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Four days have passed since Young Marquis Jutert disappeared.

No trace of Ferdale could be found anywhere.

As the number of soldiers recruited to the search team increased little by little every day, everyone naturally kept quiet and was careful about their actions.

The atmosphere in the Jutert estate was gradually sinking like that.

Except for one place.

“Oh my God, Tessa! Look at this.

Isn’t that really amazing It is something that cannot be easily obtained even in the royal capital.

No, wait… This is the newest of all new things! I didn’t expect to see it here.

Tessa, how about this I think it would suit Tessa as well.”


Tessa looked around the room with a puzzled expression on her face.

The entire parlor was filled with luxury goods carried by merchants.

It was the first time she had seen such a sight, and she was not accustomed to all this.

Why was this happening for her

It started that day.

The day she woke up in a room inside the castle, not in a room in the annex.

From that day on, things began to unfold for Tessa in ways that she could not understand.

The maids who attended Tessa grew from three or four, including Mani.

Then, at least once a day she dined with Hert.

Everyone in the castle treated her with respect.

That wasn’t all.

Today, many merchants, such as shopkeepers and fabric dealers, came to the Jutert Castle for Tessa.

And now, even Janet is out to help Tessa to advise her.

However, rather than advising Tessa, Janet seemed to be thrilled with the objects and fabrics that filled the room.

“Oh my God, this is a trendy fabric.

It was brought in from the East, and these days, it goes well in the royal capital, right I heard that it is difficult to obtain because the quantity is limited.”

Janet said in a slightly louder voice, holding up a wide open cloth.

At this, the owner of the textile shop, who was waiting next to her, bowed his head and responded.

“Oh my, you have a great eye.

You know right away.

Yes, it is the fabric that is sweeping the royal road these days.

As you said, the quantity is limited, so not everyone can have it.

How hard it took us to get one too.

I’m so moved to know that you are aware of this.”

Janet immediately waved the cloth to Tessa.

“Tessa, why don’t you use this to match your outfit It’d be a good fit for Tessa too.

The fabric itself is not heavy and light, so it is suitable to wear when the days are good.”

“…I don’t know, I’m fine…”

“I assure you, yellow and bright colors are perfect for Tessa.

You will definitely regret it if you miss it.

Let’s look at this cloth…”

Janet looked at the items with a hawk’s eye.

She was looking for accessories to wear with the clothes made later.

Then she picked out the green emerald earrings and a necklace.

Small diamonds were tightly wrapped around an emerald to make those water drop earrings, and the necklace was a large square emerald hung on a line of diamonds.

They looked pretty expensive.

“This is how you will wear it.

You look just like a spring fairy.”

“No, Madam! It’s a really great match.

It’s a combination I never imagined for my eyes.

If you do it exactly as the wife said, it will be very beautiful.”

The merchant who had come to sell the jewelry quickly helped Janet.

But Tessa couldn’t nod her head easily.

She has not been able to accept this situation for a while, so where does she have the mind to choose and decide on clothes and accessories It wasn’t Tessa who even paid for these things.

It was Hert.

Due to the disappearance of the Young Marquis, it was impossible to sit here and spend Hert’s money favorably where the atmosphere was not good.

Not only she doesn’t have the value or qualification for that, Tessa didn’t have that kind of experience in the first place.

It wasn’t something she could make an easy decision about.

As Tessa’s complexion hardened and her expression grimaced, Janet tilted her head.

“You don’t like it Shall we choose something else then”

“No, it’s not…”

“Tessa too.

At times like this.

You just have to choose them all.

That’s why this event was made.”

Janet walked up to Tessa and, with a knowing expression, she whispered softly in her ear.

“What are you hesitating about It was sent by His Excellency.

Why are you trying to refuse So, you have to pick as many as you can.”

“But, Janet.

For me, this…”

“You’re taking too long.

It takes a lot of time to choose a fabric, to measure it, and to choose the right piece of items.

So go ahead and choose.

I’m sure Tessa has a taste too.”

Janet pointed to Tessa at a bunch of fabrics and items, and she smiled.

But Tessa couldn’t smile as easily as she did.

She was only pushed by the emptiness.

What is all this

‘Hert… What are you thinking’

Hert has been really weird lately.

Not only had he been so kind, but he was also treating Tessa like a noblewoman.

How ironic.

Why would he spare no expense for the woman who betrayed him.

Even Tessa was being treated like a lady for the first time since coming here.

‘That’s ridiculous.’

It is the deceased Marquis Jutert who officially gave her the name of a lady, but it was Hert, the one who killed her old husband, who’s giving her the treatment.

Anyone who knew nothing of the way Tessa was being treated would think that she was the Madam here.

She couldn’t really explain it other than that.

Thanks to this, even the merchants who came to this place called Tessa ‘Madam’.

‘You didn’t have to do this…’

In fact, what happened today started with a small incident.

For the past few days, Tessa has been resting on her bed, relaxing, not needing to dress up in anything other than her pajamas.

Only today did she get Kennis’ permission to move so she could get out of bed.

But when Hert saw Tessa dressed in her clothes, he frowned.

‘Are those the only clothes you have’


At first, Tessa did not understand Hert’s question.

Because the clothes she was wearing were no different.

It wasn’t pretty, ​​but these were the clothes she usually wore.

But suddenly today, Hert, who came to eat with Tessa, saw her attire and asked.

Then he called the maids, pulled out all of Tessa’s clothes, and gave a look of exasperation.

‘What about that outfit last time’

‘…Janet, no, it was lent by another wife…’

‘What about yours’


‘Damn it, buy your clothes now.

No, I have to tell them to prepare everything.’

So that’s how it happened.

Hert even called Janet to help Tessa.

Tessa looked down at Janet’s clothes, which she borrowed in haste instead of her own to wear today.

It was not a dress with jewels and gold embroidery like the last time, but it was an expensive dress made by meticulously stitching high-quality fabrics.

However, since it was not hers, the clothes did not fit well in some places, so it was uncomfortable, and she felt like she was wearing something she shouldn’t be wearing.

Most of all, didn’t Hert say it with his own mouth that day

He said, ‘Next time, don’t come wearing clothes like this.’

But now…

Tessa fiddled her fingers.

She was not used to this kind of situation.

It didn’ suit her.

If it was possible for her to just get out of the place, then she would have done so over and over again.

It still was.

She wanted to leave everything to Janet and run away.

She thought Janet would be a better fit for this position than her.

Janet decided to take the reins from Tessa, who wouldn’t speak and just kept her head down.

Otherwise, she would be sluggish and nothing would happen.

She was strongly told by the new lord.

“Tessa, if you keep not choosing anything like that, I’m going to buy everything I want.

I could buy all of these things right here.

Then, no matter how much I try, it will cost His Lordship a lot of money.”

It was a lie.

There was no way that the man’s property would be shaken by buying all the things in this place.

Janet knew that the wealth he racked up under Marquis Borwen was comparable to that of the household.

Moreover, even counting the Jutert family wealth that he had this time, it was a staggering wealth.

“Janet, don’t…!”

Mentioning Hert, the effect was great.

Janet laughed to herself as Tessa’s eyes widened and she quickly fidgeted.

“So, don’t sit still and choose.

There are so many fabrics, shouldn’t we at least make one dress that Tessa wants”


“Yes, just one.”

At Janet’s words, Tessa couldn’t help but nod her head.

If it’s just one… She knew, in fact, that even if she said she wouldn’t, Janet wasn’t one who would give up.

If so, she’d be better off at least choosing the one that’s likely to cost less.

‘Yes, let’s pick just one.’

Tessa didn’t want to use Hert’s money.

His money would just be wasted on her.

How could she use his hard-earned money To her, a traitor, just feeding her and putting her to sleep should be enough.

He didn’t have to spend money like this.

“Then I…”

As Tessa picked out one of the most common fabrics, Janet shook her head resolutely.

“No, it’s not good quality or color.”

“I want—”

“You think I don’t know what you’ve chosen from the one in front of you What do you mean that’s what you want! Choose again, again!”

It was Janet, who immediately understood Tessa’s intentions to end this situation by choosing anything cheap.

Janet picked out only the things that were pleasing to her and pushed them in front of Tessa.

So Tessa chose the most basic ones no matter which one she looked at.

Shouldn’t it be at least just the most basic one She also has a face as the advisor.

“Don’t upset me.”

Tessa looked at Janet, picked a fabric that looked as cheap as possible, and put it down again.


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