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“Boss, Im so sorry to keep you waiting,” Yu Zi said.“Its nothing.

Business is more important,” Gu Ning said.

“Your name is really useful.

They kept complaining at the beginning before you came, but changed their attitude once you showed up.” Yu Zi smiled.

“Um, I think we can put a TV at the glass wall by the entrance, and play clips from the release conference all day.

Itll make it easier for us to attract attention from potential customers,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Yu Zis eyes lit up.

“Its a good idea!” She also believed that it would make it easier for them to introduce the brand to customers.

Gu Ning and Yu Zi then went to dine together.

There were only two of them, so they decided to have a simple meal.

After ordering, Yu Zi said, “Boss, there are two things I need to talk to you about.

One is that two of my schoolmates from college want to work in our company.

Both of them are good at designing and have won some awards before, but they didnt have good luck.

The female one had a terrible leader who stole her designs so she had to quit in the end, while the male one encountered unspoken rules at work and was fired afterwards.”

Knowing that, Gu Ning cocked her eyebrow.

It wasnt easy to live a good life in this complicated society.

Yu Zi took out a file case from her bag, then handed Gu Ning some papers and photos.

“These are their resumes and designs.

Please have a look.”

Gu Ning took and read them, then nodded with satisfaction.

“You can discuss it with Manager Gao.

If theyre qualified, I dont mind hiring them,” Gu Ning said.

She valued a designers ability more than his fame.

As long as they were outstanding in the industry, they would gain fame sooner or later.

Yu Zi smiled and said, “I was just a little afraid that Manager Gao might not agree, so I decided to tell you first.”

“Its not a big deal.

You can arrange an interview and tell them to meet Manager Gao with their resumes and designs.

Ill talk to Manager Gao later,” Gu Ning said.

“Great!” Yu Zi said.

“Oh, there is another thing,” Yu Zi continued.

“There is a clothing design competition being held in Paris next month, and Jason already helped me sign up for it, so Ill be absent for at least a week at that time.”

“Good for you! You dont need to worry about the expenses.

The company will pay for your bills,” Gu Ning said with a happy smile.

Yu Zi worked for Charm which was owned by Gu Ning, so it was necessary for Gu Ning to support her.

“Thanks, boss!” Yu Zi beamed.

She knew that Gu Ning was a very generous boss.

At the same time, Zi Beiying and her bodyguards just reached the food street.

They came with another woman who was Zi Beiyings friend.

Her name was Xia Maiqi, and she had studied in the same university as Zi Beiying.

Although Zi Beiying didnt have many close friends in her school because of her family background, she still had several good friends there.

Xia Maiqis family wasnt super-rich nor were they powerful, but she got along quite well with Zi Beiying.

Zi Beiying and Xia Maiqi were enjoying their food tour, but Mengda and Nan soon noticed someone following them.

The person turned out to be Wu Mina.

Wu Mina was having delicious food at the food street along with her friends too.

When she noticed Zi Beiying by accident, she got mad and couldnt swallow the anger.

Therefore, she made up an excuse and left her friends to follow Zi Beiying.

In fact, she was still afraid of Xu Jinchens threat, but she was too curious about Zi Beiying.

Although Wu Mina had no idea what she should do now, she was unwilling to let Zi Beiying go.

Zi Beiying and her friend ignored Wu Mina and kept on having snacks.

Seeing that Zi Beiying was enjoying herself, Wu Mina got jealous.

Why couldnt she get Xu Jinchens attention and love Why did Xu Jinchen choose Zi Beiying instead of her Xu Jinchen should be hers! It was Zi Beiying who had stolen Xu Jinchen away from her!

Thinking of that, Wu Mina lost her reason, and began to believe that Zi Beiying had separated her from Xu Jinchen.

Wu Mina thought that Zi Beiying was the mistress, and she was the victim.

As a result, Wu Mina ran to lift a pot of hot soup and approached Zi Beiying with a malicious face.

“Hey, what are you doing” the owner of the small restaurant was scared and ran outside.

However, before he could catch up to Wu Mina, the tragedy happened.

There was only a short distance between Wu Mina and Zi Beiying, so she quickly reached Zi Beiyings back.

Mengda and Nan noticed her immediately, and dashed over to stop her.

Without hesitation, Mengda kicked the pot, causing the pot to turn over and pour hot soup all over Wu Mina.

“Ah!” Wu Mina screamed because of the pain and loosened her hands.

The next moment, the pot fell and hit the ground with a loud crash.

“No, no, no!” Wu Mina covered her face with her hands at once.

This scene shocked everyone around her.

“Jesus, its so terrifying!”

“What happened”

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