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Mu Sheng was extremely furious, as if he couldnt believe that he would lose to two juniors!


“Master, Master!”

Seeing that the situation was bad, Mu Shiyou and the others immediately rushed forward to hold Mu Sheng, who was about to fall.

“Master, are you alright” Mu Shiyous face was pale and there was anxiety in her voice that couldnt be hidden.

Of course, what she was truly anxious about wasnt Mu Shengs injuries, but whether Mu Sheng could kill Mu Tianyan.

If even Mu Sheng couldnt kill Mu Tianyan, wouldnt it mean that only the elders could kill him

Thinking of this, Mu Shiyou was even more unwilling to accept this in her mind.

At the same time, she hated Mu Tianyan for being so lucky!

Mu Sheng was severely injured at this moment and he was bleeding too much.

He was already a bit overwhelmed, but for the sake of the last dignity as the family leader, he gritted his teeth and held on, not falling down.

He didnt reply to what Mu Shiyou said, because he would let out his last breath as soon as he opened his mouth and he would definitely collapse in front of everyone.

Seeing that their master didnt say anything, Mu Shiyou and the others couldnt help feeling anxious and didnt know what to do.

Mu Jiankai and the others wanted to rebuke Mu Tianyan, but they dared not to say anything when they met Mu Tianyans emotionless eyes.

As for the twenty disciples who were instantly knocked down at the beginning, they didnt dare to speak at all.

Besides, their faces couldnt help turning pale when they thought of the things they said before.

They couldnt wait to go back more than an hour ago and give themselves a fierce slap.

Right now, they only hoped that Mu Tianyan would forget what they said before, so that they could get away with it.

They certainly wouldnt dig a grave for themselves at this moment.

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And at this moment, Mu Shiyou suddenly looked at the Fourth Elder of the Mu family, who was watching from afar, as if she remembered something.

The moment Mu Shiyou looked over, the Fourth Elder of the Mu family had already sensed something and a bad feeling immediately arose in his mind.

As expected, his bad feeling was soon proven.

“Fourth Elder, arent you going to do something about Mu Tianyan collaborating with outsiders to attack the family leader”

Mu Shiyou shouted at the Fourth Elder of the Mu family.

It was difficult for him to pretend not to hear her.

The Fourth Elder of the Mu family, who was standing far away but was also dragged in, put up a straight face in frustration and still walked over.

“What outsider Didnt I tell you last time that Mu Tianyan is my man Hes my man, so of course Im his woman.

What outsider

“I think you have no memory.

Do you want me to help you recall it”

Lu Zijia said as she picked up the golden pagoda that was sitting on her shoulder as a pet, looking like she was going to throw the pet out again.

The golden pagoda, which was dragged in innocently: “!!!” It was really just a harmless little black cat, not a weapon.

How could its master be so cruel

Seeing the black cat in Lu Zijias hands, Mu Shiyou seemed to think of something and her face immediately darkened.

That degree of darkness was totally comparable to Mu Shengs burnt skin right now.

“Alright, lets end this matter here!” The Fourth Elder of the Mu family stood out and said a bit frustratedly.

Mu Sheng had lost a lot of dignity today.

No one knew if this would become his fear in the future.

If Martial Artists were affected by fear when they were cultivating, they would have a mental derangement very easily.

Once they had a mental derangement, it was almost equivalent to being disabled.

The Fourth Elder of the Mu family didnt pity Mu Sheng, because he asked for it.


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