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Chapter 425: The Du Familys Situation (4)

Hearing what he said, Zhong Qingran immediately dared not to make a fuss and pretended to be thinking.

In fact, she had already made a decision in her mind.

“Alright! Lets get a divorce then.

Do you think I want to stay in the Du family” Zhong Qingran pretended to be disgusted, as if she despised the Du family.

However, she didnt recall that the Zhong family was the one who took the initiative to come for a marriage and she even insisted on pestering Du Jinqian.

Du Jinqian wasnt surprised by this answer.

Instead, he was secretly relieved, as if the stone that had been pressing on his chest for so many years was finally removed.

“Since youve already agreed, please leave the Du family right now.” Du Jinqian didnt want to see his wife, who he had tolerated for so many years, again for a second.

“Hm! Fine, Ill leave.

Dont forget that you said youd give me all the property.

In case you regret it, well go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow!”

After saying these words, Zhong Qingran went upstairs to pack her luggage and walked out of the door of the Du family in a good mood.

However, she had no idea that she would regret it soon.

She would regret divorcing today and leaving the Du family.

Of course, that was another story.

When Du Jinqian proposed to divorce Zhong Qingran, Du Xiangjun was shocked.

She thought that she was the reason why they quarreled.

She wanted to persuade them, but Old Master Du stopped her.

Old Master Du knew that his eldest son had wanted to divorce his eldest daughter-in-law for a long time.

He only kept this marriage going reluctantly because of his son and the persuasion of the family.

However, his eldest son had already suffered for so many years.

As his father, his heart ached when he saw this.

Since they couldnt get along anymore, his eldest son would live a tough life if he forced himself to hang on.

After so many years, his eldest son asked for a divorce again, which made him, his old father, feel relieved instead.

As for his grandson who would lose his mother in the future, he could only treat him better to make up for his missing maternal love.

“Brother, youre a good man.

Ill find you a better girl.

Dont cry.”

Du Jinli walked over and patted his brothers shoulder as he said with a smile in a joking tone.

Du Jinqian knew that his brother was trying to comfort him and he couldnt help but look at him in amusement.

“Youve been looking for a girl for so many years and still havent found one.

And now, you want to find one for me”

Du Jinli, who had been single for many years, touched his nose a bit embarrassedly and said a bit aggrievedly, “Brother, Im comforting you out of kindness.

Isnt it not good for you to take me down like this”

Although Du Jinli said so, he was slightly relieved in his mind when he saw that his brother seemed to be alright.

And the other members of the Du family also laughed because of what he said.

The originally heavy and depressed atmosphere eased up a lot at this moment.

“Brother, Im sorry.

If it werent for me…” Du Xiangjun stood up with an apologetic look on her face.

However, before she finished talking, Du Jinqian interrupted her.

“This has nothing to do with you.

I know her very well.

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“Even if I dont bring it up today, shell still do so when the company is gone.

Instead of letting her do it, why dont I request first At least I can save my dignity, right”

Du Jinqian said in a relaxed tone and even joked a little in the end.

Du Xiangjun knew that he was comforting her, so she could only repress the guilt in her mind and pretend to be relieved.

“Thats good.

Youre such a good man.

Many girls will definitely like you..”


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