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My maid is a Billionaires Heiress Chapter 7: Sisters for life

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"Like, i mean, how do you both spend without getting reprimanded by your parents? I find it how funny you both don have limits to how much you can spend while i do. I find it very funny when my parents fume over little amount of money they would not even know has gone missing", i said as the smile on my petite face disappeared.

"You keep asking us this questions thousands of times....", I heard Piper say this time.

"....yeah. Yeah, i know. I just keep getting surprised all the time", i said and inhaled deeply only to hear a knock on my door.

"Yes? Come in...", i said and saw my younger sister, Kara walk in.

"Hey sis. I came to check up on you. We have not had the time to talk today. Are you okay?", Kara asked me and i could hear the concern in her speech.

"Hmm, Yes i am. This is not the first time mum and dad will make a fuss over that so i have gotten used to it already", i said with s smile and i saw a smile also appear on her face.

"Come here....", i said again, patting the space beside me.

"Who are you talking to?", i heard Piper ask and i chuckled.

"Sorry, i almost forgot you are here but did you not hear me when i mentioned Karas name?", i asked while Kara climb up the bed.

"No, i didn because i am deaf", Piper said playfully and rolled her eyes.

"Oh. Avery, Piper. How are you both doing? Its been a while and i missed you two", Kara said keenly and i laughed.

"I am sure they do also", i backed up.

"Look at her behave like a little kid. In three years time you will be out of college. When will you start acting like an adult?", Avery teased.

"I hate you bully....", Kara poured and we laughed.

"I will have to call you later girls. As you can see, my precious little sister is here amd we have some catching up to do. Good night lovers", i said with a wink and i saw them both grumble and mumble something before hanging up.

"You looked so pissed off this afternoon that i didn want to say anything else that could trigger you. You know you have a really bad mouth when you talk when angry", Kara said to me and i made a face at her.

"Will you have some fruit juice or yogurt? And for the record, i don have bad mouth", i said as i came down from my bed while walking towards the little pink fridge in my room.

I had my parents get me a fridge in my room while i was in high school. It had always served as a way to cool off and think straight whenever i read or wanted to feel refreshed without calling a maid for drink every moment.

"Fruit juice Emily but i still think you have bad mouth whenever you talk. Theres no confusing me", Kara said and i rolled my eyes.

"What...????", she asked, knowing fully well the reason behind it.

"Seriously, do i still look like an angry bitch to you?", i asked again, giving her the cup of juice before taking my seat on the sofa in front of my bed.

"Nah. I never said you looked like a bitch. But sincerely, you look more like an angry bird whenever you are angry and also apart from that, i was here when you broke up with your ex boyfriend. The things you said to the poor guy would definitely hunt him forever i know", she said and i bursted into laughter.

"Well, i did not mean to be mean but he really deserved it. How dare he deny me of something as his girlfriend. But then, i really had to make sure his company would go bankrupt of he reveals my identity to anyone. At least, if he could not get me a bag because of fear of loosing some change, i am sure he would not mind doing everything possible so as not to loose it", I said and saw Kara shook her head slightly.

"You are truly a bitch Sis. I don think you will ever change but i still love you no matter what. Bitchy or not", Kara said and winked at me and i busted into laughter at how cute she looked with the wink.

"I miss your laughter. I have been so busy with school work this days that we rarely talk. I really miss us hanging out and gossiping", Kara said and i could understand her because i also missed the presence of my kid sister in the house.

But one thing that still baffles me till now is the fact that father allowed Kara venture into whatever major she wanted unlike me whom he forced into business management.

"I understand you are in school and have a lot to do since you are mostly in your freshman year so Im not complaining. Really...", i said with an assuring smile and she laughed while i frowned.

"Don you believe me? Seriously, i really understand", i insisted with a pout.

"Hmm. Ok if you say so", she said and i wink.

"Well, dinner will soon be ready so i thought it would be nice to have dinner together tonight as a family", Kara said and i clearly understood what she meant.

Whenever i spent money and my parents ended up scolding me, i had always preferred to have dinner alone in my room. I always felt left out of the family because it was as if i had no right in spending at all. They always made me feel spending was a kind of sin i was not permitted to commit.

Kara and I are really close and we both understand each other and each others perspective so i clearly understood why she entered into my room in the first place.

"Well, why don you go have dinner and do me a favor bh instructing a maid to bring over my dinner?", i said in a tease to her but to me, it was not a tease.

Getting up from the couch, she said,."Stop it Em and just give up already because i am not leaving this room without you".

Saying that, Kara dragged me up from the couch with her hands while stomping her feet on the floor.

"Okay. Okay. Lets go eat", i said, giving up already.

I love the sort of relationship i have with my sister. I love her so much and i hope we remain sisters for life.

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