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In her previous incarnation, Tang Aining was injured while she was carrying out a task assigned to her by Tang Bingsen.

She found Pu Badas car and forced him to help her escape.

However, Pu Badas car was stopped by two cars which appeared out of the blue, and he encountered other professional killers on the way.

Tang Aining didnt want to die with Pu Bada, so she did everything she could to kill those killers, then she passed out.

When she woke up again, she was in the hospital with Pu Bada by her side.

They had saved each others lives.

It happened four years ago, and they lost touch with one another because Tang Aining refused to leave Pu Bada her number.

Gu Ning wanted to see whether the Pu Bada in the next room was the man she knew, so she used her Jade Eyes.

In the next room, there were six people.

Five men and a woman were divided into two groups.

Gu Ning recognized Pu Bada at first glance, because he was precisely the man she ran into in her previous life.

Pu Bada was a strong and handsome man in his early thirties.

He had darker skin, but looked quite healthy and beautiful.

Gu Ning didnt know much about Pu Bada, and only knew that he came from Tianshan City on a plateau.

He was an heir of a dominant family in his hometown, and he was chased by killers hired by the collateral branch of his family the last time.

Tang Ainings fighting skills impressed him, so he wanted to hire her as his bodyguard, but she refused.

There was only one woman in the next room, so she must be the one who was angry.

Although the woman was already in her 30s, she took good care of her face and looked younger than her age.

There were two men standing behind her.

One of them had an obvious air of a killer, and Gu Ning sensed that he must be a professional killer.

She used to be a professional killer too, so it was very easy for her to notice people who were like her.

Therefore, Gu Ning was worried about Pu Badas safety.

Although she didnt have a close relationship with Pu Bada, she thought that he was a good man.

Besides, this was the Huangdeng Hotel, a business owned by her family, and she didnt want to see anything terrible to happen here.

“Miss Tian, didnt Mr.

Tian tell you the price of this batch of goods before you came Is this a trick played by you and your older brother to fool me” Pu Bada was displeased.

“What Is this the price you two have agreed on” Tian Baihui frowned.

Why didnt her older brother tell her that

“The yield of musk is low this year.

If we dont raise the price, we cant earn anything,” Pu Bada said.

Tian Baihui took a long breath in.

She wasnt dumb, and realized that her older brother had schemed against her.

She had already shown that she had no intention to compete with him for their familys property, but her older brother still took her as a strong competitor, because their father liked her more than him.

Her older brother didnt tell her the correct purchasing price so that she wouldnt be able to complete the deal and their father would be disappointed in her.

Businessmen only cared about benefits.

If a businessman couldnt gain the best advantage from a deal, he wasnt a qualified businessman.

“No, youre not the one whos been fooled, I was,” Tian Baihui said.

She thought that Pu Bada was her older brothers man.

Pu Bada knew that there was a misunderstanding, so he explained at once.

“Miss Tian, I know you dont believe me nor your older brother, but I can promise that it has nothing to do with me.

I have a lot of buyers and your older brother is simply one of my business partners.

I dont take him as my friend, and I have no time to play such stupid tricks.”

Hearing Pu Badas explanation, Tian Baihui nodded.

She had heard a lot about Pu Bada, and she knew that he disliked lying.

“I think both of us were fooled this time,” Pu Bada said in annoyance.

He didnt choose to work with Tian Baihuis older brother, so he was fooled by him as well.

Tian Baihui sneered.

Her older brother was as arrogant as always.

If he took over their familys business, it would be in danger.

“Well, since its my older brothers fault, you should ask him for a solution.” Tian Baihui lost her patience.

She was unwilling to take responsibility for her older brothers mistake.

“Since were already here and the dishes are placed on the table, we can finish this meal if you dont mind,” Tian Baihui said.

Although she lost her appetite after finding out the truth, she still had to have manners and treat Pu Bada well.

“Of course not,” Pu Bada said.

After all, even if he didnt dine there, he still needed to eat somewhere else.


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