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Chapter 321: Did a Ghost Come to You

At this moment, Lu Wanyuan was full of resentment.

She even had the intention of killing someone.

However, under the gaze of Old Master Lu, who controlled her fortune and fate, she could only obey obediently.

“Yes, yes, Lu Wanyuan knows what to do.

She definitely wont let you down.”

Seeing that Lu Wanyuan didnt react for a long time, Xia Fangqing couldnt help worrying about her daughter in her mind.

Seeing that Old Master Lu showed displeasure, Xia Fangqing didnt care if she would upset Old Master Lu.

She quickly agreed for her daughter.

They had spent more than twenty years to get to where they were today.

So, they were definitely not willing to stop right here or ruin everything just like that!

As long as they had money, what couldnt they get

However, Xia Fangqing, who was in a hurry to save her daughters fortune, had no idea that Lu Wanyuans eyes were full of resentment when Lu Wanyuan looked up at her after she agreed for her.

She hated Xia Fangqing for agreeing so eagerly, making her so embarrassed and even ashamed.

They hated Xia Fangqing for being a mistress and making her a bastard daughter that couldnt be seen by people.

She also hated Xia Fangqing for not being capable enough to ask Lu Bochuan to divorce Du Xiangjun earlier.

If it werent for all these reasons, how would she have been treated differently by other people all these years And how would she have ended up in such an embarrassing situation today

Lu Wanyuan, who hated her mother at this moment, had completely forgotten that she got the luxurious life she yearned for because of her mother, Xia Fangqing…

After Lu Zijia made a deal with Mu Yunhao and the others, she received a box of top emeralds that were worth 100 million the next morning.

And she also drew inscriptions for the weapons of Mu Yunhao and the others in one day as promised.

However, after this deal, she only recovered after resting for a whole day and night.


Lu Zijia, who was observing the transplanted Namo Buddha Lotus in the garden, sensed that the phone in her pocket was vibrating, so she picked it up without looking at it.

“Master Lu, is this Master Lu”

A middle-aged mans voice came from the phone, sounding very respectful and polite.

“Right, who are you Why did you call me Did a ghost come to you Do you want to buy talismans or do you want me to deal with it for you in person”

After confirming that the Namo Buddha Lotus was growing well after the transplant, Lu Zijia stood up and said a bit indifferently.

The original host didnt have any friends and even had a very distant relationship with her classmates.

So, apart from Du Xiangjun, only the members of the Lu family would contact the original host.

After Lu Wanyuan came to find her the other day, she had blacklisted everyone in the Lu family.

So, Lu Zijia thought that the person who called her just now was more likely to be someone who wanted to do business with her.

The person on the other side of the phone: “…”

“Master Lu, Im Fei Dingshan.

Thanks to your help before, I didnt continue being deceived by my brother, so my parents could reincarnate peacefully.

“After rescheduling my parents funeral, I originally wanted to thank you in person, but I couldnt reach you.

I wonder if you have time lately”

Fei Dingshan, who was on the other side of the call, said with sincerity while trying hard to hold the twitching corners of his mouth.

In fact, after calling dozens of times and still couldnt get through, Fei Dingshan once deeply doubted if Lu Zijia gave him the wrong number or deliberately gave him a number that couldnt be reached.

But now, it seemed that he just couldnt reach her before.

As for the reason why he couldnt reach her, he couldnt guess it anyway.


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