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“Jia… Jiajia…”

Ye Nambo looked at Lu Zijias faint smile and couldnt help feeling a bit embarrassed.

Compared to a few months ago, Ye Nambo was totally different at this moment.

His clothes were wrinkled, his hair was messy and his beard was big, as if he hadnt taken care of himself for a long time.

At this moment, Ye Nambo no longer had the image of a rich Young Master like he did in the past.

“Why Do you think the lesson I gave you last time wasnt enough, so you want to do it again”

Although there was a smile on Lu Zijias face, her voice was so cold that it gave people a chill in their hearts.

And the lesson she talked about was giving Ye Nambo nightmares for a week consecutively, just like what Lu Wanyuan experienced back then, so he was unable to rest normally.

Lu Zijia wouldnt kill Ye Nambo and Lu Wanyuan with her own hands just to take revenge for the original host, because even if she didnt do it herself, the two of them wouldnt end up well in the end.

However, to Ye Nambo, what Lu Zijia said was another “lesson.”

“Its really you.

Why are you doing this”

Because Ye Nambo hadnt had a good rest recently, he glared at Lu Zijia furiously with bloodshot eyes.

“Even if I set you up with Mu Tianyan, arent you living a good life right now

“Besides, if it werent for me, how would you be able to become the Madame of the Mu family I helped you after all!”

Lu Zijia tilted her head and looked at him in amusement.

“So What are you trying to say”

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Ye Nambos eyes brightened and he blurted out, “Give me five million, no, ten million.

I just want you to give me tem million.

Just take it as repaying me for helping you get together with Mu Tianyan.

“I guarantee that as long as you give me tem million right now, Ill definitely not disturb you again in the future.”

Ye Nambo said as he raised three fingers to make an oath to show his determination.

However, Lu Zijia looked at him like he was a fool.

“You set me up and you want me to repay you Ye Nambo, are you out of your mind”

She was already showing mercy by not giving Ye Nambo an upgraded version of the Unlucky Set.

And now, Ye Nambo was shameless enough to say that she owed him Was he afraid that people wouldnt know there was something wrong with his head

Ye Nambo looked embarrassed, as if he was holding back his anger.

“If I hadnt set you up, you wouldnt have been able to live the life of a superior person right now.

“Maybe I was wrong back then, but Ive already apologized to you.

And now, youre even living the life of a superior person.

Do you still have to be so ruthless to me

“Lu Zijia, let me tell you.

I didnt come to talk to you.

You must give me ten million, or Ill go to Mu Tianyan and tell on you!”

Ye Nambo looked determined, as if he had made up his mind to go down with Lu Zijia.

Even though Ye Nambo and his mother were kicked out by the Ye family, they still took away the things that belonged to them, such as jewelry, cars, savings and so on.

If they were content with their lot, the money would be enough for them to live a rich life.

Unfortunately, Ye Nambo was unwilling to give up and he still wanted to return to the Ye family.

He even abandoned his dignity to please the other disciples of the Ye family that he didnt like in the past.

And of course, he had to use money to please them.

So, in less than two months, the mother and son had spent almost all their money, and their wish to return to the Ye family was against all chances.


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