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It took a long time to finish a good scene, because it required many takes from different distances.

Therefore, it took a lot of effort to shoot it from the beginning again.

However, they might have to because what happened last night was quite scary, and everyone in the crew was afraid now.

Most importantly, they were afraid that something terrible might happen.

“No need, Ill go there with you tonight, and handle it,” Gu Ning said.

She knew that it wasnt easy for the crew to shoot all the scenes again, so she wouldnt allow it to happen.

Since Gu Ning said that, Li Maosong listened to her.

“Alright, Ill call Director Lu now,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Li Maosong said, then hung it up.

Afterwards, Gu Ning called Lu Zhan.

Lu Zhan and Lu Xiao were talking about it at that moment, but they didnt have any ideas yet.

It was neither Lu Zhans nor Lu Xiaos entertainment company, so they couldnt just waste money on the show.

Even though Gu Ning didnt lack money at all, they should do their job well at the lowest cost.

Once Lu Zhan saw Gu Nings name on the screen of his phone, he quickly answered it.

Gu Ning told him that she was aware of what had happened last night, and that there was no need for them to move to another place.

She would go there with them tonight to deal with the problem.

Lu Zhan felt relieved when Gu Ning said that.

Gu Ning was able to get rid of zombies, so this problem wouldnt be difficult for her.

After having the conversation with Gu Ning, Lu Zhan shared the good news with Lu Xiao.

As long as Gu Ning came, they believed that everything would be fine.

Actually, they hesitated to call Gu Ning because they wanted to solve this problem on their own.

Gu Ning was their boss after all, and they couldnt turn to her for help whenever there was a problem.

There were two groups, Group A and Group B, working at the same time in the crew.

The scene at Phoenix Mountain included the leading female role and a supporting male role.

Both of them were in Group B.

They had worked for a long time, so they were resting now in the day, while Group A was filming now.

Since Gu Ning promised that she would come later, they would work as usual.

Group B finished dinner at 5 pm, and they had to leave for Phoenix Mountain half an hour later.

They needed to arrive there earlier to set up shooting equipment.

Hearing that they were still going to Phoenix Mountain for filming tonight, many staff members got nervous.

They didnt believe in ghosts, but they were still terrified by what had happened last night.

Lu Zhan then told them that Gu Ning would come tonight, and that since their boss wasnt afraid of it, they should relax.

They all trusted Gu Ning, so they soon calmed down.

In addition, they also believed that it wasnt a big deal, and simply looked scary at night.

When Gu Ning came, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya followed her.

Cars couldnt get to the valley, because there was no road.

They had to get out of the cars in a place about a kilometer away from the valley, then go there on foot.

They had to carry or move the shooting equipment with their hands, on their backs, or in handcarts.

Actors might look glorious in front of the cameras, but filming was actually quite tiring.

Both the actors and the workers in the crew had to suffer a lot to do their jobs well.

The crew arrived at the scene earlier than Gu Ning.

When they saw the familiar scene, they remembered the scary night.

Some people felt uncomfortable and kept encouraging themselves to be brave.

Luckily, most of them stayed calm and focused on working as always.

Without delay, they began to set up tents and equipment.

A few minutes later, tents were ready, and actors had to put on make-up.

It was 6:30 pm and it was still bright, so they needed to prepare everything properly before it became dark.

Gu Ning along with Gao Yi and Qiao Ya finally showed up, and everyone greeted Gu Ning with respect.

Gu Ning was very kind to them and kept smiling at them to help them relax.

Even though Gu Ning was young and kind, the people there still stood in awe of her, because she was their boss.

After greeting them, Gu Ning went to check the surroundings.

She told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to stay at the scene to protect the crew.

At the same time, she used her Jade Eyes to look into the woods.

About two hundred meters away, there was a cave in a mountain and the man in black was sitting inside.

He was seriously injured and trying to heal himself.

Gu Ning was sure that he must be the man who had fought against Leng Shaoting and fallen from the cliff last time.

A cultivator was indeed unusually strong, for him to still be alive after falling from a high cliff.

However, what Gu Ning didnt know was that the man was seriously injured by the power inside Leng Shaotings body.

If it hadnt been for the power in Leng Shaotings body, he wouldnt have been so seriously injured.


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