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Chapter 323: The Fang Family Incident (1)

However, he was asking her for help after all.

Now that she was here, he had to give her some respect.

So, the middle-aged man nodded at Lu Zijia indifferently.

“Im sorry.

My daughters condition is a bit special.

She almost died just then.

Thats why Im in such a hurry.

Master, please dont mind.”

Fei Dingshan had emphasized to him that Master Lu was very young, but he had never thought that she would be so young.

She looked as young as his daughter, which truly made him unable to trust her.

That was why he said that her daughter almost died on purpose, hoping to scare Lu Zijia away.

Seeing that his business partner obviously didnt trust Lu Zijia, Fei Dingshan couldnt help feeling a bit uncomfortable in his mind.

He actually didnt have much of a relationship with this business partner.

They were just working on a project together recently.

If he hadnt been drunk that day, he wouldnt have told this person about Master Lu.

But it was too late to regret it now.

Right now, he only hoped that Lu Zijia wouldnt get angry because of this.

Fei Dingshan sighed in his mind and tried his best to liven up the atmosphere so that the two of them wouldnt feel awkward in silence.

“Master Lu, this is my business partner, Fang Chengtao.

His only daughter, whos a high school student, is in trouble.”

Fei Dingshan briefly introduced Fang Chengtao to Lu Zijia.

He didnt know anything more about him either.

Fei Dingshan saw that Fang Chengtao didnt trust Lu Zijia, so Lu Zijia certainly noticed it too.

Lu Zijia couldnt help but touch her fair face as she thought in her mind, “Should I change my clothes when I do business next time to make myself more mature”

“Or should I pretend to be an old man like the swindlers who set up stalls under the bridge in this world”

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia nodded silently in her mind, thinking that it wouldnt be bad to give it a try next time.

“Its alright.

You should be anxious when you encounter such an incident.” Lu Zijia waved her hand indifferently, as if she didnt notice Fang Chengtaos mistrust.

Before Fang Chengtao said anything else, Lu Zijia said again, “Mr.

Fang, please lead the way.

Ill have to see for myself to see if I can solve the problem.

“If I cant, you can hire another master, right”

“Right, right, right, lets get in first.

Old Fang, whatever it is, lets wait and see!” Fei Dingshan said as he gave Fang Chengtao another signal with his eyes.

Even if Fang Chengtao didnt trust Master Lu, he had already invited her here.

Fang Chengtao had to at least put on a show so that they wouldnt be too embarrassed.

At least, he couldnt offend Master Lu.

Since Fei Dingshan said so, Fang Chengtao certainly wouldnt embarrass him.

Besides, they were still working on a project together.

He could just wait for Master Lu to back out in the face of difficulties later.

Thinking of this, Fang Chengtao invited the two of them into the luxurious villa area and headed towards the Fang family.

“Bang! Go away! Go away! Go away, all of you! Bang! I asked you to leave.

Are you deaf”

“Yingying, stop making a fuss.

Put the vase down and talk to me calmly.

Ill definitely help you, alright Here, give me the vase.”

“Bang! Ask them to leave.

Ask them to leave.

I dont want to see them.

I dont want to see them.

Mom, ask them to leave quickly.

Ask them to leave!”


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