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Because Mr.

Fang felt guilty, he was uneasy facing Chen Darong now.


Fang, you dont look very well today.

Have you been working too hard these days Why dont you come inside to enjoy a cup of tea with me” Chen Darong purposely said, because he knew that Mr.

Fang would feel guilty after what he had done.

And he was right.

Once Mr.

Fang heard that Chen Darong invited him to go inside, he thought of the evil blue and white porcelain and refused at once.

“No, no, thanks, Im busy today.” After that, he walked away quickly.

Chen Darong sneered, then turned around and walked into the store.

Since Gu Ning had no intention to punish the mastermind, he wouldnt say anything about it either.

Although Mr.

Fang thought that the man in black might have deceived him into believing that the blue and white porcelain was evil, he wasnt too sure of it.

The man in black only told him that people might feel cold or icy when they touched an evil antique, but they would be fine if they put it down.


Fang indeed felt cold when he held the blue and white porcelain in his hands.

It wasnt heavy, but he felt uncomfortable, which was the reason why he chose to believe the man in black.

All of a sudden, Mr.

Fang thought that Chen Darong might have already sold the blue and white porcelain.

While his store wasnt very popular now, Xiangyun Antique-store was, so it was possible that the blue and white porcelain was already sold.

Thinking of that, Mr.

Fang decided to have a look.

Before long, he arranged for one of his friends to shop in Xiangyun Antique-store.

In order to not let Chen Darong discover his plan, he didnt send one of his staff.

His friend came back later and told him that the blue and white porcelain was absent from Xiangyun Antique-store.

Knowing that, Mr.

Fang had to accept the result that he had failed to damage Xiangyun Antique-store and lost a valuable vase.

Zeng Kai had already been sentenced to a few years in jail, but the case wasnt completely over yet.

Since he admitted that he had stolen Peng Xinghaos designs to participate in the competition, the designers name couldnt be his anymore.

At the beginning, the host of the game wanted to remove Peng Xinghaos designs, because the news wasnt positive after all.

However, the chief designer of their company took a liking to Peng Xinghaos designs.

As a result, the host replaced Zeng Kais name with Peng Xinghaos and Peng Xinghao would receive the honor and award.

The final result of this competition was just released, so Zeng Kai hadnt been able to get the honor and award.

The host contacted Peng Xinghao afterwards, and visited him in the hospital, and since he deserved them, Peng Xinghao accepted the honor and award.

They also invited Peng Xinghao to join their company.

It was a famous design company in the industry, and had many skilled designers around the world.

Peng Xinghao might not be able to be in charge of an international brand yet, but he could start his career from a new brand.

It was a great chance for Peng Xinghao and he was definitely interested in it, but he still declined, because Gu Ning had saved his life, so he should pay her back as he had promised.

In addition, he was confident that he could have a bright future by working for Gu Ning.

Although Gu Nings clothing company had just been started, Charm had already gained a lot of fame.

The host was surprised that Peng Xinghao turned the offer down, but didnt mind too much, because while Peng Xinghao was an outstanding clothing designer, there were many other talented designers as well.

At 3pm Gu Ning received Leng Yuanjins call letting her know that Leng Yuanjin needed to go back home today.

She invited Gu Ning to visit City C whenever she was free, and Gu Ning agreed.

When Leng Yuanjin and Yu Yin went back to the Leng familys house and told Master Leng that they had dined with Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting earlier, Master Leng was displeased.

He thought that they should have gone back home and dined together.

Master Leng also complained that Leng Shaoting totally forgot him when Gu Ning was by his side, but honestly, Master Leng simply wanted to see them.

In the following days, Gu Ning went to work as usual.

Leng Shaoting, however, still had the same dream once in a while and felt uncomfortable in his abdomen.

He always thought that it was just a dream, and didnt take it seriously.

He also didnt want Gu Ning to be worried, so he didnt tell her about it.


After staying in the hospital for a while longer, Peng Xinghao finally made a full recovery.

Gu Ning went to pick them up in person, making both Peng Xiaoman and Peng Xinghao feel grateful to her.


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