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“Didnt you say the promise never existed Why did you try to grab the phone away” Members of the Warriors sneered.

There was no need for them to show the proof right now, because the reaction of the members of the Bulls already proved everything.

Unfortunately, the leader and coach of the Bulls were absent, and the rest of the members of the Bulls didnt know how to handle it.

“Ha-ha, actually we dont have a recording, and we have no intention to force you to fulfill your promise either, but youve embarrassed yourselves in front of everyone!” a member of the Warriors said.

The Warriors didnt have the power to punish the Bulls, so it was useless even if they had a voice recording.

“How dare you trick us!” The members of the Bulls were furious.

“So what We only did it because you refused to admit it,” the members of the Warriors said.

“You…” The members of the Bulls were struck dumb.

“Alright, lets go now.

Im starving.

Why dont we dine together to celebrate the great success today” a member of the Warriors said.

“Good idea!” Gu Ning cheered.

After that, they walked together to the outside.

The coach of the Warriors joined them as well.

Although Gu Ning won the game with the help of her kung fu skills, he still admired her.

“Oh, Xiaoyu is supposed to pay the bill today, but he couldnt come because hes injured.

He already told me to do it for him.

Miss Gu has done us a great favor, and we should thank her,” a member of the Warriors said.

They normally ate in the canteen, because the food there was very cheap.

And when they dined outside, they tended to split the bill.

Even though they werent poor, they were already used to it.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much for treating Xiaoyus leg.

Hes very important in our team,” another member of the Warriors said.

“What She treated Xiaoyus leg” Their coach was very surprised hearing that.

“Yeah, Miss Gu just treated Xiaoyus leg yesterday, and Xiaoyu told me that he feels much better today.

He can walk now, but it will still take time for him to make a full recovery,” a member of the Warriors said with excitement.

They were confident that Teng Xiaoyu would be well again in a few days.

“Really” Their coach couldnt believe his ears.

After all, the doctor said it would take at least half a month for Teng Xiaoyu to recover, but Gu Ning was able to cure him within several days.

Gu Ning didnt seem to be an experienced doctor in his eyes.

Although he knew that Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl after watching the game, he still couldnt believe that she could easily cure Teng Xiaoyu.

“It is true!” The members of the Warriors confirmed it.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much!” Their coach turned to thank Gu Ning at once.

Teng Xiaoyu was indeed very important to the Warriors, so it was good news for them if he could recover soon.

The coach was curious about how Gu Ning was able to cure Teng Xiaoyu, but he didnt ask further about it.

He knew that he shouldnt ask for more details if Gu Ning didnt tell them of her own accord.

“Its not a big deal.

Xiaoyu is a close friend of my older cousin, so Im more than willing to help,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

If it hadnt been for Tang Jiakai, Teng Xiaoyu wouldnt have been treated by Gu Ning.

“Your older cousin” The coach was curious.

“Miss Gus older cousin is Tang Jiakai,” a member of the Warriors said.

Their coach was aware of Tang Jiakais family background, but he didnt know much about the Tang familys family affairs.

In addition, Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai didnt share the same family name, so the coach didnt know that they were relatives.

“Oh, thank you so much, Jiakai!” the coach thanked Tang Jiakai at once.

“My pleasure.

Xiaoyu is a close friend of mine, so I must do something to help him if I can.

By the way, the Bulls are really hateful, and we should teach them a lesson!” Tang Jiakai said.

Tang Jiakai hated people who played dirty tricks, especially when the victim was his close friend.

After that, they began to casually chat with each other.

Although the coach didnt ask for details about how Gu Ning cured Teng Xiaoyu, he was curious about Gu Nings medical level.

Therefore, he asked Gu Ning whether she was a medical student.

Gu Ning knew nothing about medicine, and she was very honest.

However, she could see that the coach wanted to ask her something about illnesses.

Accordingly, Gu Ning told the coach to ask her anything he wanted to know and she was willing to give him some advice if he needed it.

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