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Without the polices help, it wasnt easy for the Tang family to find Qi Ziyue within a short time.

If the Tang turned to the police for help, the police could make full use of its security system and find Qi Ziyues location using his face and identity.

At 11:30 pm, Gu Ning left with her friends.

Although Xu Qinyin knew that Shen Baixiang was also in the bar, she didnt bother to pay attention to him.

In her eyes, Shen Baixiang was merely a stranger now.

Gu Ning told Tang Qingyang to drive Xu Qinyin home, because it wasnt safe for a girl to go back home alone, and she didnt have a car right now and still needed to deal with something later.

Ba Tianyang stayed by Tang Qingyang, and he didnt drink, so he could drive them home.

And Jiang Ruiqin was a strong man, so he could take a taxi by himself.

Gu Ning didnt go back home after leaving her friends, and instead went to the hospital where Tang Yaxin stayed.

She had paid Qi Ziyue back, so Tang Yaxin was her next target.

When Xu Qinyin was having drinks with her friends in the bar, Shen Baixiang felt uncomfortable, but now he hated staying in the bar now that she was gone.

Therefore, Shen Baixiang excused himself and left earlier than his friends.

Shen Baixiang had already paid the bill before the drinks and snacks were placed on the table, so it was fine if he left now.

And since Shen Baixiang didnt want to stay, his friends didnt stop him.

Luo Xueshan, however, chased after Shen Baixiang.

“Let them go, and we can enjoy ourselves!” The moment Shen Baixiang and Luo Xueshan were gone, their friends began to talk about them.

“I think Shen Baixiang admires Miss Xu, but Miss Xu doesnt like him at all.”

“Shen Baixiang has always wanted to marry a rich girl, but hes a little shameless given his attitude towards Miss Xu now.

He rejected her before precisely because he thought that her family is ordinary.”

“Shen Baixiang is very outstanding, so its understandable that he has a high standard for his girlfriend, but he shouldnt get above himself.

Miss Xu is from a real super-rich family after all.”

“Right, Miss Xu isnt dumb at all.

I dont think shell accept Shen Baixiang.”

“Alright, stop talking about them.

Its none of our business.”

After that, they dropped the topic and started to play games.

“Hey, Baixiang, wait for me.

Where are you going” Luo Xueshan called after Shen Baixiang.

“Im going home.

Why are you following me” Shen Baixiang was impatient.

“I…” Luo Xueshan bit her lips, but didnt dare to say anything in case Shen Baixiang was mad.

Shen Baixiang saw through her and asked, “Do you think that Im going to see Xu Qinyin”

“Yeah.” Luo Xueshan was quite honest and nodded.

“Why Im not familiar with her, and shes so rude to me.

Do you think that Im a snobbish man I know her family is much more powerful than mine, but it doesnt mean that Ill do everything to get her,” Shen Baixiang said.

He purposely said that in front of Luo Xueshan to hide his real intentions.

However, it was quite stupid, because everyone was aware of his real aim.

He didnt want other people to think of him as a man who had too much pride in himself, and he also wanted to climb up the social ladder as possible as he could.

Luo Xueshan was his B-plan, so he didnt want to damage his image in her eyes.

Luo Xueshan, however, believed every word he said to her.

Actually, Luo Xueshan wasnt an idiot, but she still chose to believe the man she loved.

“Baixiang, can I drive you home” Luo Xueshan asked later.

“No need.

Im a man, and I can go home on my own.

If you dont want to have fun with them tonight, you should go back home too.

Its not safe for you to stay outside too late,” Shen Baixiang said.

After that, he ignored Luo Xueshan and got in a taxi.

He drank a little tonight, so he couldnt drive now.

Luo Xueshan was disappointed when Shen Baixiang left her behind, but she soon persuaded herself to accept it.

They werent a couple anyway, so it wasnt Shen Baixiangs duty to take care of her.

Therefore, Luo Xueshan went back home too, because Shen Baixiang had already left and she felt bored without him.

When Gu Ning showed up at the hospital, she was in a nurse uniform with a medical mask so that no one could recognize her.


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