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Chapter 482: Key Evidence (2)


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‘As long as the matter was spread around and there was even a witness and evidence, no matter how much money the Bai family had, they wouldnt be able to continue exonerating Bai Xiao.

“Evidence Evidence!”

‘The grip on the back of her neck suddenly disappeared, making Liang Lisi, who was so terrified that her whole body trembled and lost all her strength, immediately fell on the ground and repeated the word “evidence” again and again with a tremor in her voice.

“The evidence is gone, its gone! He destroyed all the evidence.

The surveillance cameras on the road and the surveillance cameras in his car were all destroyed by them.

“There are no stores or people around.

Theres no evidence.

Theres no evidence.

Boohoo… Please let me go.

I didnt kill you.

I really didnt kill you.


Liang Lisis face was full of despair and fear as she kept begging Jin Jiahao to let her go.

After living for more than twenty years, she had never thought that a living life would be gone one day because of something unimportant she said in a moment of anger.

This was totally ridiculous, but such a ridiculous thing truly happened!

She had been regretting and in pain all the time ever since the incident, but no matter how painful and regretful she was, that young man wouldnt come back to life.

“So what if I let you go Now that the matter has spread, someone has to bear the responsibility of my death after all.

The Bai family will protect Bai Xiao with all their might, so the person who will be pushed out to take the blame in the end will only be you, who was there at the scene at that time.

“The only person who can save you right now is yourself.”

The moment before Jin Jiahao was knocked down, he actually saw the scene where Liang Li tried to stop Bai Xiao and was fiercely pushed away by Bai Xiao, so he didnt really hate Liang Lisi in his mind.

Seeing that she was willing to cooperate and tell the truth, his tone became much gentler.

“Myself I… I… Ihave no evidence, but what I said is true.

I didnt instigate Master Bai.

I really didnt instigate Master Bai.

Master Bai drove… drove… drove the car!

“Right, Master Bai was the driver.

I dont have a drivers license and Ive never driven a car before.

I dont know how to drive at all, so how would I possibly knock someone to death

“My friends know.

Ask them if you dont believe me.

Ask them.

They know I cant drive.”

Liang Lisi suddenly thought of something and pointed at everyone on the side with her eyes full of pleading, begging these people to tell the truth for her.

However, this matter concerned Bai Xiao.

These people were afraid that the Bai family would take revenge on them after this, so they all lowered their heads and remained silent.

Seeing that they didnt speak, Liang Lisi became even more panicked in her mind.

She actually started bowing to them until her head hit the ground, making banging sounds every time.

“Please, please, I beg you to tell the truth.

Just once.

I beg you.

Boohoo, I dont want to die.

I really dont want to die.


Liang Lisi kept bowing as if she didnt feel the pain.

Those people who were pleaded by her were extremely shocked, but they still didnt speak.

Looking at Liang Lisi, who was already bleeding from knocking her head on the ground, Jin Jiahao couldnt bear to see it in his mind and he couldnt help looking at Lu Zijia, who was sitting in a corner.

However, before Lu Zijia replied, Liang Lisi, who was still knocking her head on the ground desperately, suddenly stopped and quickly crawled back to the couch she was sitting on just then, as if she had gone crazy.

“Phone, phone, my phone, my phone…”

After Liang Lisi crawled to the couch, she grabbed her bag, looking for something with her trembling hands anxiously.

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