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“Guess for yourself.” Pan Zhiqi wore an evil smile.Zhuang Zixuan frowned with dissatisfaction, but she couldnt criticize Pan Zhiqi, because Pan Zhiqis family was richer than hers.

However, Zhuang Zixuan hesitated for a long while to say a word, because she was reluctant to accept the truth.

Seeing that, Pan Zhiqi said, “You know that there is only one Tang family on the list of the richest families in City B.”

The only Tang family on the list was precisely Tang Jiakais family.

Zhuang Zixuan rounded her eyes in shock, and couldnt believe her ears.

It turned out that Tang Jiakai was really born in the famous Tang family in City B.

“D-Do you mean Tang Jiakais family is the richest family in City B” Zhuang Zixuan said but failed to compose her features.

“Yeah, Tang Jiakai is indeed a member of the famous Tang family in City B.

Its said that the men in the Tang family are all loyal to their partners.

What a shame that you rejected him and missed the chance to marry into the Tang family,” Pan Zhiqi said, and felt satisfied seeing Zhuang Zixuans shocked face.

Zhuang Zixuan didnt know what to say now and felt like crying.

She had rejected Lord Tang! How could she miss the great chance to marry into the famous Tang family If she had agreed to become Tang Jiakais girlfriend, she could have become the luckiest girl in her friend circle now.

Pan Zhiqi didnt stay to mock Zhuang Zixuan, and she left with her friend without hesitation.

Gu Ning was ready to go back to Huafu Hills, but suddenly received Qi Tianlins call halfway.

Qi Tianlin hadnt contacted her in a long time, and she seldom called him too.

As the head of the Kirin Gang, Qi Tianlin was busy dealing with his own things and he didnt have time to contact Gu Ning.

“Hey, where are you now” Qi Tianlin said in an urgent tone once Gu Ning answered his call.

Gu Ning heard and realized that it had to be something important.

“Im in City B now.”

Hearing that, Qi Tianlin was relieved a little.

“Come to the Earth Nightclub now.

I need your help.”

Qi Tianlin ordered as usual, and it didnt sound polite at all, but he didnt mean to hurt Gu Nings feelings.

Gu Ning didnt mind it either.

She thought that someone was probably injured so he needed her pills.

Half an hour later, Gu Ning arrived at the Earth Nightclub.

Yu Hao was waiting for her outside, because they were going somewhere hidden from other people.

“Is it an emergency” Gu Ning asked Yu Hao.


Miss Gu, please follow me this way,” Yu Hao said.

After that, Gu Ning followed Yu Hao inside.

They went to an exclusive elevator which only Qi Tianlin and his henchmen knew the password of.

This elevator could only reach two floors.

One was the top floor and the other was the underground floor.

Yu Hao brought Gu Ning to the underground floor.

It was a floor lower than the underground parking lot.

The elevator opened within seconds, revealing a room about 20 square-meters large with piles of sundries.

Gu Ning glanced around and saw a door.

There were people talking behind the door.

Although Gu Ning couldnt hear their conversation clearly, she heard Qi Tianlins voice.

It was obvious that Qi Tianlin was doing something that he didnt want other people to know about.

Gu Ning didnt fully trust Qi Tianlin, so she stayed alert and used her Jade Eyes to see what was behind the door.

Behind the door, there were two rooms.

One was like a living room with only a sofa, a coffee table and an air conditioner.

There was only a glass of water on the coffee table.

Qi Tianlin was sitting on the sofa with his bodyguard, Cheng Hua, standing behind him.

The other room was a bedroom, and there was another door between the living room and this bedroom.

In the bedroom, there was just a bed, a cabinet, and an air conditioner too.

On the bed in the bedroom, a man was tied up by thick ropes.

He looked to be in his early twenties, but was twitching the entire time with a pale face.

His mouth was wide open and Gu Ning was shocked to see a pair of fangs in it.

The mans eyes were also strange and frightening.

His eyeballs were shiny green with a weird light.

His fingernails were as long as three or four centimeters, and were very sharp.

He didnt look like a human being at all, but a wolf!

Before Gu Ning couldnt think further, Yu Hao entered the password and opened the door.

The sound of the opening door attracted Qi Tianlin and Cheng Huas attention.

Qi Tianlin stood up at once.


“Hi, is everything alright” Gu Ning asked, pretending that she knew nothing about what was in the bedroom.

“Unfortunately no,” Qi Tianlin said.

“Come on, I need to show you something.”

Gu Ning then followed Qi Tianlin into the bedroom, while Yu Hao and Cheng Hua were left in the living room.

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