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However, Madam Zhongs reproach caused trouble.

The moment Madam Zhong scolded the people, Zhong Chengwei wanted to stop her, but he was too late.

After Madam Zhong finished scolding, Zhong Chengweis face couldnt be more sullen.

He looked at his mother as if he was looking at an enemy.

“Oh, you got in our way and even started scolding us.

Madam Zhong, youre really arrogant!”

“Right, if you cant get in, do we have to stay here with you forever”

“I heard that Madam Zhong is an overbearing person.

I didnt believe it at that time, but I saw it with my own eyes today.

I finally witnessed how domineering Madam Zhong is.”

“President Zhong cant even manage his wife well.

How can he possibly manage such a huge company

“When I get home, I must persuade my husband to withdraw his investment in Zhong Corporation.

Otherwise, I may not even know how I lose all my money.”

“I have a friend whos a board member of Zhong Corporation.

When Im free tomorrow, Ill tell my friend too.

After all, Zhong Corporation is led by President Zhong.

Its really worrying!”

Someone who could come to visit the Du family at this time and even dared to “speak directly” in front of the members of the Zhong family must have an extraordinary family background.

And yet, Mrs.

Zhong offended such a group of people with extraordinary family backgrounds.

She was truly extremely stupid!



Zhong slapped Madam Zhong directly in anger.

“You fool!”

After scolding her, he got into the car furiously.

Madam Zhong, who was slapped in front of everyone, was enraged.

“You… You…!”

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Madam Zhong was so furious that her chest heaved violently and she almost couldnt breathe.


Zhong Chengwei didnt speak loudly, but he sounded like he was gritting his teeth.

“Stop talking nonsense, or the situation of our company will only get worse.

“If you want our company to shut down, just continue making a fuss.

I wont stop you!”

Zhong Chengwei walked away with a cold face after saying that.

Madam Zhong, who originally wanted to make a fuss, immediately stopped after hearing what her son said.

Because she knew very well that if the Zhong family lost the company, she would be nothing.

Thinking of the luxurious life she had enjoyed for so many years, Madam Zhong gritted her teeth and endured it fiercely.

However, with her personality, even if she endured it now, she would definitely make a fuss again when she got home.

Seeing that Mrs.

Zhong stopped making a fuss, Zhong Chengwei took a deep breath and calmed his expression.

He bowed deeply to those rich women and young ladies that Mrs.

Zhong offended.

“Im really sorry that we got in your way by accident.

My Mom is a bit impulsive and she didnt mean what she said just then.

Please dont take it seriously.”

What Zhong Chengwei did was apparently apologizing to those people on behalf of Madam Zhong.

However, those people didnt fall for his trick.

“If you know youre blocking the way, get lost quickly.

Why are you still talking so much nonsense”

“Right, move quickly, were in a hurry!”

Being humiliated mercilessly by a group of rich women and young ladies, Zhong Chengweis expression twisted for a second, but he still endured the humiliation in his heart.

“Get in!”

Knowing that it was useless to talk more, Zhong Chengwei repressed his anger and signaled the members of the Zhong family to get in the car.

“Wait!” Zhong Qingran, who had just touched the back door, suddenly shouted.

Zhong Chengwei stared at Zhong Qingran with a sinister look and said in an extremely vicious voice, “If you dont want to leave, stay here by yourself.”


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