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However, others also disliked the mans behavior.

It was Master Qins birthday party.

He shouldnt cause An Guangyao trouble right now, and he would only leave a bad impression on the Qin Family.

The man was named Wu Lianqin, a president of a branch of a giant group in City F.

He was the same age as An Guangyao.

This branch was involved in the real estate industry and had one billion yuan in assets.

Wu Lianqing, as the president, owned 25% shares of this branch.

His net wealth was two or three hundred million yuan at most.

Wu Lianqin was ambitious.

He had planned to acquire Shenghua Real Estate as his own private property, but he hadnt been willing to pay a reasonable price for it.

Thus Gu Ning had seized the chance.

An Guangyao was annoyed, but he didnt show it on his face.

He replied, “Oh, I almost went bankrupt, but President Wu still congratulated me.

Thats interesting!”

“Chairman An, please dont be mad at me.

I didnt mean that at all.

I congratulated you only because you kept your job as the chairman of Shenghua Real Estate,” Wu Lianqin explained.

He of course wouldnt admit it.

“Well, President Wu, I dont think you need to explain it.

You will only make it worse.

You congratulated me because I kept my job as the chairman.

However, I could keep my job only because I sold my company.

Otherwise, I wouldnt need to work as an employee, and the company would still belong to me,” An Guangyao said.

“You…” Wu Lianqin didnt know what to say.

He realized that he had been rude.

He wanted to make fun of An Guangyao, but now he was a joke himself.

“Chairman An, if you insist on saying that, I cant do anything about it.”

Then Wu Lianqin walked away, like he was the victim.

An Guangyao let him go.

It wasnt appropriate to cause a scene at this party after all.

He turned and immediately noticed Gu Ning and her friends.

An Guangyao was amazed by Gu Nings outfit.

This girl could always surprise you.

An Guangyao walked towards them.

An Yi greeted him at once.

The others did the same thing without delay.

In public, An Guangyao had to keep his relationship with Gu Ning a secret, so he treated her the same way he treated the younger generation.

After a while, a couple stepped up to them, but before they came near, the woman opened her mouth.

“Ha, there you are.

I told you to come with us, but you refused.

I thought youre not interested in this party.

Unexpectedly, you secretly came here with your friends.”

Gu Ning and the others didnt know who they were, and they were puzzled.

Right at that moment, Hao Ran replied with obvious dislike, “I didnt want to come with you adults! I want to be with my friends.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning and the others immediately realized that this couple was Hao Rans parents.

“Dont you want to see me Honey, look at him.

Our son dislikes us,” the woman complained like a child to the man beside her.


Gu Ning and others were struck dumb.

Was this Hao Rans mother She was so adorable!

However, both Hao Ran and his father, Hao Zhonglong rolled their eyes with one accord.

Hao Ran said, “Mom, its a public place.

Could you please behave normally”

“What did you say” Hao Rans mother suddenly changed her face, like she was irritated.

Gu Ning and others were once again surprised by Hao Rans mothers quick reaction, but it was much easier to get along with such a delightful person.

“Chairman An, please dont mind her.” Hao Zhonglong ignored Hao Ran and his wife, talking to An Guangyao instead.

“Chairman Hao, so nice to meet you! I dont mind at all,” An Guangyao replied.

He shook hands with Hao Zhonglong.

Hao Zhonglong ran a business in the hotel and catering industry with five hundred million yuan of wealth.

His company was ranked just behind Shenghua Real Estate in City F according to the assets.

The two families didnt have any conflict in business, so they got along well.

In addition, An Guangyao and Hao Zhonglong now found out that their sons were close friends already.

They naturally became friendlier to each other.

“Nice to meet you, Mr.

and Mrs.

Hao,” Gu Ning and others greeted them.

When Mrs.

Hao noticed the three girls, her eyes lit up.

“What three beautiful girls you are! Is there any of you who like my son Are you willing to marry my son”

Everyone didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

“Mom…” Hao Ran failed to argue back.

“Alright, lets stop bothering those kids, and go over there to greet other people!” Hao Zhonglong pulled his wife away at once, in case she would continue to surprise those children.

“Oh, wait…” Mrs.

Hao apparently wanted to say something more, but she was pulled away by her husband.

“Um, my mom behaves like a child sometimes.

Please dont mind her,” Hao Ran explained.

“Its fine.

I think you mother is adorable,” Gu Ning said.

“Well, I need to socialize with my friends too.

You all have fun,” An Guangyao said then he walked away.

Although An Guangyao wasnt the owner of the Shenghua Real Estate now, he was still the chairman with absolute executive right.

And his business partners were willing to maintain a good relationship with him as usual.

After that, Gu Ning and her friends went back to eat and drink.

“Mu Ke, I havent seen you parents yet,” Hao Ran asked.

It was almost 8 pm, but Hao Rans parents were absent.

“Oh, my father is on a business trip.

He isnt available, so he let his secretary come here on behalf of him,” Mu Ke said.

When there were only a few minutes away from 8 pm, Qin Yifans father, Qin Haozheng arrived.

Qin Haozheng was in a black Chinese tunic suit.

He was sixty, but still strong and tough.

There was a woman in her early fifties to the right of Qin Haozheng.

She was in a dark red cheongsam.

The color of her clothes matched his.

This woman was Qin Haozhengs wife, Qin Yifans mother.

To the left of Qin Haozheng stood a woman in her late thirties.

She was in a rose red cheongsam.

The woman was Qin Yifans elder sister, Qin Yiqing.

Qin Haozheng and his wife had their only son, Qin Yifan, at a very old age.

Thus they had spoiled him ever since he had been a baby, but they were also strict parents when it came to education.

Therefore, Qin Yifan hadnt been spoiled rotten, but had grown up to be an outstanding man.

Now, Qin Yifan was gradually taking over his family business.

The minute that Qin Haozheng appeared, the crowd became quiet.

Everyone focused on him.

After a short speech, it was the time of sending gifts.

The first group naturally was the people from the Qin Family.

Qin Haozhengs younger brother, Qin Zixuns father, Qin Haozhi was the first one.

Qin Haozhi was the general secretary in the committee of City F.

Gu Ning didnt know Qin Zixuns father was a powerful official until now.


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