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Zhao, I only need your husband to work for me.

Hes a good manager and I need a good manager to help me,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning was quite honest, and Zhao Binxu only needed a supporter to help him out.

No matter in what industry, a person needed support to have a better career.

Even if Gu Ning was able to be so successful at such an early age, she had actually gotten a lot of help from her connections.

She also needed other peoples support to reach where she was today.


Zhao was excited when Gu Ning promised to give her husband a job.

Zhao Binxu was surprised when he read the news about Gu Ning on the Internet, and he remembered that she was his daughters idol, Goddess Gu.

He had heard a little about Gu Ning from his daughter and he had a good impression of her.

If Gu Ning was willing to help him, his family and his life would be saved.

“Can you trust me now” Gu Ning shouted to him again.

“Miss Gu, youre an incredible girl, and of course Im willing to work for you.

Im coming down right now!” Zhao Binxu said with excitement, because he saw hopes.

“Great!” Gu Ning nodded.

Hearing that, everyone was curious.

They couldnt hear what Zhao Binxu was saying on the roof of the building, but it seemed that Gu Ning could.

How was it possible They couldnt believe it.


Zhao, you will see your husband soon.

Hes coming down,” Gu Ning said.

“Really Thats wonderful.” Both Mrs.

Zhao and Zhao Jinghan beamed with tears in their eyes.

The next second, Zhao Binxu stood up in their sight.

Right when everyone believed that he was going to step backwards, a scary accident happened.

Someone pushed Zhao Binxu before he could turn around and walk away from the edge.

He lost his balance and was pushed from the roof.

“Oh, my!” Everyone was shocked and terrified under the building.


Zhao and Zhao Jinghan were totally stunned and Mrs.

Zhao almost passed out.

Why would Zhao Binxu suddenly fall from the roof Didnt he agree to come down

Nobody knew what just happened, but Gu Ning understood that it couldnt be an accident.

Although other people couldnt see it because the roof was far above their heads, Gu Ning was able to see it clearly.

Luckily, just as Zhao Binxu fell to the next floor, a hand reached out from the window and caught his hand, stopping him from falling, so he was hanging by the window.

The person who caught him was Qiao Ya.

Because someone blocked the door to the rooftop, Qiao Ya listened to Gu Ning and didnt intrude inside.

Instead, she went to the room beneath where Zhao Binxu sat in case he jumped all of a sudden.

She was indeed very smart and brave.

There was no one else in the room, so nobody stopped her.

When the people under the building saw that Zhao Binxu was caught by hand, they felt relieved.

Qiao Ya was unusually strong, so it wasnt difficult for her to pull Zhao Binxu up to the room.

In the end, Zhao Binxu was rescued.

People couldnt help but begin to applaud under the building.


Zhao and Zhao Jinghan cried again, but those who wanted him to die were anxious.

The way to the rooftop was blocked and four people waited behind Zhao Binxu.

They were those who had cheated Zhao Binxu of his money.

One was the chairman of Xingtong Building Materials, Wu Yunguang.

One was its manager, and the other two were secretaries.

Xingtong Building Materials wasnt large, nor was it small; it had over a hundred million yuan in assets.

Most importantly, it was Wu Yunguangs only company, and he cared about it very much.

The other three people were aware of the real reason why Zhao Binxu wanted to commit suicide.

They were Wu Yunguangs people after all, so they wouldnt tell anyone anything about it.

Wu Yunguang trusted them, so he told them to help him today.

In fact, Wu Yunguang didnt want Zhao Binxu to die right here, because it would cause him trouble.

However, Gu Ning showed up out of blue, and he knew that Gu Ning certainly had the ability to help Zhao Binxu.

He was afraid that he would be put in jail if Gu Ning was involved, so he decided to push Zhao Binxu from the building.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Binxu still didnt die, and was caught by someone on the next level.

Wu Yunguang was in a panic now.

He warned the other three people to keep it a secret and made up an excuse saying that it was an accident.

Wu Yunguangs future was very important to their own benefits, so they agreed without hesitation.

After that, they went down as well.

Zhao Binxu was stunned after he was rescued, because he was too scared and was even trembling in fear now.

Seeing that, Qiao Ya didnt force him to go downstairs right away, but told him to have a rest for a while.


Zhao and Zhao Jinghan wanted to go upstairs, but Gu Ning stopped them.

“Its fine, my subordinate will help him and come down with him later.

If you go upstairs right now, you might be in different elevators and miss each other.”

Hearing that, Mrs.

Zhao and Zhao Jinghan agreed and stayed under the building.

“Miss Gu, is the person who just caught my husband your subordinate” Mrs.

Zhao asked Gu Ning.

She thought that she should thank the person too.


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