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Lu Weili couldnt know Lu Weiwei better, and he understood that she was unwilling to give Leng Shaoting up.Lu Weiwei turned around when her older brother called her.

Thinking of Gu Nings warning and her older brothers advice, Lu Weiwei stopped moving.

She glanced at Gu Ning, and felt quite jealous of her.

She was anxious because she failed to figure out a way to get rid of Gu Ning so that she could seduce Leng Shaoting.

Qi Ziyue also looked to Gu Ning, but he paid more attention to his behavior this time, in case Tang Yaxin got mad again.

Tang Yaxin showed dislike on her face towards Gu Ning, and soon turned her head aside.

Although Tang Yaxin was stunned by Leng Shaotings outstanding appearance, she still hated him because of Gu Ning.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting ignored all of their looks.

They talked with Zhang Dequan for a while longer, before Zi Beiying and her two bodyguards arrived.

Ayumi Yamaguchi and Shouta Minamino changed their expressions once Zi Beiying showed up.

However, no matter how furious they were, they could do nothing about it right now.

Zi Beiying walked towards Gu Ning at once, and stood behind her.

And Leng Shaoting stayed beside Gu Ning the entire time.

Some jewelry businessmen came to greet or chat with Gu Ning once in a while.

After a short while, Gu Ning was surprised by two faces.

They were Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua that she just saw at XX Mountain yesterday.

They came to Burma not only to punish Dongfang Pei, but also to bring some high quality jade back home.

Jade was filled with magical power, which was good for their inner discipline.

Moreover, The Dongfang family also owned a famous jewelry brand in the jewelry industry.

Apart from the Dongfang family, the other three dominant families in their world also sent some people to attend this public jade bid.

Nevertheless, normal human beings couldnt distinguish them from other people.

They also sent many jade experts here to help them find good jade.

The Dongfang family did the same thing.

Actually, Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua came here mainly because of Dongfang Pei.

After Dongfang Peis death, they spent all their time and effort to find some good jade.

Gu Ning didnt think further about their identities last night, but she knew that they werent ordinary people.

She could now observe them from a short distance, and sensed something very similar to magical power from their bodies.

Are they practicing their inner discipline too

Gu Ning thought that it was highly likely.

Since she had that thought, she paid more attention to them.

Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua soon felt that someone was looking at them, but when they looked around to find the person, the feeling was gone, which confused them.

“Is someone keeping an eye on us” Wu Shunhua asked.

“Well, there are so many people in this hall.

Its not a big deal,” Dongfang Ziyu said.

The hostess stepped onto the stage at 10 am, and the hall fell into silence at once.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to todays meeting, its time to reveal the result of yesterdays closed bids.”

Hearing that, people all took out their notes.

They all wanted to see whether someone else would take away the jade raw material they wanted.

The first one who handed in the bid list was Gu Ning.

“The first bidder was Miss Gu,” the hostess announced.

People who knew Gu Ning all turned to look at her with surprise.

Those who didnt know her looked around for a while before they focused on the stage again.

When the hostess read the first number of the jade raw material Gu Ning won, everyone was shocked because she offered a very high price.

There was no doubt that she could win the jade raw material with such a high price.

The hostess continued to read the following numbers of jade raw materials Gu Ning won.

People under the stage were surprised again and again, because Gu Ning offered a high price for every jade raw material.

The hostess read over 30 numbers, and for each of them a high price was offered.

People were astonished by Gu Nings generosity and wealth.

At the same time, they felt worried.

The more jade raw materials Gu Ning won, the fewer they could get.

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