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It wasnt a difficult thing in Wang Ges eyes, so he agreed.

Although he knew how harmful drugs were, Qi Ziyues situation was different and he thought that he could help him.

“Wang Ge, my phone wont be on all the time, so Ill call you at 8 pm tonight.

If you can get some, Ill arrange for someone to fetch it for me, and Ill directly give you cash then,” Qi Ziyue said.

He wouldnt meet Wang Ge in person, in case Wang Ge found out where he stayed now.

Wang Ge had no intention to know more details, so he didnt ask further about it either.

Qi Ziyue didnt need a lot of drugs, and only had to take them 10 times, so it was very easy for him to prepare enough cash.

At noon, Gu Ning received a message from Gao Weichao.

He told her that Gufan already had an official website and Weibo account, and he just released the news that the opening ceremony of its flagship store would be held in three days.

Because it was a new startup, its opening ceremony wasnt very grand, and they only hired some models to walk on the show stage.

People who had a good relationship with Gu Ning knew that it was another of Gu Nings new companies, so they would come to congratulate her that day.

Therefore, they didnt need models to help them gain attention for the opening ceremony and the Tang familys modeling company would settle it.

There werent models in Fenghua Entertainment, so Gu Ning decided to find a good spokesperson for this new brand after it gained some fame.

She would choose among the artists in her own company.

Gu Ning logged into Weibo at once to read the news.

Once she opened the page, she saw many messages from her followers, but she wasnt interested in them.

She found the official Weibo account of Gufan and followed it before she reposted its first post.

Gufan Official: Gufan, another fashion brand owned by Gu Ning, is officially established today! We have male and female clothes, and our flagship store will open in Fengshang Shopping Mall at 10 am this Saturday.

Everyone can have 20% off on the first day, and well have a lucky draw for you.

The prizes are provided by Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi.

Youre all welcome to take part in our party this Saturday!

There was a video ad attached to the post, and a good-looking young man and a beautiful young woman played roles in it.

The man and the woman met for the first time in the story and they walked by each other on the street.

With a simple glance, they fell in love and went on to date one another and got married in the end.

From the beginning to the end, both of them were in Gufan clothes.

The official Weibo account of Gufan was very new, so it didnt have many followers.

However, because Gu Ning reposted its first post many of her followers noticed Gufan.

As time went by, more and more Internet users saw it.

Gu Ning had many companies which also had an official account on Weibo, and they actively reposted it once they saw it.

Tang Xiaoxiao and many other actors also reposted it.

Given their fame and influence, the post became one of the hottest topics on Weibo within hours.

Many of Gu Nings fans were also active in reposting the news.

“Wow, Goddess Gu has another new company!”

“Shes so awesome.”

“I love the name of the new brand.”

“Goddess Gu is even more successful than my father, but shes much younger than my father.”

“Shes a talented businesswoman.”

“Ive never seen anyone like her before.”

“Shes quite unbelievable.”

“Shes a very good founder, manager and problem solver.”

“Shes greedy.”

“I like this ad and this brand.

I think Ill go to have a look at its flagship store.”

“Im excited about the lucky draw.”

“Its not easy to get the prizes, because theyre very expensive.”

“I hope I can get a prize.”

“Im sure the flagship store will be super crowded on the first day.”

“Of course it will, because Gufan is Goddess Gus new company.

Im going anyway.”

“Will Goddess Gu show up”

“I wish I could see her in real life!”


Many Internet users @(mentioned) Gu Ning afterwards and asked whether she would show up on that day, but Gu Ning didnt see their messages because she left for lunch.

Negative comments existed along with the positive comments, and many Internet users disliked Gufan.

It was understandable because different people had different preferences.

However, some of them directly attacked Gu Ning, which annoyed Gu Nings fans.

“Isnt she a student Why cant she focus on her studies”

“Hasnt she made enough money”

“She aches for more and more money.”

“Shes greedy.”

“Are you all crazy Even though shes still a student, she can also be a successful businesswoman at the same time.”

“She makes money with her abilities and wisdom.

There is nothing wrong with it.”


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