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Chapter 257: The Scumbag Father Came with His Mistress (1)

Mu Tianyan frowned slightly and said in an unquestionable tone with a serious look, “Ive said that no matter who she used to be, Lu Zijia or not, shes my wife now.

“So, I hope its the last time I hear this.”

The person he was interested in was the current Lu Zijia, not the Lu Zijia in the past.

So, as long as Lu Zijia wasnt someone elses pawn, he wouldnt try to find out who she was anymore.

Of course, if she wanted to tell him in the future, he would certainly be willing to be a good listener.

“Im sorry, Second Master.”

Mu Yunhao lowered his head, looking a bit frustrated.

“Remember that.”

Mu Tianyan didnt blame Mu Yunhao, because he knew that Mu Yunhao was only doing this for his safety.

Hearing that Mu Tianyan didnt blame him, Mu Yunhao was secretly relieved.

After Lu Zijia disappeared for a while, Mu Tianyan finally looked away and turned to Namo Buddha Lotus.

He moved the wheelchair over and stopped half a step away from the cultivated area.

Mu Tianyan seemed to notice something.

He raised his hand slowly and reached out.

As expected, he touched an invisible barrier.

“An array!”

Mu Yunhao couldnt help exclaiming in shock when he saw this.

Even though he saw Lu Zijia break an array when they were in Zhao Village before, he had never thought that Lu Zijia could set one up!

After all, arrays were almost lost in this world.

Mu Tianyan retracted his hand with stronger interest in his eyes.

Lu Zijia was like a treasure with countless treasures, which made him more and more interested.

When Lu Zijia took the taxi to the Heyuejing Community, she found that the area was very busy and there seemed to be reporters as well

Lu Zijia, who had no idea what was going on, couldnt help but walk faster in the direction where the crowd ran to.

However, she soon found out that those people were running to the villa where Du Xiangjun was living right now!

In front of the door of the villa.

Du Xiangjun was glaring at the “couple” in front of her furiously right now and she said in a very bad tone, “Youre not welcome here.

Im asking you to get out of here.

Do you understand”

Standing in front of Du Xiangjun was Lu Bochuan and his lover, the mistress, Xia Fangqing, who had had a daughter and a son with Lu Bochuan but hadnt been able to become his legal wife for years.

“Sister, I know youre angry with me, but… but I really didnt do it on purpose.”

Xia Fangqing had exquisite makeup on her well-maintained face.

With tears in her eyes, she looked at Du Xiangjun with a pitiful look.

People who didnt know what was happening would think that Du Xiangjun bullied her somehow!

“Sister, I love Bochuan a lot.

Ive already fallen in love with him before you met him.

“When I knew that Bochuan was going to marry you, I was really sad, but I knew I wasnt good enough for Bochuan.

“Only someone like you from a rich family can be the perfect match for Bochuan, so I wanted to leave this place to let you be together back then.

“However, when I was about to leave, I suddenly realized that I was pregnant.

I knew that I couldnt keep Bochuan, so the child in me was the only thing I had.

“So, sister, I really didnt give birth to the child to fight with you over Bochuan.

Can you forgive me Sister…”

As Xia Fangqing spoke, tears immediately fell constantly from her eyes.

She looked so pitiful that people couldnt help but feel sorry for her.

Together with her words that made it extremely easy for people to misunderstand, the audiences, who didnt know the truth and only gathered around to watch the fun, immediately started whispering to one another in front of Du Xiangjun.


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