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Chapter 366: Settling the Fang Family Incident (2)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Haha, stop You want me to stop”

The female spirit burst into laughter as if she heard a funny joke.

Her laughter was sharp and piercing, like it was going to break peoples eardrums.

“Do you know how Fang Yingying treated me Do you know how far Fang Yingying went If it werent for her, I wouldnt have become like this!

“Fang Yingying caused all of this.

Its all because of her! I hate her.

I want her to suffer endless torment and die a horrible death!

“If you dare to help her, dont blame me for killing you too!”

As soon as she finished talking, the hatred in the female spirits heart reached the extreme.

She suddenly reached her hand out and pushed Fang Yingying again, but before she fell down, she pulled her back in a bad way.

Seeing Fang Yingyings terrified look, the female spirit chuckled happily again, as if this kind of game really pleased her.

“You asked me to leave this matter alone and gave me the chance to go again and again, which means that you still have a conscience.

“I promise you, Ill make the Fang family pay the price they deserve.

Ill also send you to reincarnate, so you can join a happy family in your next life.

How about that”

Lu Zijia was trying to use peaceful means before resorting to force.

If this female spirit continued to be stubborn, she would have to do it by force.

“The next life I dont want the next life.

I only want this life, but my life has been ruined by Fang Yingying, completely ruined by her!

“Since my life has already been ruined, Fang Yingying, who ruined my life, cant live well either.

I want her to taste the pain I suffered back then.

I must make her die a horrible death in this life!

“If you stop me and want to help Fang Yingying, youre not a good person either!”

As soon as the last word was uttered, the female spirit suddenly made a vicious attack at Lu Zijia, as if she wanted to kill Lu Zijia.

Seeing the huge head formed by the black fog flying straight at her, Lu Zijia opened her creepy mouth and her eyes turned cold.

She casually let out a beam of spiritual energy and instantly shattered the huge head formed by the black fog.

Without waiting for the female spirit to react, Lu Zijia performed another spiritual energy attack that rushed towards the female spirit like a ferocious tiger.


The female spirit couldnt dodge in time and took Lu Zijias attack head-on.

Her body instantly became unstable, as if it would dissipate with the wind at any moment.

Realizing how powerful Lu Zijia was, the expression of the female spirit was so distorted and ferocious, looking terrifying.

After glancing at Lu Zijia with resentment and unwillingness, she quickly escaped.

Lu Zijia didnt chase after her, but walked into the door of the Fang familys villa as if nothing had happened.

On the roof.

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“Yingying, Im begging you, come down quickly.

Dont scare me, Yingying!”

Seeing her daughter almost jump down several times in front of her, Zhu Yunya was so scared that her heart jumped to her throat.

Her face was full of begging and tears kept falling.

However, Fang Yingying didnt seem to hear her at all.

There was a ferocious look on her extremely haggard face.

She kept waving her hands and mumbling something softly.

After Fang Chengtao rushed up, he kept persuading his daughter, but it still didnt work.

“You can go and bring her down directly.”

Lu Zijia said directly to Fang Chengtao and his wife after going up to the roof.

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, Zhu Yunyas first reaction was showing endless anger..

She thought that Lu Zijia was just saying something irresponsible without caring about her daughters life.


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