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Chapter 70: Showing What Shes Got the First Time (4)

“I think so too after hearing that.

This young lady is already so impressive at such a young age.

Shell probably be something in the future.”

“Right, right, the younger generation really deserves to be treated with respect!”

Listening to the exclamations of the people around Lu Zijia, Master Dedao and the others all didnt seem good, especially Lu Wanyuan.

She made this plan because she wanted to embarrass Lu Zijia in public.

She had never thought that it would make her shine bright in front of the others.

This was a complete humiliation to her!

“Hm! You only used some tricks to fool the unsuspecting people.

I must admit right now that your fraud is quite something.

“But unfortunately, you encountered my master and me.

My master will definitely reveal your identity as a fraud!”

The young Taoist priest was the first to lose his temper.

He said with a sullen, fierce look, “There are two rounds left.

Lets see how youre going to play tricks!”

Seeing how certain the young Taoist priest was, people, who had originally started believing Lu Zijia, couldnt help but suspect her again.

After all, it was true that Master Dedao was capable.

If his apprentice was so certain, Lu Zijia should… really be a fraud

Perhaps she was a fraud with even better tactics.

Thinking of this, everyone gradually started to look at Lu Zijia with a skeptical gaze again.

Lu Zijia didnt care about the changing gaze from people around her at all.

She was a bit hungry right now, so she only wanted to end this slightly boring battle as quickly as possible and get the string of Buddha beads in Master Dedaos hands to fill her stomach.

When she looked at her phone last night, she saw a KFC advertisement.

Those things seemed really delicious.

She might go to try it later.

While Lu Zijia was thinking about the delicious food, the second participant, the old lady, had already sat between the two tables.

The old lady seemed to think seriously and finally decided to face Master Dedao first.

The procedure at the beginning was the same as that of the driver just now, but this time, Master Dedao calculated the result very quickly.

“Do you want to ask about your grandsons romantic relationship”

“Yes, yes, master, your prediction is very accurate.”

The old lady nodded constantly with a happy face and she immediately asked, “So, master, when will my grandson have a girlfriend When will I have a great grandchild

“My grandson is almost thirty, but he still hasnt gotten a girlfriend.

Im worried about him!”

The old lady was energetic and she kept saying a lot of things to Master Dedao.

Master Dedao wanted to interrupt her several times, but he failed.

The old lady finally felt her mouth dry and stopped talking.

Master Dedao then had the chance to speak.

“Ive already got the result by looking at your fortune from your face.

Your grandson will have a girlfriend within this year.

After he finds a girlfriend, it wont be long until you have a great grandchild.”

It was only April right now and there were still eight months until this year ended.

This was a long time.

However, the old lady was very content with it and she put up a beaming smile on her old face like a blossoming flower.

“Great, great! Im glad hes going to have a girlfriend.

Thank you, master.

Thank you, master.”

The old lady thanked Master Dedao continuously and even wanted to take money out to pay him.

And yet, Master Dedao rejected it nobly and righteously.

The old lady had been looking forward to having a great grandchild for many years.

Now that she knew her grandson would have a girlfriend this year and she might even have the chance of getting a great grandchild next year, she was thrilled!

The delighted old lady immediately wanted to get back to share the good news to her neighbors and friends, and she completely forgot about Lu Zijia.

“Old lady, dont be in such a rush.

Theres still one master.

Sit down first.”

Lu Wanyuan walked over and pulled back the old lady, who wanted to leave, in time.

When she said the word “master,” she especially emphasized it as she glanced at Lu Zijia with slight ridicule in her gaze.

Lu Zijia was lucky enough to succeed in fooling so many of them just then.

This time, she wanted to see if Lu Zijia was still so fortunate!


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