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“Half a year earlier, he said that one of his friends wanted to sell a batch of jade, and he asked for my opinion.

I lacked jade at that time, so I went to have a look.

The batch of jade was medium-level and lower level jade.

They were real and cost fifty million yuan.

However, I didnt have that much money.

I needed to take out a mortgage.

Shao Ping then agreed to let me write him an IOU.

I was badly in need of the jade, so I wrote it.”

“However, the bank refused to loan me anything.

Meanwhile, the batch of jade suddenly became fake.

There were problems with my finances as well.

I then realized that I was trapped.

Although I knew it has been aided and abetted, I didnt have any proof, so I could do nothing.

In the end, I had to sell my company to Shao Ping.”

“I told you that I would protect my friends.

Since were already friends, Ill help you grab Zhoufu Jewelry back.

If you dont want the brand any more, we can destroy it,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Zhou Zhenghong felt touched deeply.

He thanked gratefully, “Boss, thank you so much.”

He believed in Gu Ning.

It took around 40 minutes to arrive at the downtown shopping mall from the airport.

It was around lunchtime, so Gu Ning told Zhou Zhenghong to order food in the food court, while she went to change first.

They planned to eat before going to the antique market.

Gu Ning bought a set of fashionable female clothing.

She was wearing a black dress with black stockings and a beige woolen coat.

She also put on a pair of black high-heel shoes and seemed more attractive and outstanding.

Then she went to get a new curly hairstyle with fine makeup done.

She now looked like a mature and charming woman.

She was totally different from the female student before.

Therefore, when Gu Ning pushed the door of the private room open and walked in, Zhou Zhenghong couldnt recognize her.

He said, “Miss, Im sorry you probably entered the wrong room.”

“Ha-ha,” Gu Ning couldnt help laughing.

She said, “Uncle Zhou, its me.

Im Gu Ning.”

“What” Zhou Zhenghong was shocked.

He explained later, “Boss, I cant recognize you now!”

“Thats exactly what I want! Im going to cut out a lot of jade later, and I want to disguise myself,” Gu Ning added.

Zhou Zhenghong understood, but he was still utterly surprised by her complete change.

“Oh, these are the keys to your apartment.” Zhou Zhenghong drew out a string of keys, handing it to Gu Ning.

He then told Gu Ning the location of the apartment.

They went to the antique market after the meal.

At the same time, Lin Lijuan called Gu Man after her lunch, but Gu Man wouldnt answer.

Although Lin Lijuan knew that that would be the result, she was still irritated.

She drove straight to the factory that Gu Man had worked for.

However, when she arrived at the factory, she was surprised by the fact that Gu Man had already quit her job.

Gu Man had quit her job Where was she now It was hard for Gu Man, who was a middle-aged woman without an academic degree, to find a new job.

Lin Lijuan immediately called Gu Qinxiang and told him that Gu Man had quit.

Gu Qinxiang was also astonished.

After a while, he told Lin Lijuan to wait at the old house this afternoon.

Gu Qinxiang didnt know that Gu Man and her daughter had already been kicked out of the old house.

Lin Lijuan was struck dumb for a second.

Then she told Gu Qinxiang what had happened.

Hearing that, Gu Qinxiang was mad.

He was furious that Gu Man and her daughter dared to stand up against his family.

“Call Gu Qing and ask her where Gu Man is,” Gu Qinxiang said.

Then, Lin Lijuan called Gu Qing.

At the beginning, Gu Qing answered her phone, but wasnt willing to tell Lin Lijuan anything about Gu Man, so Lin Lijuan called her many times.

Gu Qing started to feel annoyed, and she refused to answer Lin Lijuans phone calls again.

Lin Lijuan was aggravated for a long time.

She tried to call Jiang Xu, but Jiang Xu did the same thing.

He didnt tell Lin Lijuan anything at first, then ignored her calls directly.

Jiang Xu was truly busy after all.

During these days, Jiang Xu was occupied in decorating the store, cooperating with the construction material factories, hiring staff and maintaining a good relationship with the Industry and Commerce Bureau.

Jiang Xu knew the rules well.

He knew he needed to deal with them with money, but he didnt go too far with it.

Jiang Xu was an upright man, but he also knew what a businessman had to do in this society today.

As long as he didnt hurt others and do harmful things for money, he was willing to obey the unspoken rules.

Lin Lijuan was almost in a rage because of Gu Qings and Jiang Xus attitude.

She disliked to be ignored.

Lin Lijuan called Gu Qingxiang once more.

Gu Qinxiang was also irritated, so he told her to go to Gu Qings workplace.

Lin Lijuan went to Gu Qings and Jiang Xus workplaces afterwards, but she only found out that they had both quit already.

Lin Lijuan was completely struck dumb.

What had happened Why had they all quit

At that time, an idea dawned on Lin Lijuan that Gu Qings family could have moved too.

Thinking of that, Lin Lijuan went to prove it.

It then turned out to be true.

Gu Qings family had also moved.

What had happened

Lin Lijuan told Gu Qinxiang later.

Gu Qinxiang was beyond mad now.

He called Gu Man, Gu Qing and Jiang Xu himself, but no one would answer his call.

Did they really plan to end their relationship with the Gu Family How could they possibly do that

Gu Qinxiang called Gu Qinyang and told him everything.

He asked Gu Qinyang to call Gu Man and ask her what was going on.

Gu Qinyang was also very surprised.

He believed that it must be Gu Mans fault.

He called Gu Man at once.

Gu Man answered Gu Qinyangs call.

Although she knew that Gu Qinxiang had to be behind it, she didnt want to irritate Gu Qinyang for now.

“Gu Man, whats wrong with you Why have you, Gu Qing and Jiang Xu all moved Why do you refuse to answer our eldest brothers call Where do you live now” Once the phone was answered, Gu Qinyang roared in anger.

Even Gu Qing, who sat aside heard him clearly.

Gu Man felt aggrieved and like crying.

Gu Qing grabbed Gu Mans phone away.

She roared back angrily, “Mind your attitude! Why should we tell you anything Its none of your business! Leave us alone!”


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