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There was a photo attached to the post.

It was Gu Ning, but the photo only showed one side of her body, so it was hard to recognize her face.

Many people saw the news, including Qin Yifan, Li Zhenzhen and her brother, Gu Nings friends and relatives, but no one knew that it was Gu Ning.

Within an hour, the post became the number one topic and had been viewed by a hundred thousand people with a few thousand comments.

Although Gu Ning had caused a sensation in the street of stone gambling last week, no one had posted about it on the Internet.

Her story had only circulated within the stone gambling circle.

Otherwise, Gu Nings identity would have been exposed in public.

All the Internet users who had left comments felt so jealous.

They all wished they could have the same luck.

345 million yuan was a lot! With that much money, one didnt need to work for the rest of his or her lifetime.

Meanwhile, everyone began to guess who the woman was.

Some said the woman must come from a family that had been running a jewelry business for generations, or she must be an expert.

Some believed she had just been lucky, while others assumed she must have Jade Eyes.

Although Jade Eyes was the real reason, no one would believe it.

It was beyond their knowledge after all.

In the end, everyone called the woman “The Queen of Jade”.

Many jewelry businessmen were searching for this queen of jade.

They wanted to cooperate with her, but they could find nothing.

Both Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong had no idea what was going on, on the Internet.

Even if they knew, they wouldnt care, because no one could recognize that the woman was Gu Ning.

At the same time, they arrived at the processing plant.

This was a factory area.

There were many factories, and the gates were all guarded by security guards.

Factory staff could get in with a pass, while an outsider needed to register and leave their ID card at the security office.

There were cameras everywhere around the factory, so it was safe.

Zhou Zhenghong had already gotten his pass while he had rented this processing plant, but he only had the passes for him, the designers and the carvers.

One needed to show his or her ID card and a one-inch standard photo to get a pass.

Accordingly, Gu Ning used her ID card to register this time, but she also filled in the documents to get a pass.

Gu Ning was going to register a company, so she had already prepared the required documents including one-inch standard photos.

She could get her pass tomorrow.

The designer and carvers had received Zhou Zhenghongs information earlier, so they had already arrived at the processing plant before Gu Ning.

Zhou Zhenghong didnt hide the truth that Gu Ning was the real boss before them, but he only told them the fact.

In the beginning, they were a little puzzled and disappointed when they found out that their real boss was an 18-year-old girl.

However, Zhou Zhenghong also told them that although their real boss was young, she was super clever with outstanding abilities at stone gambling.

She could fight too.

What had happened in the restaurant had become a hot piece of news.

Everybody knew it, although many details were unknown.

Zhou Zhenghong then told them what they had been through.

When they heard that Gu Ning had grabbed two criminals guns and beaten them down, they were all shocked.

Now they respected Gu Ning without any doubt.

They had been working for Zhou Zhenghong for over 10 years.

They knew Zhou Zhenghong well, so they trusted what Zhou Zhenghong said.

Afterwards, Zhou Zhenghong warned them the same way Gu Ning had warned him.

They were the first group of people who got in touch with the jade after all.

They needed to be loyal to their work and the company.

Although Zhou Zhenghong believed in them, he still needed to remind them.

After hearing about Gu Nings extraordinary ability, no one dared to mess with her.

In addition, they were upright men, which helped them earn trust from Zhou Zhenghong.

When Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong walked in, three designers and carvers were having a rest in the room.

They heard the sound of someone opening the door, so they immediately stood up and went out.

However, when they saw Gu Ning, they were all surprised.

Wasnt their boss a 18-year-old girl This woman must be in her mid-twenties.

This woman wasnt their boss They looked to Zhou Zhenghong for an answer.

Zhou Zhenghong opened his mouth.

“This is our boss, Gu Ning.”

They greeted Gu Ning at once, although they felt puzzled, “Nice to meet you, boss.”

Then, Zhou Zhenghong introduced them to Gu Ning, “This is the designer, Wang Zhiyong.

These two are carvers, Chang Qingshan and Zhou Rong.”

They were at the same age as Zhou Zhenghong.

“Nice to meet you all.

From now on, were a team.

As long as youre loyal to me, I promise that youll have a bright future ahead,” Gu Ning said kindly.

She didnt put on airs at all.

Everyone admired her.

They also believed Gu Nings promise.

She had already given them a much higher salary.

Gu Ning was even more generous than Zhou Zhenghong.

They were all sure that they couldnt find another job with a higher salary than this one.

Although they were skilful jewelry workers, they stayed low-profile.

And only the top jewelry artists could demand the top salary.

Additionally, they also got a great bonus according to sales.

No one would be lazy under this condition.

“Sure, boss,” they answered with excitement.

“Great, please move the raw materials in the car to the insurance room now.

I need to change first,” Gu Ning said.

She then headed to the ladies room.

Although she didnt know that she was popular on the Internet now, she felt that it was better to be the original her.

The designers and carvers immediately followed Zhou Zhenghong to move the raw materials.

The processing plant was 160 square meters big.

There was an area for machines, a restroom, a kitchen, a 20-square-meters meeting room and a 10-square-meters insurance room.

In the insurance room, there was a large safe to protect the jade from thieves and fire.

As for the outsiders, the jade was secure in the safe, but for the insiders, it depended on who was guarding the safe.

It was impossible for Gu Ning to completely trust her employees, but she couldnt run the business on her own.

She needed people to help her.

Nothing good came without risk.


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