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Chapter 1214 Leave Him to Qi Tianlin

She didnt know whether more mutants would appear in the future, so she had to be careful.

It was difficult to destroy a single mutant.

If there were more mutants to come, she honestly didnt know how to handle them.

Anyway, it was necessary for her to investigate the mans relationship with the mutants.

Although Gu Ning wasnt sure whether the man was the controller of mutants, it was obvious that he had a special relationship with the mutants.

As long as she could find him, she would get more clues about mutants.

Since she already had his phone number, K could help her find him.

The man used this phone number to call and text, so it wouldnt be hard to get some useful information about him.

Once they found out the mans identity, they could learn more about mutants.

Mutants were supposed to be completely destroyed, because they were a great threat to a countrys safety.

The man wouldnt attack Gu Ning without good preparation, and he should stay alert, in case Gu Ning got revenge on him.

He already lost a mutant and a ninja, so he didnt dare to annoy Gu Ning again.

Besides, the man didnt know that Gu Ning already found out about the existence of mutants, so he wasnt worried that she might spread the news.

He sent a ninja to kill Gu Ning just because she had seen the mutant.

Shortly after Gu Ning sent a message to the man, she sent another message to K and told him to find out more information about the man from Country R.

It wasnt an emergency, so she didnt call K at midnight.

Gu Ning then called Qi Tianlin, because she needed Qi Tianlins help right now.

Because of Qi Tianlins role in the gang, he became a light sleeper to protect himself because he had too many enemies who might attack him when he was in sleep.

Therefore, once his phone rang, he opened his eyes.

Qi Tianlin wasnt mad when he saw the callers name on the screen.

“Hi, whats wrong” Qi Tianlin got nervous when Gu Ning called him at midnight.

“A killer from Country R just tried to murder me, and he has something to do with the mutant.

I already caught him, but I dont know how to deal with him.

Can you help me” Gu Ning asked.

She told Qi Tianlin that it was a killer, instead of a ninja, because she didnt want to waste time on an explanation.

If Qi Tianlin could help her handle it, it would be much easier, because he was the head of a powerful gang after all.

Qi Tianlin wasnt surprised when he heard that someone tried to murder Gu Ning, because Gu Ning was already involved in the trouble of the mutant.

He also knew that Gu Ning was able to protect herself.

“Are you alright”

“Dont worry, Im fine,” Gu Ning said.

“Glad to know that,” Qi Tianlin said.

“Ill send someone to pick him up.”

Since Gu Ning turned to him for help, he wouldnt turn her down.

“I think its better if I let someone send him over to you,” Gu Ning said.

She was worried that it would cause more trouble if someone found out.

Gu Ning could directly put the man into her car and the surveillance cameras wouldnt catch him.

“Sure.” Qi Tianlin agreed.

“Im in the Earth Nightclub right now, and Xuanfeng will be waiting for you at the parking lot.”

The Earth Nightclub was Qi Tianlins place, so they would be safe once they entered this club.

After hanging up the call with Qi Tianlin, Gu Ning walked out of her bedroom.

At this time, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya walked towards her.

“Lady Ning, we found nobody in the yard,” Qiao Ya said.

“Great, he probably came alone,” Gu Ning said.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya then followed Gu Ning to her bedroom.

When they saw the man who was lying on the floor, they were slightly surprised.

“Lady Ning, how should we deal with this man” Gao Yi asked.

“Move him into the trunk, then drive him to the Earth Nightclub.

A man called Chu Xuanfeng will be waiting for you in the underground parking lot, and you can leave this man to him,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Gao Yi and Qiao Ya said.

Without delay, Gao Yi went to carry the man up over his shoulder and walked out.

And Qiao Ya followed him.

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