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Gu Ning didnt despise Leng Shaoxun, but he wasnt a match in her eyes.With Gu Nings agreement, Leng Shaoxun stood up at once.

There was an empty ground near them, which was available for them to have a round for fun.

“Do you need me to be gentle” Gu Ning asked Leng Shaoxun when they stood several meters away from each other.

“Not at all!” Leng Shaoxun said.

He knew that Gu Ning wasnt a weak girl from what she had done, but he was reluctant to look weak in front of a girl.

Since they were going to have a kung fu competition, they should do their best.

“Great,” Gu Ning said.

Afterwards, they began to attack each other.

Leng Shaoxun understood that Gu Ning was strong, so he had no intention to be gentle in the competition either.

Gu Ning, at the same time, wouldnt pretend to be weak as long as he wasnt hurt.

Leng Shaoxun punched Gu Ning without delay, but Gu Ning caught his fist the second he moved, which shocked him.

What was worse, he failed to withdraw his fist.

Leng Shaoxun punched Gu Ning again with his other fist, but Gu Ning caught his other fist once more.

Jiang Ruining, who stood aside, rounded his eyes in shock.

Because Leng Shaoxuns two hands were both caught by Gu Ning, he had to use his feet, but Gu Ning was still able to stop him.

Besides, when his foot knocked against Gu Nings foot, he felt as if he hit a hard pillar, which was quite painful.

Actually, Gu Ning could beat him within seconds, but she didnt do that.

Instead, she let him go, and kept fighting against him.

Leng Shaoxun realized the huge gap between himself and Gu Ning after the round, and he understood that Gu Ning was much better at kung fu than him.

No matter how he attacked Gu Ning, Gu Ning was always able to stop him.

He felt utterly disappointed, but kept trying.

When a waiter noticed them fighting, he ran ahead and wanted to stop them, but Jiang Ruining explained to him that they were just having fun.

The waiter was relieved, because he knew Leng Shaoxun and Jiang Ruining werent ordinary people.

Other people in the teahouse were also attracted by their competition.

They were amazed by Gu Nings excellent skills too.

Some of them even took a video of their competition.

In a nearby private room, three men sat together looking out of the window at Leng Shaoxun and Gu Ning.

Two of them were around 40, while the other was about 27 years old.

“This young girl is really unbelievable! The young man is a member of the Leng family, and hes also good at fighting, but isnt a match for the girl at all.

I think the girl could be as good as a soldier in the special forces,” a middle-aged man in a gray shirt said.

It was obvious that he recognized Leng Shaoxun.

“Why dont you talk about it with her If it is possible, she could be a member of your team!” another middle-aged man in a dark blue shirt said.

Hearing that, the first man thought that it was a good idea.

“Why not!”

Saying that, he stood up and walked out.

The second middle-aged man and the young man followed him.

At this moment, Leng Shaoxun was out of strength, and had to give up.

“G-Gu Ning, youre far better than me,” Leng Shaoxun said, gasping for breath.

“Did you begin to practice kung fun when you were just a kid”

“Yeah,” Gu Ning said.

“Wow, Im so amazed!” Jiang Ruining ran to them.

All of a sudden, Leng Shaoxun saw the three men walking to them behind Gu Ning, and he greeted them with respect at once.

“Nice to see you, Uncle Peng and Uncle Luo.”

“Hi, Uncle Peng and Uncle Luo,” Jiang Ruining said politely.

Gu Ning turned around, and she was a little surprised to see them.

“Nice to meet you, General Peng and Secretary Luo.”

The first middle-aged man was the leading person of the general military region in the capital, Peng Yunlong.

He was also a general.

The second middle-aged man was the head of the Central Commission for Disciplinary Inspection, Luo Zhanhua.

“Do you know us” Peng Yunlong and Luo Zhanhua were slightly surprised when Gu Ning greeted them, but they werent very surprised, because they often showed up on TV political news.

“Yes, Ive seen you on TV,” Gu Ning said.

“Whats your name” Peng Yunlong asked.

Due to his military rank, he had a natural air of power, and common citizens always felt stressed and got nervous facing him.

Even Leng Shaoxun and Jiang Ruining felt a little uneasy talking to him.

However, Gu Ning stayed calm as usual.

“My names Gu Ning.”

“I just saw your kung fu competition against Shaoxun.

Would you mind if we had a round” Peng Yunlong asked.

Although Peng Yunlong was already 40, he was a well-trained soldier.

“Sure!” Gu Ning agreed.

It was a great chance for her to practice her skills.

The others all stood aside, and left enough space for Peng Yunlong and Gu Ning.

“General Peng, do you want to have the round for fun or for real” Gu Ning asked.

Peng Yunlong wasnt a common soldier after all, and Gu Ning was also looking forward to having a competition with him.

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