossip about famous actresses, An Beibei had stolen Tang Xiaoxiaos boyfriend and she had hurt Tang Xiaoxiao, so Gu Ning had to stand out and defend Tang Xiaoxiao.

An Beibei turned to glare at Gu Ning.

“Are you eavesdropping on our conversation”

“I dont need to do that, because youre very loud,” Gu Ning said with disdain.

It was the truth, because many other passengers sitting around them also heard An Beibeis voice.

“You…” An Beibei was annoyed, but didnt know what to say.

“Fine, since youre not eavesdropping on our conversation, tell me why do you think Tang Xiaoxiao is becoming increasingly better Shes serving for Fenghua Entertainment, which is a newly-established company in the industry.

Even though it has gained some fame recently, it isnt comparable to other leading entertainment companies,” An Beibei said.

“Youre right.

Fenghua Entertainment is indeed a newly-established entertainment company, and the competition is quite fierce in the industry, but Tang Xiaoxiao is as beautiful as she is skillful, so I believe shell become more and more popular,” Gu Ning said.

“Naive.” An Beibei snorted.

“There are countless new faces coming out every day in the entertainment industry, and Tang Xiaoxiao will soon be replaced.”

In fact, An Beibei didnt say it aloud that Tang Xiaoxiao would be easily destroyed if someone of power did something behind the scenes.

Although An Beibei didnt get along with Tang Xiaoxiao, their grudge wasnt enough for her to ruin Tang Xiaoxiao.

She had simply stolen Huang Yizhen from Tang Xiaoxiao, and it wasnt a very serious matter.

“I agree with you on that, but I think youre more likely to be replaced than Tang Xiaoxiao, because you have nothing to rely on in the entertainment industry,” Gu Ning said.

An Beibei was pretty, but wasnt much prettier than other actresses.

Besides, she didnt have many works, nor a good character.

“You…” An Beibei was angry, but suddenly realized that Gu Ning couldnt be a simple girl since she knew a lot about the entertainment industry.

“Do you know who I am” An Beibei got nervous.

“I didnt know who you were until you said that you stole Tang Xiaoxiaos boyfriend from her,” Gu Ning said.

She stayed calm and stared straight at An Beibeis eyes.

Hearing that, An Beibei was sure that Gu Ning already found out who she was.

“Ridiculous! Dont try to damage my reputation by making up fake news! Zhen broke up with Tang Xiaoxiao before we were together!” An Beibei argued.


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