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After hearing Lu Wanyuans reminder, the old lady finally remembered she was participating in someones battle!


She quickly smiled apologetically at Lu Zijia, “Im sorry, young lady.

Im a little forgetful.”


Lu Zijia smiled gently and didnt mind that the old lady forgot about her just now, “Its alright.

Please take a seat.”


“Ah, alright.”


The old lady sat down again and let Lu Zijia tell her fortune with a beaming smile on her old face.


In fact, she didnt have any expectations for Lu Zijias ability in her heart.


After all, to many peoples knowledge, the capable sorcerers, who looked at Feng Shui and did fortune-telling, were all quite old.


Young people couldnt be trusted with important tasks, and Lu Zijia was apparently not fully grown at first glance.


And yet, what Lu Zijia said next was completely out of the expectation of the old lady and everyone else.


Lu Zijia didnt do anything just like before and she only observed the old ladys face for a while.


She came to a conclusion very soon.


“Old lady, congratulations.”


What Lu Zijia said made the old lady a bit confused.


“Young lady, what do you mean”


Did Lu Zijia want to say that her grandson would find a girlfriend this year


If that was the case, wasnt it the same as what Master Dedao said


Thinking of this, the old lady couldnt help but feel disappointed.


The young Taoist priest and Lu Wanyuan saw the old ladys reaction and a trace of ridicule flashed in their eyes.


Apparently, both of them thought Lu Zijia would definitely repeat what Master Dedao said when she had no other choice.


If Lu Zijia said the same thing as Master Dedao, they could completely regard her as a fraud.


Unfortunately, what Lu Zijia said next disappointed them again.


Lu Zijia only said to the old lady, “Congratulations! Your grandson has found his true love and youll have a great grandson this year.”


What Lu Zijia said was like a bomb, which made everyone unable to react.


Even the old lady looked like she couldnt believe it.


After the old lady reacted, she sighed silently and looked at Lu Zijia like she couldnt stand it.


“Young lady, youre wrong.

My grandson still hasnt gotten a girlfriend.

How would I have a great grandchild”


Even though the old lady didnt want a young lady like Lu Zijia to suffer condemnation and strange gazes from everyone, she dared to deceive people in public and even agreed to have a battle with Master Dedao, so she should have been prepared to be exposed in her mind.


However, this was also good.

She hoped that this young lady would never come out to deceive people again in the future after getting this lesson today.


“I knew it! This girl is really a fraud! I almost believed her just then.”


“Ah, the frauds nowadays are getting more and more impressive.

They even dare to deceive people in public in daylight.”


“Thats right.

Master Dedao was so kind that he allowed her to go if she admitted she was a fraud before.


“But this young lady refused and insisted on having a battle with Master Dedao.

See, shes now exposed in front of everyone else!”


“This young lady probably has no face to see anyone in the future Ah, poor girl.”


“Youre wrong.

If she dared to come and deceive people in public, she should have expected that she would be exposed one day.


“Rather than feeling sorry for her, you should pity those who were deceived by her.

Those people are much more pitiful than this fraud.”


After the old lady talked, the passersby who gathered around to join in the fun couldnt help but start discussing again.


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