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Chapter 72: Showing What Shes Got the First Time (6)

This time, they even rebuked Lu Zijia without hesitation and some condemned her loudly on purpose.

Seeing everyone gradually become furious, Master Dedao caressed the white beard on his chin as his old eyes glittered.

Lu Wanyuan even took the opportunity to stand out and tried to say something “nice” for her sister.

“Guys, please dont rebuke my sister.

Shes doing this only… only…”

Lu Wanyuan stood next to Lu Zijia, acting like a good big sister protecting her younger sister.

However, she still hadnt said anything after repeating “only” for many times, which made the people around condemn Lu Zijia even more.

“Sister, why dont you… why dont you apologize to everyone”

Seeing everyone become more enraged, Lu Wanyuan seemed to be startled and she “suggested” this to Lu Zijia carefully.

If Lu Zijia apologized to everyone else as she said, she would really be admitting that she was a fraud.

Lu Zijia must say that Lu Wanyuan was very familiar with the use of strategies.

She seemed to be helping Lu Zijia but was in fact digging a huge pithole for her.

If Lu Zijia fell down accidentally, she would definitely be doomed forever!

Lu Zijia supported her head with one hand, then tilted her head and narrowed her eyes to look at Lu Wanyuan, speaking indifferently, “Why should I apologize”

Lu Wanyuan frowned slightly.

Apparently, she had never thought that Lu Zijia would still be so calm at this point.

Even though Lu Wanyuan was thinking like this in her mind, she was still acting like a good big sister, who cared about her younger sister, on the outside.

“Sister, no matter what compelling reason you have, its not right to deceive people, so you certainly have to apologize,” Lu Wanyuan said as she glanced over everyone around and continued, “I believe that if you apologize sincerely, everyone will forgive you.”

Then, Lu Wanyuan gazed at the people around with a pitiful, begging look as if she was pleading for forgiveness for Lu Zijia.

Passersby, who were still rebuking Lu Zijia, couldnt bear to see Lu Wanyuans pitiful face.

“Ah, fine.

I think that young lady only came out to deceive people because she didnt think it through.”

“Yeah, she may be fooled by someone.

She had just come out to deceive people, but shes too unlucky to encounter the respected Master Dedao the first time.

“Master Dedao indeed deserves his reputation.

Hes so accurate in his fortune-telling.

Unfortunately, too many people want to reserve a session with Master Dedao.

I wouldnt be able to make an appointment even if I wanted to.”

“Young lady, well put this behind us this time since your sister pleaded for forgiveness for you.

“But if this happens again, dont blame us for taking you to the police station.”

“Right, right, young lady, you should thank your sister.

If it werent for your sister, you would have to go to the police station today.

You must be grateful and return the favor.”

Hearing what the others said one by one, as if they were righteous messengers of justice, Lu Zijia couldnt help but find it funny.

They thought they were doing justice but had no idea that they had become a pawn in other peoples hands.

That was truly ridiculous and deplorable.

When the others were done talking, Lu Zijia said to Lu Wanyuan lazily, “You keep saying that Im a fraud.

What evidence do you have”

Before Lu Wanyuan spoke, Lu Zijia said to the old lady again, “If you dont believe me, you can call your grandson and ask him about it.

Then, youll know if its true or not.”


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