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Although Leng Shaoting could sense magical power, he didnt tell his teammates.

He was sure that the man who stole the night-luminescent pearl was a member of the Evil Practice.

It was easy to meet members of the Evil Practice now, and he had encountered them many times.

In the cave, the man of the Evil Practice couldnt wait to practice his cultivation with the night-luminescent pearl.

He had to focus on the whole process.

If anyone approached within five meters of him, he could feel it, but he couldnt stop right away, or he might be hurt.

Therefore, cultivators hated to be interrupted when they were practicing their cultivation.

Leng Shaoting and his teammates didnt know what was happening in the cave, but they had to go inside to have a look.

Without hesitation, they walked into it.

It was very dark and they needed some light, but they couldnt disturb the man, so they turned the light of their flashlights very dim.

They walked ahead for about 20 meters, before they saw the light of night-luminescent pearl in front of them.

They continued to walk ahead lightly and turned off their flashlights.

As they moved forward, the light of the night-luminescent pearl became brighter.

They were sure that the night-luminescent pearl was in the cavern which was five meters away from them.

This night-luminescent pearl was smaller than Gu Nings and it had poor light with less magical power, but it was still something that cultivators wanted most.

Because a night-luminescent pearl could absorb the essence of the sun and the moon as its own, a cultivator could gain endless magical power through it.

The man of the Evil Practice felt that they were coming when the distance between them was shorter than five meters.

He stayed alert with a frown.

He had to stop practicing his cultivation, even though the ongoing magical power might hurt him.

The moment he stopped, the night-luminescent pearl fell to the ground as well.

His cultivation was forcibly interrupted, so the magical power circulating in the meridians was suddenly blocked and there was no way out.

It went backwards and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He had an internal injury, but it wasnt serious.

No matter who interrupted his cultivation, the man was determined to kill them.

Leng Shaoting and his teammates reached the cavern the next second, and met the mans eyes.

Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinchen were very sure that the man was a member of the Evil Practice when they saw him, but Chen Meng and Ai Weishun werent aware of it.

They didnt believe in ghosts and monsters after all.

The man glared at them with strong hatred in his eyes.

“Damn you, stupid mortals! How dare you interrupt my cultivation!” the man shouted and began to attack them.

Even though he was injured, he wasnt weak at all, so except for Leng Shaoting, it was hard for others to fight with him.

They didnt understand why the man called them mortals nor did they understand what he meant about cultivation, but they had to focus on the fight for now.

Chen Meng and Ai Weishun were shocked, because the man was able to fight against the four of them at the same time.

He was unbelievably strong!

During this time, Leng Shaoting suddenly felt uncomfortable in his body and found it hard to control his body.

He had that feeling often these days, and he was running out of the power crystals Gu Ning gave him.

Because of the uncomfortable feeling, Leng Shaoting became much weaker than usual, and the man got the chance to hit him badly.

He was pushed away by a great force and knocked his back against the wall, then fell to the ground.

The man was much stronger than them, so Leng Shaoting was seriously injured this time.

“Boss!” The others were astonished by the scene.

They also sensed that something was very unusual today, because Leng Shaoting was the strongest member of their team.

However, even Leng Shaoting was no match for the man.

They realized that it was impossible for them to win the fight today.

“Im fine.

Dont worry about me!” Leng Shaoting shouted at them, in case they were distracted because of him.

Hearing that, Chen Meng and the others kept on fighting against the man.

They didnt know that Leng Shaoting was running out of the magical pills, so they thought that he could be fine within a minute.

The three of them were able to win some time in the fight with the man.

They had to be very careful, or they would be badly injured once they were hit by the man.

All of a sudden, the man got a chance and hit Chen Meng.

Although the man was also injured, his fist was still very heavy.

Luckily, Chen Meng had magical pills with him too, which were shared with them by Leng Shaoting.

He took out a pill and was about to take it.

Unfortunately, once he opened the porcelain bottle, the man sensed the strong magical power from it.

He was shocked by the pure magical power.


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