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Actually, if Gu Ning was alone, she wouldnt bother to avoid them, but she simply didnt want them to find Leng Shaoting.

In addition, today was a special day, so she didnt go to her company either.

“Do we need to continue to spy on her tomorrow” Wu Shunhua asked.

“Sure.” Dongfang Ziyu nodded.

She was reluctant to give up.

As long as she was free, she would keep on spying on Gu Ning.

Gu Ning arrived at the house that Qi Ziyue was staying in at 8:30 pm.

At this time, she was wearing all black with a baseball cap and a mask.

Because she wouldnt avoid the surveillance cameras, she needed to protect herself well.

There were green plants everywhere in a high-end living area, so nobody would discover Gu Ning as long as she was careful.

Before long, Gu Ning reached the house, but she wasnt eager to take action.

It was already dark on the first floor in the house.

Qi Ziyue went to bed in the master bedroom on the second floor earlier that night under the effect of too much alcohol.

Chen Yunlin sat in front of a computer in her study, she was reading the news about Qi Ziyue.

Although the Tang family did everything it could to cover up the scandal, it already went viral on the Internet.

When Chen Yunlin saw the sex photos of Qi Ziyue having sex with other women, she recognized her face in two pictures, but there was still another woman in the photos.

She was mad and felt betrayed.

The woman wasnt her, nor Tang Yaxin.

She understood it was unavoidable for Qi Ziyue to have sex with Tang Yaxin since they were married.

However, she couldnt accept that Qi Ziyue still had a sexual relationship with other women.

In fact, most people couldnt accept betrayal even though they werent loyal to their own partners.

It had nothing to do with love or loyalty, but possessiveness.

Therefore, although Qi Ziyue only married Tang Yaxin to steal her familys property, he was still furious when he found out that she had other men.

Human beings were a selfish creature.

Anyway, Chen Yunlin was still willing to give Qi Ziyue a chance to explain it when he woke up.

If it happened before they got back together, she could forgive him.

They just reunited about a year ago, while Qi Ziyue had been Tang Yaxins fiancé for years after all.

In fact, she also had several ex-boyfriends before she met Qi Ziyue again, but she stopped seeing them once she and Qi Ziyue got back together.

She couldnt wait to ask Qi Ziyue for the answer, but he was too drunk right now.

As a result, she could only stay in the study alone, feeling sad.

If Gu Ning wanted to see Qi Ziyue, she had to deal with Chen Yunlin first.

The windows of Chen Yunlins study and the master bedroom that Qi Ziyue slept in werent closed, because there normally werent thieves in such a rich area.

Gu Ning got into the master bedroom through the window and gave Qi Ziyue a cold glance before she walked towards the door.

The door was also open, because Chen Yunlin was afraid that Qi Ziyue might feel uncomfortable in the night.

With the door open she could hear it if he needed her help.

The study was right next to the master bedroom, but Chen Yunlin had no idea that there was another person in her home now.

Given Gu Nings ability, it was impossible for Chen Yunlin to find out.

When Gu Ning swaggered into the study, Chen Yunlin was scared and shocked.

“W-Who are you” She stared at Gu Ning.

The next second, Gu Ning hit her shoulder, not giving her any chances to call for help, then Chen Yunlin slowly collapsed.

She was unconscious.

Gu Ning lay Chen Yunlin down on the sofa.

And in case she woke up all of a sudden, Gu Ning sealed her mouth.

Even if she woke up later, she couldnt do anything.

After that, Gu Ning went back to the master bedroom, and directly poured a glass of cold water on Qi Ziyues face to wake him up.

Qi Ziyue was scared when he saw a person in all black standing by the bed.

“What…” He was too shocked and scared to form a complete sentence.

Gu Ning removed her mask at this time.

“Its you” Qi Ziyue was stunned when he recognized Gu Nings face.

“What are you doing here What do you want” Qi Ziyue stayed alert.

“Its not over yet,” Gu Ning said with a smile on her lips.

“What” Qi Ziyue was confused.


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