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Chapter 385: Being Followed

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After saying what needed to be said, the three members of the Fang family were arrested by the police who “came after hearing the news.”

Fang Yingying had already turned 18 years old a year ago.

In addition, Fang Yingyings long-term abuse of her classmates was considered a crime and she even indirectly caused someones death, so the possibility of her going to jail was very high.

And Fang Chengtao and his wife, who protected their daughter, would certainly get the punishment they deserved.

Seeing that the three members of the Fang family were taken away by the police, no one pitied them, but clapped and cheered instead.

Hearing the thunderous applause, the couple of the Fang family felt even more ashamed and regretful…

To conclude, the Fang family harmed themselves while hurting others in this incident.

Before going downstairs, Fang Chengtao had probably known what would happen after he told the truth, so he transferred the ten million yuan to Lu Zijia before that.

After receiving the ten million, Lu Zijia asked for Cheng Keqis grandpa or grandmas bank account and transferred five million to them on the spot.

Cheng Keqi didnt want to accept it at first, but remembering that she was already gone and couldnt support her grandparents anymore, she accepted it.

Lu Zijia sent Grandpa Cheng and Grandma Cheng home and agreed to their request to send Cheng Keqi to reincarnate in front of them.

Looking at her grandparents, who were crying silently while sending her off with a smile, Cheng Keqi also smiled in relief.

Before Cheng Keqis soul disappeared completely, Lu Zijia heard her sincere gratitude.

“Thank you, master.

One good turn deserves another.

Youll definitely live a long life.”

Lu Zijia: “…” She was a cultivator.

As she continued cultivating, she wouldnt just live a long life.

Alright, this was the most sincere blessing Cheng Keqi gave her before she reincarnated.

She would just accept it.

After leaving the Cheng family, Lu Zijias eyes glittered slightly and the corners of her mouth curled up a little.

She didnt take a taxi home immediately, but walked slowly towards a remote place with few people.

After making sure that there was no one else around, Lu Zijia stopped walking and turned around slowly.

“Fellow Che, you can show yourself directly if you want to find me.

Why do you have to follow me secretly”

The moment she walked out of the school, Lu Zijia sensed that someone was watching her.

She extended her deity-sense and found that it was Che Zhibin from the Special Administration Office.

Lu Zijia only pretended she didnt know anything when she still hadnt dealt with the matter.

Now that the matter had been dealt with, it was time to expose the person.

Che Zhibin, who was hiding in the dark, couldnt help feeling shocked in his mind when he heard Lu Zijias certain tone.

Apparently, he had never thought that Lu Zijia would discover him and even know his identity.

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However, thinking of his purpose of following Lu Zijia, Che Zhibin calmed down quickly and walked out of the dark slowly.

Since he had already been discovered, there was no need for him to continue following her and wait for good timing.

“Its been more than a month.

How have you been, Fellow Lu”

Che Zhibin was very polite right now, completely different from the cold face he used to have when he went against her in the past.

Lu Zijia smiled at Che Zhibins sudden good attitude, but there was a trace of danger in her eyes.

“Im fine, but you seem a bit anxious, Fellow Che.

Did something happen”

After Lu Zijia left the office a month ago, Che Zhibin discussed the plan with the Deputy Director and made some preparations.

However, when he was ready, Lu Zijia suddenly hid in the Mu family all day and didnt go out, which made Che Zhibin anxious and so furious that his teeth itched at the same time.

However, there were Martial Artists in the Mu family and their cultivation level wasnt low..

He certainly didnt dare to break in rashly, so he could only hate Lu Zijia in his mind, but couldnt do anything about it.


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