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At the old mansion of the Mu family.

Lu Zijia came out of the alchemy room with a smile on her face and she was even humming a tuneless song.

“Master, Master, why are you always in the alchemy room You havent played with me for many days.”

Seeing its master come out, the golden pagoda, who was watching cartoons on the couch, immediately jumped down from the couch and said aggrievedly as it rubbed itself against Lu Zijias feet.

Lu Zijia glanced at it speechlessly.

“So you still remember me, your Master”

The unreliable golden pagoda had been sitting in front of the TV every day ever since it watched TV the first time.

He even forgot to take care of the herbs in the Ancient Space.

It didnt even bother to talk to her, who was sitting next to it.

It was truly an unreliable thing that forgot its master after having the TV!

And now, it was even shameless enough to say that she didnt play with it

“Of course, even if I forget You and Ling, Ill definitely not forget you, Master.

“You must know that I like you the most in the world, and youre the best master in the world.”

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The golden pagoda kept flattering its master.

It was totally obsequious.

Lu Zijia glanced at it and said speechlessly, “Tell me, what do you want again”

The golden pagoda definitely had evil intentions when it was solicitous for no reason.

Something must have happened for it to suddenly become so obsequious.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be its master anymore!

Lu Zijia really understood the golden pagoda.

As soon as she finished talking, the golden pagoda immediately showed its true colors.

“Hehe, Master, Master, the pill youre making smells so good.

I havent had a taste of pill since I came to this world with you, Master…”

The golden pagoda said as it rubbed its cat body against Lu Zijias feet like a real cat.

Lu Zijia: “…” She knew that nothing good would happen when this unreliable thing started to suck up to her.

During the past few days when she was refining pills, she had set up a restriction to prevent the smell of the pill from spreading out.

The others only thought she was fiddling with those whitening ointments and whatnot.

They had no idea she was still refining pills.

But the golden pagoda was different.

She signed a soul contract with the golden pagoda.

Besides, they had been together for more than twenty years in their previous life, so it could certainly guess what her master was doing.

“Master, Master, Im so weak right now.

I cant even help you fight bad people.

Im so sad! Boohoo…”

The golden pagoda continued to pretend to be pitiful.

In order to be able to take the pills, it was really trying its best.

Lu Zijia chuckled with a fake smile.

“You also know that youre so weak right now If you know youre weak, why do you watch TV outside all day long”

After the Ancient Space was upgraded, the spiritual energy inside was twice as strong as that outside.

So, when she was cultivating, she would enter the space to cultivate.

However, the golden pagoda kept staying outside and didnt absorb spiritual energy properly.

It was still shameless enough to say it was weak!

She indeed spoiled it too much!

The slightly guilty golden pagoda said, “Boohoo, Master…”

“From today onwards, you must stay in the space at night, or… you know the consequences.”

Lu Zijia narrowed her eyes and said in a threatening tone.

“Boohoo, Master…” The golden pagodas cat body froze and it raised its head pitifully, trying to make its master think twice.

However, Lu Zijia was determined this time.

“If you keep crying, youll stay in the space for the whole day.”

“No, Master, I know Im wrong.

Ill definitely absorb spiritual energy well in the future.

“Master, dont be angry…”


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