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Chapter 483 Key Evidence (3)


Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Found it, found it!”

The eyes of Liang Lisi, who found the phone in her bag, brightened astonishingly, just like a person on the verge of dying coming back to life.

Together with the blood on her forehead dripping on her face, she looked

very horrifying.

While everyone was thinking if she was crazy, Liang Lisi suddenly turned around and reached her phone forward.

“I have proof, I have proof! Look, look, Im not lying.

I really didnt kill you.

Its been recorded.

Its Master Bai, its Master Bai!”

Liang Lisi couldnt see Jin Jiahao, so she could only look ahead and talk as she pointed at the video playing on her phone.

In the video, Liang Lisi was dressed very sexily and beautifully.

She first introduced herself and then said where she went on that day.

But before she finished talking, she suddenly seemed to see something terrifying

and she looked frightened abruptly.

She immediately pounced on someone on the side fiercely and the phone in her hand dropped because of this.

However, the video didnt stop there.

Instead, another person was captured, and that person was Bai Xiao.

So, everyone saw the fierce look on Bai Xiaos face when he killed Jin Jiahao in the video and heard Bai Xiao say those extremely cruel words with a smile clearly!

When Liang Lisi went to look for her phone, Lu Zijia moved the camera of the live streaming phone to follow Liang Lisi quietly, so the netizens watching the livestream through the phone also saw the video.

Once this video was out, people on the Internet got even more stirred than before.

“F*ck! An ironclad proof, this video is completely ironclad proof.

If that bull** Master Bai can still be exonerated, Ill call him grandpa!”

“Count me in! God really has eyes.

Karma is a b*tch!”

“Scumbag, scumbag! How is this man whos worse than an animal still alive What a waste of pig food!”

“Ive already called the cops.

Im waiting for the scumbag to be taken away.”

“Already called the cops 10000”

While the Internet was in chaos, someone knocked on the door of the private room hard outside.


People inside, please open the door!”

In the end, the netizens saw Bai Xiao being taken away by the police as they wished.

Everyone in the room, including Lu Zijia and Song Zixuan, were also invited to the police station to give their statements.

On the way, Lu Zijia sent a message to Chu Ming, telling him that she had found the evidence.

The rest would depend on Chu Ming himself.

Chu Ming, who had never thought that Lu Zijia would be so efficient, even doubted if Lu Zijia was joking with him when he received this message.

However, his assistant soon proved that Lu Zijia wasnt joking with him!

Outside the police station.

“Hey, can you wait for me Do you know Im still dizzy”

After giving a statement at the police station, Song Zixuan ran to catch up with Lu Zijia who was walking in front as he complained with dissatisfaction.

Lu Zijia stopped walking and glared at him.

“Oh Do you still feel dizzy Do you want me to help you sober up My way of sobering up is guaranteed to be fast.”

She said as she slowly raised her hand, looking like she was waiting for Song Zixuan to agree before she slapped his head to sober him up.

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Seeing this, Song Zixuan immediately jumped away like a rabbit.

“Lu Zijia, Ive sacrificed so much for you.

Will you die if you make a concession to me”

This damn woman would enslave him!

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes at him.

“Youre a man and you want a woman to make a concession to you.

Arent you embarrassed”.


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