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Shang Bei looked at Su Qian, who was so happy, and shook his head in amusement.

This young man was also a very sincere person.

There was a role in “Nan An” that he could try!

Su Qian didnt know that his wish had been achieved unintentionally.

At this moment, he was only happy for Su Qing.

After all, his sister was about to star in Shang Beis movie!

Shang Bei immediately confirmed Su Qings schedule and said that if there were no problems, “Nan An” could officially start filming in a month.

Su Qian didnt expect it to happen so quickly.

She was stunned for a moment before he reacted.

“Why are you in such a hurry”

Shang Bei explained that this movie had actually been delayed for a long time, because the female lead and a few important roles had never been confirmed.

Now that they were confirmed, the filming could start very soon!

Shang Bei joked, “Little Su Qing is like a timely rain to me.

It seems like the Goddess of Luck cares a lot about me.

If I didnt go to Floyd, I wouldnt have met my ideal female lead!”

Su Qing nodded silently, not at all humble.

“Do you need me to do anything during this period”

Shang Bei glanced at her.

“You need to lose more weight.

Ill send you the script personally later!”


Su Qian tensed up and quickly said, “Director Shang, you can send us the script after we officially sign the contract.

This way, itll be more compliant and prevent unnecessary mistakes.”

Shang Beis script had always been well-protected, so it was more appropriate to follow the procedures.

The junior assistant looked at Su Qian in admiration.

Among these people, there was finally one who was realistic and cautious.

The geniuses in the arts didnt care about these rules.

Shang Bei thought for a moment and felt that this was good.

He wasnt a pedantic person, and he believed that Su Qing wasnt either.

However, that was another matter.

Sometimes, people still had to be more realistic and rational.

He said to Su Qing with a smile, “Alright! Ill send it to you after we finalize the contract.”

Su Qing nodded in agreement.

Her fifth brothers worries were not for nothing.

There was nothing wrong with being cautious about these procedures.

Su Qian and Su Qing exchanged glances.

When he saw his sisters trusting gaze, he wished he could hug her tightly.

What should he do if his sister was too cute He wanted to pluck the stars for her!

Su Qian sent Shang Bei and his assistant to the car.

After watching them leave, he suddenly felt like Qingqings manager.

He turned around to look at Su Qing, who was focused on her phone, and felt that this illusion was even more real!

He had become a reliable brother like Su Rui!

He felt even more motivated, then looked down at Su Qings phone and asked, “Whats wrong”

Su Qing looked up at Su Qian.

“Mommy told me to go home quickly.

She said that she has something very important to do!”

“Then lets hurry back,” Su Qian said.

Su Qing didnt have any classes in the afternoon.

When she heard this, she nodded and thought to herself, My mother must have something important to instruct me to do.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be in such a hurry to rush me back.

On the second floor of the Su residence, in Su Qings room.

At this moment, Su Qing was surrounded by several staff members.

They were dressed exquisitely and moved quickly.

With one look, one could tell that they were familiar with fashion trends.

Su Qian commented, “Actually, I think the turquoise gown in front suits my sisters cold temperament very well! Her skin is fair, and shes tall.

If she wears that gown, shell look so beautiful that shell blind the eyes of the people in the old mansion tomorrow!”

Su Qian sat on the chair and looked at Su Qing, who was as though she was dying, and felt a little amused.

Looking at her bitter expression, those who didnt know better would think that her mother and her brothers were abusing her!


Su Qing felt that Kong Yue seemed to treat her like a doll and was using her to play dress-up.

She had already been forced to change into many outfits, and the exquisite and elegant high heels were killing her feet, as she hadnt worn them in a long time, causing her to feel tired.

Su Lu took a few glances and didnt agree with Su Qians opinion.

He adjusted his glasses and said seriously, “I think this dress is better! Qingqings temperament isnt just cold.

The red color can complement her beauty and show off her figure.”

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