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“Nice to see you, madam.” Gu Ning politely greeted the rich lady.“Miss Gu, so nice to meet you! Ive heard a lot about you; youre the pride of our city now!” The rich lady was excited to see the famous and talented girl.

“Thank you so much for your compliment,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

“Well, I wish my kids could be as outstanding as you,” the rich lady said.

Gu Ning chatted with her for a while, then left the store.

Chu Peihan and the others would leave their school at 5:30 pm, but it was only 5 pm now, so Gu Ning went to wait for them outside.

However, the moment she arrived at the gate of their school, she saw her head-teacher, Zhang Qiuhua walking out in a hurry.

It seemed like something terrible had happened.

Since Zhang Qiuhua was Gu Nings head-teacher and she had taken good care of Gu Ning before, Gu Ning couldnt stand aside and do nothing.

Therefore, she walked to her head-teacher at once.

“Professor Zhang, what happened May I help you” Gu Ning asked.

Zhang Qiuhua was struck dumb for a second when she saw Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning, when did you come back”

“I just came back yesterday, and Ill come to school tomorrow,” Gu Ning said.

Because Zhang Qiuhua didnt answer her question, she asked again, “Professor Zhang, you dont look good.

Do you need my help”

Zhang Qiuhua hesitated for a while, then said, “My daughter had a fight with her schoolmate, and she was pushed to the ground.

Shes injured and was sent to the Central Hospital.

I need to go see her right now.”

Zhang Qiuhua was very worried about her daughters condition.

“Let me drive you there,” Gu Ning said.

“Thank you so much,” Zhang Qiuhua said, because it was an emergency.

After that, Zhang Qiuhua got in Gu Nings car, and Gu Ning drove fast to the Central Hospital.

Zhang Qiuhua would probably be scared of the speed normally, but now she was anxious and couldnt wait to see her daughter.

It only took Gu Ning about 10 minute to reach the Central Hospital.

Once Zhang Qiuhua got out of the car, she called her daughters teacher, but her daughter hadnt arrived yet.

They waited for five minutes before finally seeing Zhang Qiuhuas daughter and her daughters teacher.

Zhang Qiuhuas daughter was 14 this year, and she was in 8th grade.

Because she wasnt seriously injured, her teacher didnt call an ambulance.

She was just taken to the hospital in their schools car.

Zhang Qiuhuas daughter covered her forehead when she left the car, and a young female teacher supported her.

“Jiayi!” Zhang Qiuhua ran to her daughter at once, followed by Gu Ning.

“Mom!” Tao Jiayi cried the second she saw her mother.

“Mom, I feel so aggrieved now.

I didnt write a love letter to Wang Shaocong, but they didnt believe me.

They slapped and pushed me…”

There were palm prints left on Tao Jiayis cheeks.

Seeing that, even Gu Ning was angry.

Gu Ning noticed that Tao Jiayi wasnt seriously injured, so she didnt treat her right away, but she wouldnt allow those bullies to get away with it.

“We must have an exam of the injuries first, and we must seek justice!” Zhang Qiuhua said in anger.

She couldnt tolerate the unreasonable humiliation, and it might leave a deep mental scar in Tao Jiayis heart if she couldnt deal with it properly.

Tao Jiayis teacher, however, didnt think it was a good idea.

“Professor Zhang, I know it isnt Tao Jiayis fault, but I think you better give it up, because the girls family is very powerful.”

It was obvious that this teacher was a snobbish person.

“How could you say that after my daughter was injured Youre a teacher and you are supposed to protect your students!” Zhang Qiuhua was mad.

The young teacher wasnt annoyed, but sneered, “Professor Zhang, I said that out of my kindness.

Since you refuse to listen to me, you need to bear the result yourself.”

“Oh, really Were determined to seek justice this time,” Gu Ning said.

She understood that Zhang Qiuhua didnt have a powerful support, so she was willing to help her.

She never bullied others because of her family background, but she wouldnt mind teaching those young bullies a lesson.

“Professor Zhang, dont worry.

I can help you.” Gu Ning comforted Zhang Qiuhua.

Zhang Qiuhua knew that Gu Ning had connections in high places, so she wasnt worried about it at all.

“Thanks,” Zhang Qiuhua said and felt grateful.

Tao Jiayis teacher, on the other hand, didnt think that Gu Ning could change the situation.

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