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When they found that there was a large pile of raw materials in the car, they were all astonished.

“Chairman Zhou, our boss is so generous! Is there jade in every one of them” Chang Qingshan asked.

If most of them had jade inside, they would be worth a fortune.

“I dont know, well have to wait until they are cut,” Zhou Zhenghong replied.

Although he trusted Gu Ning, he didnt want to brag in front of Chang Qingshan and the others.

They soon moved all the raw materials, and Gu Ning had changed her clothes before coming out.

She was wearing a casual suit and had removed her makeup.

She made her hair into a bun and looked more like a student now.

She looked totally different.

Except for Zhou Zhenghong, the others were all astonished.

If they hadnt known that there was only Gu Ning who was a female, they would have mistaken her for an outsider.

Gu Ning didnt interfere in their work.

She only told them to work harder and made more jewelry before opening the company.

She set the opening time on Saturday in two weeks.

They still had two weeks, but it took a lot of time to make jewelry out of jade, so they needed to work harder.

Now, they were ready to cut out the raw materials.

Because there was only one machine, one was cutting out raw materials, while the others were rubbing raw materials.

They had been working in this industry for over 10 years.

Although they hadnt cut out valuable jade before, they were very familiar with stone gambling.

Gu Ning drew the lines herself.

She had Jade Eyes, and could avoid wasting jade.

When Gu Ning was drawing lines in the insurance room, she secretly exchanged raw materials with the strongest power with those raw materials in the telepathic eye space.

It was highly possible that there was top-level jade in those raw materials with the strongest power.

Gu Ning didnt want to let too many top-level jade become exposed in public.

There was already one outside.

She planned to cut out the two-fist sized raw material with the strongest power herself.

Outside, Chang Qingshan cut off a thin layer of outer skin, and the green showed.

His hands trembled with excitement.

“Oh, my! The green is showing after only one cut! Boss has drawn the lines so accurately! No, its because of bosss extraordinary ability.

The first one is showing green already!” Chang Qingshan said with thrill.

Even though Zhou Zhenghong had seen Gu Ning cut out jade randomly, he was still surprised to see the jade again.

The workers had also heard about it from Zhou Zhenghong, but it was still shocking when they cut the jade out themselves.

They used water to clean off the dust and the jade showed its real appearance.

It was a medium-high-level jade of the ice type.

Many of them took a long breath in.

They had worked for Zhoufu Jewelry for many years, but they had seldom seen medium-high-level jade.

Most of the jade they had seen was low-level, or medium-level.

Besides, they hadnt seen many medium-level emeralds either.

Zhoufu Jewelry was a medium-low-level brand.

It couldnt afford medium-high-level or high-level jade.

After the shock, they continued to cut the raw materials.

After a while, Zhou Zhenghong and others also saw green show continuously.

Two were medium-high-level jade of the hibiscus type and pink lotus root type, and one was a high-level jade of the glass type.

The three of them were all shocked.

They even trembled and felt that it was like a dream.

When Gu Ning came out, everyone looked to her with admiration.

“Boss, you must be a goddess, right” Zhang Rong said.

He was joking of course.

“I dont think so.

Even the gods or goddesses cant cut out jade every time, but our boss can.

I think our boss must have a special ability!” Wang Zhiyong said.

He was joking too.

Gu Ning knew that they were joking, but she had to stop them from guessing.

She said and warned, “Alright, stop now.

Dont tell others about what is happening here.

I dont want others to know about it, please.”

“Sure, boss.

Please dont worry, we wont tell anyone else,” they all promised.

Then Gu Ning sat down to rub the raw material with the strongest power.

Gu Ning was right, there was a top-level jade in this raw material.

It was a classic dark green with light blue.

This was the Kings Green.

Gu Ning heavily took a long breath in.

She opened her mouth.

“The Kings Green.”

Everyone was shocked when Gu Ning said that.

“What The Kings Green”

At that time, even Zhou Zhenghong couldnt remain calm.

He immediately put down the raw material, running to Gu Ning.

Other than Chang Qingshan who was in the middle of cutting, both Wang Zhiyong and Zhang Rong ran to Gu Ning.

They almost fell on their way! No one could blame them for being so excited.

The Kings Green was the king of jade.

It was very rare to see.

When they saw that it was a real Kings Green in Gu Nings hands, every one of them held his breath.

It was the Kings Green! The Kings Green!

“Before we open our company, we can use this Kings Green to promote our brand.

I believe that many customers will be interested,” Gu Ning said.

Everyone agreed.

Once the news about the Kings Green was out, even those jewelry businessmen in City G would come without invitation.

No matter how big their companies were, they probably didnt have the Kings Green themselves.

Although The Jade Beauty was aimed to be a high-end jewelry brand, it began from a small store.

They werent famous enough to invite the big companies to attend their opening ceremony.

Even if they invited them, those big companies probably wouldnt come.

Therefore, they needed to attract them to come.

As long as many famous or powerful figures come to their opening ceremony, The Jade Beauty brand would gain popularity in a short time.

That was exactly what they wanted.

Gu Ning planned to invite Master Fu and Master Yan too.

Although she wasnt influential enough to invite those two widely respected figures, Gu Ning was confident that they would come.

In addition, once they knew that the Kings Green was here, they would definitely come.

They would probably blame her for not telling them! Thus Gu Ning intended to invite them herself instead of letting them find out themselves.

When everyone had finished their work, it was six pm already and it was time for dinner.

Gu Ning told them to put the jade into the insurance room, and then they could leave.

They would continue tomorrow.

Zhou Zhenghong was about to order from a restaurant, and have dinner together, but Gu Ning declined and used the excuse that she had a meeting with her friends.

She told them to get the meal themselves and that they would be reimbursed.


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