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After a few minutes, Peng Xinghaos face began to change.

Onlookers who stood a distance away couldnt see it, but the male doctor was able to notice it and he was totally shocked.

He couldnt believe that Peng Xinghao began to recover once Gu Ning helped him take a pill.

He was curious about the pill now.

After that, the male doctor turned to stare at Gu Ning.

He wanted to ask Gu Ning for more information about the pill, but he knew that it wasnt appropriate for him to do that in public right now.

Peng Xiaoman almost burst into tears of excitement when she saw Peng Xinghaos face becoming normal.

She knew that it must be the effect of Gu Nings medicine.

“Miss Peng, you can go to register now before your younger brother has the operation,” Gu Ning said to Peng Xiaoman and withdrew her hand.

Gu Ning only helped Peng Xinghao stay alive, but he still needed to have an operation to remove the knife from his head.

If she directly removed the fruit knife in public, it would be strange and nobody would believe it.

Peng Xinghao still needed a doctor to help him.

Gu Ning would give him some power crystals to help him recover faster after the surgery.

“Right, right!” Peng Xiaoman ran to do it at once.

She didnt have enough money for the operation, but she could afford the fee for registration.

When Peng Xiaoman left to register, the male doctor told those onlookers to leave, then he asked Gu Ning with curiosity, “Miss Gu, what kind of medicine is this pill”

“Sorry, Im afraid I cant tell,” Gu Ning said.

The male doctor didnt insist, because he knew that Gu Ning was unwilling to tell him.

Before Peng Xinghao was pushed into the operating room, Xia Yichu arrived.

Actually, Xia Yichu wasnt severely injured and only broke her leg.

She only needed to rest for a few days after putting her bones back in their normal positions.

Lu Xiao was too nervous, so it had seemed to be a serious problem.

Once Xia Yichu came, Lu Xiao told her to take the pill that Gu Ning gave him.

With the help of Gu Nings power crystal, Xia Yichu would be able to move within a day.

Before long, Peng Xinghao was going to have the operation.

Gu Ning asked Peng Xiaoman when there was nobody around them, “Miss Peng, can you tell me what happened to your younger brother”

Hearing that, Peng Xiaoman looked furious.

“My younger brothers major was clothing design in college.

He went to have an interview in a company a few days ago, and provided several design drafts.

The company kept his drafts and told him to wait for the information.

My younger brother has waited for the result for a long time, and saw a clothing design competition by accident on the Internet.

He found his work in the top 3 participants but his name was removed.

He then went to ask the company for a reason.

I dont know what happened later, but I just received a call from the hospital that my younger brother was in great danger.

I rushed to the hospital and I also called the police, but the police wouldnt help me find the criminal.”

Peng Xiaoman was disappointed in the police now.

Gu Ning was also angry after knowing the truth.

At the same time, she was aware of the cruel fact that the powerful always bullied the poor with their power and influence.

When Gu Ning and Gu Man still lived a hard life, other people in the Gu family also loved to bully them.

Tang Aining was reincarnated in Gu Nings body afterwards, and nobody dared to bully them again.

If the poor didnt want to be bullied all the time, they must grow to become strong.

Unfortunately, not every poor person could grow strong one day, so bullying would exist as usual.

Since Peng Xinghaos major was clothing design in the university and he was able to win a place in an important design competition, Gu Ning thought that she could hire him to work for her in her garment company.

Although her garment company wasnt shorthanded now, she wouldnt mind hiring skilled people.

No matter what, Gu Ning made up her mind to help Peng Xinghao this time.

Right when Gu Ning was about to say something, Peng Xiaoman opened her mouth first.

“Miss Gu, I know that you have a garment company under your name, and my younger brother is an outstanding clothing designer.

If you think hes qualified, he can work for you and well pay you the money back with the salary.

You can fire him whenever you want to of course.”

Their parents passed away very early, so she had to quit school when she was only a freshman.

Although she didnt have many skills, her younger brother was outstanding.

Gu Ning was willing to hire Peng Xinghao if he was really good at clothing design, but she wouldnt fire him casually unless he made a terrible mistake.

If Peng Xinghao could become a successful clothing designer, he could make a lot more money than the medical fee.

Gu Ning decided to give Peng Xinghao a chance.

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