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However, Old Master Lu soon thought of the Mu family.

Of course, the Mu family wasnt Mu Tianyans family, but Mu Lirens.

It was Mu Liren who came to the Lu family first back then.

The Lu family helped him back then.

Now that the Lu family was in trouble, Mu Liren should also help them no matter what.

Thinking of this, Old Master Lu went to visit Mu Liren himself, but he couldnt even enter the door.

After being rejected several times, Old Master Lu finally hated Mu Liren in his mind.

However, no matter how much he hated Mu Liren in his mind, it was useless.

He couldnt even protect himself right now.

How could he possibly go against Mu Liren

“Father, how was it Mu Liren still isnt willing to help the Lu family”

Lu Bochuan, who was anxiously waiting at the door, asked quickly when he saw his old father coming back.

Old Master Lus face darkened and he glared at Lu Bochuan fiercely as he scolded loudly, “The Lu Group is already collapsing and is about to go bankrupt.

Whos still willing to help the Lu family

“You are the reason why the Lu family is in such a situation right now.

“Why did you have to find a woman outside when you have a good wife and daughter Great, the Lu family is doomed now.

You must be happy!”

Old Master Lu had been rejected everywhere and suffered a lot these days.

And now, he vented all of his anger on Lu Bochuan.

That vicious look was like he couldnt wait to strangle Lu Bochuan to death.

Lu Bochuan looked bad after being scolded, but he didnt dare to lose his temper.

He could only defend himself with a pale face.

“I didnt expect that bitch, Du Xiangjun, to be so cruel.

“Its not enough for her to get all my properties.

Shes even cruel enough to ruin the Lu Group.

Shes totally gone too far!”

Apparently, Lu Bochuan was putting all the blame on Du Xiangjun and he still had no intention of reflecting on himself at all.

“Hm! This is too much! Why dont you talk about how you treated them

“What did I tell you all these years I told you not to go too far, but you didnt listen.

Great, now the Lu Group I built with so much effort is gone because of a failure like you!”

Old Master Lu was furious.

He raised the crutch in his hand and hit Lu Bochuan.

Lu Bochuan certainly wouldnt stand there and let Old Master Lu hit him, so he quickly dodged and refuted unwillingly, “Father, youre too unreasonable.

How can you blame me How many men out there dont have women outside right now

“I was just unlucky to have married a ruthless woman.

If you didnt ask me to marry Du Xiangjun because a marriage between the Du family and the Lu family was good back then, how would I have married her”

So, what Lu Bochuan meant was that the person who made the Lu family bankrupt wasnt him, but Old Master Lu himself.

Old Master Lu, who was already furious, immediately became enraged after hearing what this bastard said.

He couldnt breathe and passed out, falling on the ground.

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Seeing Old Master Lu fall to the ground, Lu Bochuan panicked at first.

Then, when he thought that the Lu family would be his after Old Master Lu passed away, he actually had the thought of letting Old Master Lu die.

However, they were at the gate right now and the driver and servants were all nearby.

He certainly didnt dare to ignore Old Master Lu.

So, after the driver and the servants ran over, he asked the driver and one of the servants to send Old Master Lu to the hospital, while he lied that he wasnt feeling well and wouldnt go with them.

The driver and the servants certainly didnt dare to say anything about this..

After all, they were just outsiders working for the Lu family.


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