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It was understandable that people would be envious or jealous of you once you became successful.“Hi, Grandpa Jiang!” Gu Ning stood up to greet Jiang Zhongyu again.

“Hi, Girl Gu.” Jiang Zhongyu smiled.

“Nice to meet you, Master Jiang,” Leng Shaoting said with respect.

Jiang Zhongyu then looked to Master Leng and Master Xu and pretended to be annoyed.

“Why didnt you tell me that you would come so early”

“Youre not late either!” Master Xu argued.

Jiang Zhongyu was struck dumb for a second, then thought that Master Xu was right, so he stopped arguing with them.

Once they were all seated, they began to order dishes.

They enjoyed dinner in harmony.

After dinner, they stood up and walked out together.

When they left, Gu Ning gave a glance to the private room where the cultivators stayed, but it was already empty.

She didnt mind, because they would find her of their own accord anyway.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didnt leave until those masters were gone.

However, shortly after Gu Ning got in the car, she noticed a familiar car behind them, which belonged to Tang Bingsen.

She told Leng Shaoting to stop the car at once.

Following Gu Nings gaze, Leng Shaotings sight fell on the car behind them as well.

Although he didnt know whose car it was, he knew that Gu Ning disliked its owner.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to search for surveillance cameras around them.

She did that in the car instead of while walking outside because she didnt want to attract too much attention.

After checking, Gu Ning told Leng Shaoting to wait for her in the car before she got out alone.

Gu Ning said nothing, but Leng Shaoting understood that she was going to do some bad things.

However, no matter what Gu Ning wanted to do, he wouldnt stop her.

On the contrary, he would be supportive.

He knew that Gu Ning wouldnt hurt innocent people, but only her enemies.

Once Gu Ning got out of the car, she walked towards Tang Bingsens car.

Nevertheless, she didnt stop when she walked by it, and continued to walk to the nearby garden.

She picked a flower, then walked back.

Leng Shaoting was confused while looking at her from the car.

When Gu Ning walked back and passed by Tang Bingsens car, her left hand moved a little, and the next second, two nails accurately pierced two tires, one was at the front while the other was at the back.

Leng Shaoting witnessed Gu Nings movement, but couldnt believe his eyes, because it happened too fast to be true.

He was sure that Gu Ning was well-prepared for it.

The surveillance cameras failed to catch the scene.

The second the two nails pierced the two tires, they began to slowly leak air.

Within 10 minutes, the two tires were both flat.

Gu Ning got back in Leng Shaotings car and told him not to start it right away.

They needed to wait for a while longer.

Leng Shaoting understood that Gu Ning wanted to see the result, so he listened to her.

“What did you do” Leng Shaoting asked curiously.

In fact, even he failed to catch Gu Nings quick movement.

“I pierced two nails into the tires of the car,” Gu Ning said.

“Whose car is it” Leng Shaoting asked again.

“Tang Bingsen,” Gu Ning said with hatred.

Leng Shaoting was aware of Gu Nings grudge against the Tang family in the capital, so he understood why Gu Ning did it.

And if Gu Ning needed his help, he wouldnt hesitate to help her.

At this time, Zi Beiying arrived at her destination.

She turned her phone on once she got off the plane.

When she read Xu Jinchens message, she was cheered up a little.

After that, she sent the same message to Xu Jinchen, Xu Qinyin and Gu Ning to tell them that she had arrived.

Before long, she received their replies.

Zi Beiying was a little disappointed when Xu Jinchen sent her a very simple message back, but she didnt think further because they were only friends now.

About 10 minutes later, Tang Bingsen, Ji Yijing and a group of people walked out of a private room together.

Gu Nings eyes lit up at once when they showed up in her sight.

The host of todays meal was Tang Bingsen and Ji Yijing, so they walked the other people to their cars before they went back to their own car.

However, when they walked to the front of their car, they found two punctured tires.

“What happened” Ji Yijing was mad.

The car was fine not long ago, but its tires were ruined after two hours.

Tang Bingsen stayed calm and checked the two tires at once, then he found the two nails in them.

“Damn it! Who did that” Tang Bingsen was also furious.

Phoenix Villa was under tight security, and there were security guards on duty around the yard and this parking lot.

It was impossible for a person to deliberately damage his car without being caught!

Several security guards heard their angry voices and ran over in a hurry.

Gu Ning, at this time, told Leng Shaoting to drive away.

It was enough for her to see their angry faces.

“Sir, madam, may I help” a security guard asked.

Without hesitation, Ji Yijing criticized him in anger.

“Whats wrong with Phoenix Villa Our car was fine when we arrived here, but two of its tires are out of air now because of nails! How can we go home now”

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