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After asking, Huo Jue took the initiative to introduce himself.

“Im Huo Jue, Huo Qis father! Who are you to Su Qing No outsider should know that Huo Qi saved Su Qing from the Motian Building.

How did you know about something that even the Su family doesnt know”

Since Huo Jue could be the overlord of B City for decades, he was naturally not a pushover.

With his sharp senses, he could quickly sense a cold aura from Yuan Yi.

This was an aura that only someone who had been in a high position for many years could have!

He didnt sense any hostility towards the Huo family from Yuan Yi, so it meant that Yuan Yis goal was just Su Qing.

Moreover, Huo Qi was determined to get Su Qing, so it was necessary to build a good relationship with the people around her.

Huo Jues thoughts raced.

He looked at Yuan Yi, and Yuan Yi looked back at him, contemplating what he should say.

He hadnt seen Su Qing yet, nor had he even seen Huo Qi.

Naturally, he had to be more polite to the head of the Huo family.

After all, his disciple was still in his territory!

“Im Su Qings master.

Her situation is very bad now.

I need to see her immediately.

I have a way to save her.”

When Huo Qi arrived at the living room, he happened to hear Yuan Yis words.

Surprise flashed across his eyes, and he said anxiously, “Youre the Saint Doctor, Second Young Master Yuan Do you really have a way to help Su Qing”

Yuan Yi turned around and recognized Huo Qi at a glance.

However, when he saw that the man was in the wheelchair, he could guess what had happened.

“The situation yesterday was too chaotic, so I was forced to give Su Qing two shots of Valium before she was sedated.

Logically speaking, she should have woken up by now!” Huo Qi frowned and said worriedly, “I tried to wake her up just now, but she still didnt respond.”

Hearing this, Yuan Yi stood up and walked over quickly.

“Hurry up and bring me there.”

Huo Qi operated the wheelchair himself and gestured to Yuan Yi.

“This way, please.”

In the room, when Yuan Yi saw Su Qing lying on the bed safe and sound, the burden that had been hanging in his heart for the past few days was finally lifted a little.

There were no obvious injuries on Su Qings body.

Yuan Yi went forward, pulled Su Qings wrist, and started to take her pulse.

Huo Qi sat at the side.

A doctor came up to check on his injuries.

Huo Qi waved his hand, indicating that he would let him check later.

The only thing he wanted to know now was Su Qings condition.

Huo Qi looked at Yuan Yi fixedly, and his heart slowly tensed up.

Yesterday, the doctor had said that Su Qings condition was very strange.

They didnt know if this doctor who claimed to be Su Qings master really had a way to save her.

He had sent Huo Feng out to invite the priest this morning, and he would only be able to return to the Huo residence at night at the earliest.

However, Su Qings current situation was unknown, so it would be torture for Huo Qi to delay for another half a minute.

Yuan Yis frown deepened.

Su Qings situation was indeed not very good, but it wasnt the worst that Yuan Yi had imagined.

Since Su Qing was sedated, her body shouldnt have been exhausted.

This was much better than the previous time.

Everything wasnt at its worst yet.

Yuan Yis pulse reading was fast and accurate.

After confirming Su Qings pulse, he retracted his hand and glanced at Huo Qi.

“I need some hot water, then get everyone to leave the room.

Just leave me with one female nurse.”

Huo Qi naturally had no reason to disobey.

Not to mention asking them to leave, even if he was asked to fly to the moon to prepare medicine for her, he would still do it.

He quickly dismissed the people in the room and instructed the servants to bring hot water over.

In an instant, only Yuan Yi, Huo Qi, Su Qing and the nurse were left in the huge room.

Yuan Yi took out his silver needle bag and an exquisite box from his bag.

Inside were the pills that he had refined in the past few days to suppress the poison in Su Qings body.

Yuan Yi skillfully untied the bag of silver needles, dissolved the pill with warm water, and helped Su Qing drink the medicine.

He stood up and gestured to the female nurse beside him.

“Unbutton Qingqings clothes and turn her back to me.”

The nurse secretly glanced at Huo Qi, who was sitting there motionlessly, and slowly walked over.

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