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When Kong Yue heard Su Lus words, she nodded in agreement.

She felt that Su Lu was more reliable.

Although the gowns that Shui Fu and Su Qian had chosen were not bad, they probably wouldnt be able to stun the crowd tomorrow!

This was how the Su familys banquet was.

Although it was a family banquet on the surface, it was actually just a battlefield where a group of women competed with each other.

Tomorrow, Su Qing would have to face a group of picky and sarcastic aunts.

If she wasnt dazzling and youthful, how could she shut them up

Su Qing was so beautiful, so naturally Kong Yue couldnt let her beauty go to waste.

The latter wanted to dress Su Qing up exquisitely and beautifully, shocking the elders who looked down on her and wanted to mock her.

Su Qian suggested, “The few of us brothers can dress a little more modestly tomorrow.

This way, we can complement our sister!”

Su Shui looked at Old Fifth seriously and said, “I dont think theres a need.

Qingqing doesnt need you to complement her.

If you stand beside her, youll already be reduced to her background.”

Su Qian was furious and questioned, “What are you talking about Im the famous Su Qian, alright”

Su Shui pursed his lips, his expression unchanged as he replied perfunctorily, “Oh.”

Su Qian was speechless.

He was angered by his fourth brothers honesty, so he turned around and ignored him.

When he saw Su Qing, who was as beautiful as a rose, he heaved a long sigh.

Fine! Fourth Brother was right.

Su Qing really didnt need any accompaniment.

When she stood there, she was already the most attractive sight.

“Qingqing, youll wear this set of clothes tomorrow.

You just have to look pretty.

Leave the rest to Mommy and Daddy! With Mommy around, I wont let anyone bully you, not even the old madam!” Kong Yue clapped her hands, announcing that this was Su Qings battle robe for tomorrow, and also made a promise to Su Qing to protect her.

Su Qing wasnt interested in the situation at the old mansion.

However, when she saw Kong Yues determined and gentle gaze, her heart felt like it had been comforted by a warm towel.

It was very soothing and comfortable.

Su Qian stood up and said solemnly to Su Qing, “Were all here.

Well protect you.

Dont be afraid!”

Su Qing was a little helpless as she replied calmly, “Whos afraid”

Su Qian was speechless.

This was a little awkward!

Su Qian suddenly realized a strange phenomenon that had never happened before.

Before Su Qing returned home, he was the youngest and most doted on at home.

His brothers would also protect and dote on him.

However, once his sister returned, everyone no longer cared about him, and even seemed to scold him at will! He was no longer the familys favorite, but was like a bullied child who could be kicked by anyone.

He suddenly felt a little tired.

He sat back in his chair, looking less radiant.

Su Shui and Su Lu glanced at him and shook their heads in amusement, not saying anything.

Su Qing, who had been dragged back to her room to try on her clothes as soon as she reached home, and Su Qian, who was in a daze, seemed to have forgotten something very important.

They had forgotten to announce to their families that Qingqing was about to become the female lead of the movie produced by the famous director, Shang Bei!

After dinner, Su Qing thought for a moment and called her masters and Wu Mu to tell them that she would be going to the Su family mansion tomorrow, so she might be late for dinner.

Yuan Yi held his phone and said worriedly, “That old man and old lady from the Su family arent simple people.

Also, that group of aunties and uncles arent good people either.

If they dare to provoke you tomorrow, dont be afraid, and dont be polite to them.

If you need to scold them, just do it.

Well back you up.”

Su Qing chuckled and couldnt help but complain, “Why are so many people supporting me today Do I look weak”

When Yuan Yi heard this, he laughed and said dotingly, “Alright, alright! Youre not.”

The master and disciple chatted for a while more before hanging up.

Su Qing had just gone downstairs to get a glass of water when she saw her phone was filled with missed calls from Huo Qi.

What was this person trying to do

Coincidentally, Huo Qi called again at this moment.

Su Qing picked up the phone and put it on speaker before throwing it on the table.

She asked coldly, “Whats the matter”

When Huo Qi finally heard Su Qings voice, he heaved a sigh of relief, but he still questioned her unhappily, “What are you doing Why didnt you answer my call just now I heard that theres a family banquet at the Su familys old mansion tomorrow.

Are you going”

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